Homestyler Design Award 2020


HSDA2020 has ended and winners have been annouced: www.homestyler.com/int/blog/1131

Thank you all for participation and voting. We wish you all a prosperous new year!!



In 2020, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic has changed our social relationship. Commercial space is developing in a more rational direction as more attention is paid to appropriate social distance; the rising home office needs force family space to consider not only the functionality of work and residence, but also the emotional expression of family members. So what trend will the design take after the adjustment of the relationship between people and space?

Homestyler Design Award (HSDA) is the annual design contest of Homestyler that opens to all the designers and design enthusiasts worldwide. As the first year of contest, HSDA 2020 would like to address a rethinking for what designers could do to adapt to these changes after the epidemic. The contest has two subcategories – Residential and Commcial. Come and submit your innovative design work! Just click to Register Now!

Important dates:

Registration & Submission:10.15 – 11.15

Preliminary Selection:11.15 – 11.25【Prolonged to early December】

Jury Evaluation & Ranking: 11.25- 12.5 

Winner Announcement:12.21


屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午8.45.58.png


For both Residential/Commercial sub-categories, the prize for winners would be:


Submission Guideline:

1. To register your entry to the HSDA competition, plese click the "Register Now" button on this contest page, leave your contact information and agree to our Intellectual Property Right.

2. After successfully submit your registration form, please use Homestyler Floor Planner to create your design and renders. After finishing your design, please go to "Edit Project" under "My design" tab.

3. After finish editing your project, please add either the hashtag #HSDA2020Residential or the hashtag #HSDA2020Commercial in front of your project name in order to submit your design to the preliminary selection pool.

4. Please be aware that your project needs to be set as public in order to enter the award ranking.

5. If your work passes preliminary selection, it will show up in Gallery and your registration email address will also receive a notification email. Afterwards, you could share your project and call for vote, and the final number of "likes" will be an inportant ranking criteria.

6. During your participation, feel free to contact "Homestyeler.contest@service.alibaba.com" if you have any question.

Submission Requirements:

1. Please choose one subcatagory – residential or commercial – to create and submit your design. The design style is not limited.

2. One same work shall only enter one subcatagory.

3. Each participator is allowed submit multiple works, but if your work has already been featured, you need to open your design and use "save as" function to duplicate your design and submit it after you modifying according to submission requirements.

4. Entries which are not original will be disqualified whenever once sufficient evidence is found.

5. Work must be submited in Homestyler Project format, and shall contain at least:

    a) one Floorplan

    b) one Panorama

    c) at least one Ultra HD or 4K render for each room/space

    d) an overall description of your design

Intellectual Property Right:

1.   The Participator shall guarantee that all the submitted work(s) must be original, each Participator shall guarantee to have full and complete intellectual rights to all the submitted works. If same works are submitted by different authors, the one which is submitted first shall prevail. Any infringement or allegation of infringement of intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patent, trademark, design copyright and/or ownership and other rights, shall be the sole responsibility of the participant and have nothing to do with the Organizer (homestyler.com and its operator, the same meaning below) and its affiliates.

2.   The organizer has right of exhibition, publishing and publicizing all entries in the competition, on condition that the author's name or Homestyler ID was referenced along with the work. As to winning works, the participants should not transfer, publish and make it in other exhibitions and/or competition, unless the organizer authorizes by written.

3.   Entries which are not original will be disqualified whenever once any evidence is found. Any related legal disputes arising therefrom shall be borne by the Participator himself.

4.   Organizing committee of competition – Topping Homestyler (Shanghai) Technology Co. Ltd reserves the right of final explanation.


Please read above rules in cautions before participating in the competition. If you do not agree the above rules, please do not participate the Competition. Your act of submitting any work in the competition related website pages shall be deemed to be your consent to the above rules.

Registration for HSDA: 

Click Register Now to submit your registration! Hurry up!


0521 Updates: Interactive Fabric makes your design more realistic

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

Still wonder why is it so hard to drop throws on the bed appropriately?

Still worry about not being able to find a blanket that fits the sofa?

Still struggling to make fabric models in modeling software?

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

Homestyler's 【Interactive Fabric】 is here to make your design more realistic!!!

Let the fabric and soft decoration become so easy from now on!!!!

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric FunctionHomestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function


Where to find this function?

Well, just go to the "Trends" catalog and you could find the new "Interactive Fabric" catalog there with five different types – pillow, throw, bedding, curtain, and table linen. All models in this specific catalog can activate the "Interactive Fabric" function.

This advanced function will be exclusive to all subscribed Homestyler members but now we are offering a limited-time trial for all users. Just try it out!

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function


You could also watch the two-minute quick tutorial video to get started with this function: www.homestyler.com/learn/video

How to make the interactive curtain waving with wind?

It is simple!!! Just drag and drop one interactive curtain from the "Trends – Interactive Fabric – Curtain" catalog, place it near the window or door, and then click "Wind Blow" and select light,moderate or strong wind.

That is enough – you could view the simulated effect immediately.

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

How to drop a throw onto a sofa or bed?

To drop the throw/pillow onto the furniture, simply select a proper interactive model, place it above the furniture, and left-click it, you could see the "Place Down" option and just click.

(Tip: when placing the model, you could always use the 2D-mode window (normally in the upper right corner of the screen) as a reference to see whether the fabric/cloth is in the right position above.

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

Check how it looks after rendering:

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

How to put the table linen above a dining table?

We know you are smart! The process is similar:

  1. Drag-and-drop the model above the table

  2. Click on the model

  1. Just click "place down"!

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

Ta-da~~~ You could even drop the table linen on the table when there are vases and candles on top of it.

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

Finally, let us have a look at some beautiful and realistic renders made with our new advanced [Interactive Fabric] function:

(Design with interactive bedding rendered with Homestyler)

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

(Design with interactive trow on chair rendered with Homestyler)

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

(Design with interactive curtain rendered with Homestyler)

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

(Design with interactive pillow rendered with Homestyler)

Homestyler's Advanced Interactive Fabric Function

0402 Updates: Video Render, Interactive Lightmix, 10K Panorama and more



On 04/02/2021, we will update the version of 0402, which includes the following updates:

  • Launch video rendering (Read tutorial in Part 1)

  • Add interactive lightmix (Read tutorial in Part 2)

  • Upgrade panorama to 10K (Read tutorial in Part 3)

  • Add outdoor lighting template

  • Allow export model list


——————- Part 1: Video Rendering ——————-


Homestyler's video function supports making 3D interior animation with walkthrough effect (that is, an animated video that allow viewers to see different perspectives of the room based on selected camera position, orientation, and path) and grow effect (which displays the process that an empty room grows into a fully decorated space). You can preview at any time during the video editing process. Here follows a general tutorial.

You could watch video totorial with multi language subtile through our Youtube channel (please make srue you open the subtile and switch to your language):




STEP 1. Enter Video Recording Interface

Enter "Render" interface, and click on the "Video" tab on the top to switch to the video recording interface.



STEP 2. Adjust the Aspect Ratio

Adjust the aspect ratio according to the target scene to ensure the area is fully displayed within the shooting screen.


STEP 3. Record Video Clips

Adjust the camera parameters, and click on the "Shooting" button (the camera icon) to take a key frame. Continue to adjust the camera parameters and shoot for several times, so as to obtain a series of ordered key frames. The shooting sequence is displayed at the bottom of the page, which can be deleted and re-edited.


  • The camera parameters (position, height, orientation, camera view, clipping) of each key frame can be different.

  • The first and last key frames are the beginning and the end of the video. The camera movement path between the key frames will be automatically generated by the system.


STEP 4. Insert Key Frames

The moving path of the camera is automatically controlled by selected position and orientation of the camera where the key frame is located. If you want to modify the path, it can be completed by inserting a key frame. After choosing a key frame, click on the shooting button, and the new key frame will be automatically added behind the selected key frame.


STEP 5. Make Video with multiple clips

Clip: The previous clip and the next clip of the video are not continuous. The effect is equivalent to stitching multiple videos together.

  • Press the "Add Clip" button to add a new clip.

  • You can drag the clips to adjust the order of different clips.

  • You can disable/enable clips in the video, which is very helpful for modifying and testing video effects. Disabled videos will not be shown in preview or the final rendering.

  • You can also delete clips by clicking on the ellipsis icon.


STEP 6. Make Animated Grow-effect Video

Change the animation property of the clip to growing animation. The soft decorations in the clip will automatically apply growing animation. Click on "Preview" to see the grow effect.



STEP 7. Customized Animated Motion Effect

If you want to control the presented format of the growing animation, click on the supported model by entering the roaming view in the video interface (2D view is not supported). The animation setting options will pop up in the left panel.

The modified animation can be seen in the preview.


The customized animation rules are as follows

• Animation effect scope

If the animation type is assigned to a certain model, then all the models in the design will apply the same animation in all growing animation clips. It remains static in the walking animation. For example, a sofa model is designated as a bouncing animation, and it appears in two growing animation clips of the video, then it will maintain using the bouncing effect in these two growing animation clips.




  • The concrete pouring animated motion effect of the wall and floor displays how this wall or floor is constructed during contruction.

  • How to define the orientation of the concrete pouring animation? If the camera view faces the wall, the left and right orientation of the wall are the same as we observe the wall in reality. If the camera view faces the floor, the observed situation is subject to the top-down orientation.

  • The door can only be controlled in the customized animation. The system does not preset the customized animation of the door. The animation rules of the door are as follows: if the door is open in the design scheme, then the video displays the door opening animation; if the door is closed in the design scheme, then the video displays the door closing animation. You can control the opening and closing of the door in advance.

  • Categories do not support animation for now: building structures (walls, beams, columns, stairs, etc.), hard decoration categories (customized ceilings with molding, background walls molding, decorative molding, etc.), customized/interior modeling.

  • Reset all model animations: set the animations of all soft decoration models to the system default mode.


STEP 8. Preview Video

During the key frame process, you can click on the "Play" button to preview the video at any time, and observe whether the lens movement path meets your expectations.


STEP 9. Adjust the Clip Duration

The duration of the clip can be adjusted by controling the changing speed of the video, and it can be customized within the range from 1 to 30 seconds.


STEP 10. Rendering and Download

Choose the appropriate rendering parameters (like resolution, lightng template, exterior environment – same as the standard image), and click on "Generate Video" button to submit the rendering.

Videos are calculated in seconds. The maximum duration of a single video is up to 60 seconds (a single clip can not exceed 30 seconds, and a video can be composed of multiple clips).


Video has three different options as follows:



Please be aware that the consumption of the video rendering quota shall be in 10-second per unit. (So if you render clips with length less than 10 seconds, it will consume 10 seconds of your quota. And if you render a video with lenghth of 11s-19s, it will consume 20 seconds.

All videos are rendered when the system is not busy to avoid blocking normal rendering queue. The rendered videos can be viewed and downloaded in the "Video" tab on the top in "Images".


2. Notes and Tips

Note 1. Lighting Templates Selection

If you choose manual lighting, make sure to turn off the "auto exposure" option. It is recommended that you render a few standard images with the corresponding angles before rendering the video to ensure that the lighting effects after turning off the automatic exposure are in line with your expectations.



Note 2. Video Project File (Save Key Frame Sequence)

After completing the video, click on "Generate Video", or click on "Finish Rendering" to automatically save the entire video project file. You can also press Ctrl+S in this interface to save.


Tip 1. Why the video camera has an obvious abrupt movement while turning?

The current video speed is controlled by the camera position and the duration of the clip. In the case where the camera moving distance is short yet the turning angle is large, the problem can be solved by splitting this part separately and making another clip to control the time.


Tip 2. How to go through multiple rooms?

Before shooting the video, you can open all the doors (single swing door only) in the 3D/roam view interface in advance, and then set a proper camera shooting path so that the camera can pass through the door.


Tip 3. What if a single video is often too  too long?

You can split the video into multiple clips and disable some clips. When submitting for rendering, each time you submit a video within 60 seconds. After the submission is completed, enable the unrendered clips and disable the rendered clips, and then submit for rendering. Follow this process and submit all the clips for rendering.



—————— Part 2: Interactive Lightmix ——————

Lightmix is a real-time light dimming function and we have opened it to all paid members. Once Lightmix enabled, the intensity and color of the lights can be changed directly after rendering without the need of re-rendering your final output.

You could watch video totorial with multi language subtile through our Youtube channel (please make srue you open the subtile and switch to your language):



1、How to enter Lightmix

  • When you select a new template or a manual lighting template based on the new template, there will be a real-time lightmix check box right beside the  start rendering button.

  • After the Gou Xuan, the rendering duration increases, and the rendering results in the album You can adjust the lighting effect in the form of what you see is what you get. .


2、Lightmix validity period

  • The rendering result of a lightmixed image shall be valid for 30 days , after timeout, it will no longer support lightmix again, but the effect that has been adjusted will be retained.

  • If necessary, you could obtain the lightmix capability by re-rendering. .


3、Interactive Lightmix Settings

  • Click the [Lightmix] button at the bottom left of the rendered image to enter the real-time lightmix interface;

  • The lightmix interface supports switching on/off each type of light source and supports brightness adjustment for them respectively. The adjustment results can be previewed in real time;

  • When reduce the brightness of lamps with self-luminous material, the material may become dark. So if there is a need for brightness adjustment of self-luminous material, it is recommended to adjust in mannual light customization.


4、Complete Lightmix

  • Click [Finish Lightmix] button to save the lightmixed result, which will overwrite the original renderings and returns the Image Album;

  • The lightmix process normally takes less than 1 minute.


5、Lightmix and Render Editor

  • The dimmed/lightmixed image can be adjusted again, but click [restore] shall restore the image to the original state after rendering ;

  • The lightmixed image can be further retouched using Render Editor. But after retouched by the Render Editor, the image cannot be lightmixed. If you insist, it will be automatically restored to the initial state before lightmix.



1. Why can't I see the real-time dimming function?

Currently, only normal image (not top view or aerial, or video) rendering supports lightmix. For manual lighting templates, make sure that your basic templates are as follows. Blank template is not supported but Blank 2.0 is supported.

2. Is there any difference in brightness between the real-time lightmix function and the final finished render?

There will be a slight brightness difference in some scenes, and we are currently continuously improving the effect.


3. After entering the real-time dimming interface, my screen shows blank or failed to load?

Usually, it is because the 3D engine of the browser crashes. You can close browser and open it again.


4. After entering the real-time lightmix interface, the effect seems to be out of order?

The lightmix function requires that your graphics card and browser support WebGL 2.0. Make sure that you use the latest version of the client or Google Chrome browser.

If you have used the latest software, please save the design and close the client/browser and try lightmix again. If you encounter problems, report the CPU, memory, graphics card, operating system version, and browser/client version information to homestyler-support@service.alibaba.com



—————— Part 3: Export Model List (Summary) ——————


When you finish a design, aside from export drawing as DWG, floor plan with or without furniture as PNG, you could now export model list. Simply click on "Export" and select "Summary", you could export the list as .cvs

New: Batch Upload of 3D Models and 2D Images



  1. Overview of Updated Feature

  2. 3D Model Batch Upload Process

  3. Texture Image Batch Uploading Process

  4. Status of Batch Upload

1. Overview of Updated Feature:

  1. Support batch upload of 3Dmodels and texture images;

  2. The texture image supports more material templates;

  3. The texture image supports advanced parameter adjustment;

2. 3D Model Batch Upload Process

1.Under the 3D model tab, click on "Upload Model"




2. Enter the batch upload interface

2.1. Upload files;


2.2. Select each model to "Edit" property, or click on "Batch Edit" with multiple models;


2.3 Batch edit interface:

After selecting the category and style of the model, click on "OK" to finish editing.


Please select the right category for models because the system will add specific feature for the model upload. For example:

  • If you upload a door and selected correct category, it will open a wall opening on wall that match the door. Also if you uploaded a swing/single door type, this door can ben opened or closed in 3D view when design.

  • If you upload a arched window, it will open a wall hole that match the window, which saves your time to create an opening for the window you uploaded.

  • If you upload a lamp with correct category, the lamp model can be switched on/off in rendering interface with adjustment in brightness. If you select floor lamp, it will be placed on the floor when you drag it into your design. Similarly, ceiling lamps will be dragged into your design adhering to the ceiling.


3. Submit

After editing properties, you could submit designated models, or click "batch submit".

Note: Only submitted models shall be processed. You could check the submitted model list in "My Model" page.


3. Texture Image Batch Uploading Process

1. Under the texture and image tab, choose "2D Model" and click on "Upload Image"




how to uplaod 3D models in Homestyler

2. Enter the material batch upload interface

2.1. Select a type and then upload images/textures;

There are two types of texture maps. One is tile and the other is texture.

Tile: It means to upload a 2D image as tile that can be paved in your design, like wallpaper, mural, floors etc.

Texture: It means to upload a texture/material that can be used when you "replace material" of the furniture, like glass, metal, stone etc.



how to uplaod 3D models in Homestyler

2.2. Select each image to "Edit" property, or click on "Batch Edit" with multiple images;


how to uplaod 3D models in Homestyler

how to uplaod 3D models in Homestyler

Batch edit interface:

After selecting the category, size, and material effect of the model, click on "OK" to finish editing.


2.3. Advanced parameter setting

Advanced parameter edit interface (for users with good knowledge of 3D max to properly adjust the texture properties):


***Do not worry about the size when uploading, when you apply the tile/texture in design, you could change the size of image in the right property bar.

how to uplaod 3D models in Homestyler

how to uplaod 3D models in Homestyler

4. Submit

After editing properties, you could submit designated image, or click "batch submit".

Note: Only submitted models shall be processed. You could check the submitted model list in "My Model" page.


how to uplaod 3D models in Homestyler

4. Status of Batch Upload

Uploading:    The selected files are being uploaded to the system.

Awaiting Edit:    The models/images have been uploaded and you need to edit the properties before submitting it to be processed and used in your design.

Pending submission:    You have editted the properties of models/images and they are ready to be submitted for processing.

HSDA 2020 Winner Announcement

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午8.05.00.png

On the 15th of October, Homestyler started to call for entries for the first year of Homestyler Design Award (HSDA) 2020. Open to all Homestyler designers and design enthusiasts, hundreds of talented design works have been submitted to HSDA into two sub-categories: Residential and Commercial.


In considerations of voting numbers, as well as the five jury ranking criteria of Functionality, Spatial Layout, Innovation, Aesthetics and Color Matching, we are now glad to announce winners for our first HSDA in 2020.

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午8.10.20.png



——- Residential Sub-category ——-

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午9.30.41.png

Annual Best Residential Design Award:

1st Prize:

Designer: SvetlySveva

Design Name: "Timeless"

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5f9720cf8874470936655601

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午10.02.54.png


2nd Prize:

Designer: Encarni Fernandez Calero

Design Name: Penthouse en el centro de la ciudad

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5f9c4da28874470936657abf

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午10.03.40.png


2nd Prize:



Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5f96fa19665c7d092c01a97d

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午10.04.08.png


3rd Prize:

Designer: Rutchevelle Den Ouden


Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fafeae3665c7d09ddfe75b7

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午10.06.29.png


3rd Prize:

Designer: Marina Bruna

Design Name: Un Sueño de Placer Circular

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fb46a47887447095ea8c3c3

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午10.19.15.png


3rd Prize:

Designer: T.A.Mihaela interior & design

Design Name: Mountain House

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5f8db5b788744708f1b88d57

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午10.20.03.png


Best Popularity Award:

1st Prize:

Designer: Ran B

Design Name: New York Apartment

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5f6bbe4a1b318d054e603513


2nd Prize:

Designer: Teke Tin Tekes

Design Name: Mountain Hide Out

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fb6e21a665c7d09ddfefb9e


3rd Prize:

Designer: jenniferdentale.jd

Design Name: Cozy Cabin

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fb115a56f8f130b556edb82


Design Excellence Awards:

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午8.24.12.png


——- Commercial Sub-category ——-

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午9.33.58.png


Annual Best Commercial Design Award:

1st Prize:

Designer: Doğa Kırarslan

Design Name: Hawaiian Vibes by DOĞA

Design Link:https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5f52596b1b318d054e5f6bca

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午9.52.37.png


2nd Prize:

Designer: Adina Craig


Design Link: https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5f56805f1b318d054e5f88cd

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午9.56.45.png


2nd Prize:

Designer: Mad Designs

Design Name: Rooftop lounge and Bar

Design Link: https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fa54f026f8f130b556e89d5

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午9.57.29.png


3rd Prize:

Designer: Teke Tin Tekes


Design Link: https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fc2605f6f8f1309aeebcef7

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午9.59.00.png


3rd Prize:

Designer: Erwin Morales

Design Name: SELA-rome Hollywood Glam in Botanical Concept

Design Link: https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fb02977665c7d09ddfe77b8

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午9.59.42.png


3rd Prize:

Designer: Elmar Cervantes Ecal

Design Name: Centre d'Artistes, French-Bohemian Rest

Design Link: https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fb2b982887447095ea896e9

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午10.00.01.png


Best Popularity Award:

1st Prize:

Designer: SOFIA SP

Design Name: All day café

Design Link: https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5ecd18bd2e408f5c402b6f03


2nd Prize:

Designer: Ryan Manuel Dayao

Design Name: Le Restaurant de Paris – French Country Style

Design Link: https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fb7d742665c7d09ddff0c99


3rd Prize:

Designer: Encarni Fernandez Calero

Design Name: Apartahotel en Benalmadena

Design Link: https://www.homestyler.com/int/community/projectDetail/5fca2f796f8f1309aeec7cfd



Design Excellence Awards:

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午9.06.09.png



* All featured HSDA designs can be found in Homestyler Gallery under "HSDA2020" Tab:


*The voting results were obtained on 00:00 GMT on 21st, December.

* Introductions to HSDA can be found through the link: www.homestyler.com/int/blog/1055

* Prizes for winners shall be accredited to winners through HS registered email within a month.

Model Collection and Model Update Log

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午6.29.16.png

Model Updates

Homestyler has a model library with more than 50,000 real-sized 3D furniture models, with full access to all users! We will be constantly enriching and updating our model catalog and optimizing our model search and filter experience. Just stay tuned with us!

Model Updates

You could find all the model upadte information here in this Blog. To help us improve the model library and relavant user experience, please provide valuable suggesions and feedback through this survey:


Model Updates

Model Updates

2021-01-28 "Stairs" Model Collection  – to be updated!!

Model Updates

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午6.35.47.png

2021-01-24 "Bauhaus Style" Model Collection

Demo Project with models:


3D Animation Render link:


Model Updates

2021-01-15 "Acrylic Energy" Model Collection

Demo Project with models:


3D Inteiror Animation Render link:



Model Updates

2021-01-07 "Classic Chair" Model Collection

Demo Project with models:



Model Updates

2020-12-30 "Pantone 2021" Model Collection

Demo Project with models (Ultimate Grey and Illuminating):


3D Animation Render link:


屏幕快照 2020-12-29 下午7.28.54.png

Model Updates

2020-12-24 "The Stone Age" Model Collection

Demo Project with models:


3D Animation Render link:



Model Updates

2020-12-22: Model Updates (15 models)

New Christmas Decors

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午6.02.23.png

Model Updates

2020-12-17: "Modern Bohemian" Model Collection

Demo Project with models:


屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午6.14.54.png

Model Updates

2020-12-10: "Wabi Sabi" Model Collection

Models can be found in "Trends – Wabi Sabi" catalog or simply search "wabi" for them.

Demo Project with models:


屏幕快照 2020-12-10 上午10.56.20.png

Model Updates

2020-12-03 Model Updates (30 models)

Fountains/Acrylic textures/Paint texture

Note: Textures can be found in "Replace Material" interface. You could left click the furniture/models in 3D view and click the "Replace Material" button to change color/texture of the object.

屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午5.05.23.png

Model Updates

2020-12-01 "Art Deco" Model Collection

Models can be found in "Trends – Art Deco" catalog or simply search "art deco" for them.

Demo Project with models:


屏幕快照 2020-11-26 下午1.32.46.png

Model Updates

2020-11-26 Model Updates (32 models)

Pampus Grass/Decorative Baskets/Shower Door


Model Updates

2020-11-19 "Break-the-Rule" Model Collection

Models can be found in "Trends – Break the Rule" catalog or simply search "break" for them.

Demo Project with models:


屏幕快照 2020-12-22 下午6.16.47.png

Rendering Basics and Frequent Problems


Introduction to the Rendering Interface:

屏幕快照 2020-11-16 上午12.53.21.png


To move the view more conveniently, please learn to use the shortcuts:

Q/E to elevate or lower the camera

W/S (or left/right button on keyboard) to move forwards and backwards

A/D (or up/down button on keyboard) to move leftwards and rightwards

[*This also works in design interface in 3D view mode.]

Below are FAQs and common solutions of Rendering:

1. The glass is rendered deformed. What should I do? 


  • If the glass model is from public model library, feel free to contact us and please send us the screenshot of the item, including the name and brand.  

  • However, if it's a personal model, there are two reasons for this situation. The corresponding solutions are as follows:

     a. Please increase the thickness of the glass appropriately in 3Ds Max.
      b. The normal direction of the glass model is reversed, please correct the normal in
3Ds Max.

2. Narrowed FOV due to small room space. 

Switch to Camera Settings, turn on clipping, and set the clipping depth according to your need.


3. How to adjust the environment brightness?

Click the edit panel to modify brightness or adjust rotation horizontally of the environment.


4. The light is not illuminating or there is halo around it. (As shown below)  

Solution: Please check whether the light overlaps with the wall or suspended ceiling. If so, please make some adjustments and render it again.  

5. Why is it completely black when viewing rendered images?

Solution: Please go to the upper right small window of the rendering environment and check if the camera lens is inside the wall or door. As shown below:

6. The glass door of the cabinet looks like mirror after rendering. 

Reason: The light in and out of the cabinet vary considerably which cause the illusion of stronger reflection.

Solution: Please consider adding light in the cabinet to fill up the gap, and render it again.  

7. Why am I unable to view details of rendered images?

Solution: Please try to clear the cached files of your browser:  

Chrome browser- Settings- Privacy and security- Clear browsing data- Click "Cached images and files"- Clear data

8. The color of the model is different before and after rendering. 

Solution: Please open the Gamma/LUT correction in 3Ds Max and set the Gamma value to: 2.2, then export the model and upload it to Homestyler again.

9. Personal uploaded model is entirely black after rendering. What do I do?

Solution: Please check whether the normal of the model is reversed in 3Ds Max. If it's reversed, correct it then export the model and upload it to Homestyler again.

10. The size of the model differed before and after rendering.

Reason: Incorrect model unit setting

Solution: a. Personal model: Modify the unit of the model in the System Unit Setup in 3Ds Max (as shown below)

              b. Public model: Please feel free to contact us and send us the screenshot of the item, including the name and catalog.  


11. The rendered images are blurry.

Please wait until the image is fully loaded, which depends on your internet connection (5 -10 sec). Or you could download the image to view it~
In addition, the maximum magnification of the image is 4 times. The image will be a little blurred if you zoom in to view it.

12. Extra light/black pieces/color block appeared in the rendered image.  

Certain models usually are not working properly, so you need to find out and replace them. There are two reference ways as follows:

1. If it's normal with previous rendered image, then check the new added or replaced models after that. Check related models in turn, and the corresponding images—if everything works fine after a certain model was deleted or hidden, then please delete or replace this one.

2. Start from the room where seems to have the issue. First, clear all the models in the room, and render it to see if it's normal now. If there is no problem, then it means the model in question is in this room. Second, delete the remaining models in batches, and check corresponding images. The same as last one, if everything works fine after a certain model was deleted or hidden, then please delete or replace this one. 


(example for extra light)

                              (black piece)

(color block)

13. Black/gray shadows appear in the rendered image.

The light (especially virtual light) overlaps with the wall or suspended ceiling, please adjust location of the light.


14. The light in the mirror is not illuminating.

Under customized lighting, select corresponding light and tick 'Enable Highlight'. 

镜子里灯具.pngenable highlight.png镜子里灯具2.png

15. How to adjust camera FOV and view clipping before rendering panorama? 

When rendering the panorama, camera FOV is fixed at 90°, and the clipping is also a fixed value, so these two options cannot be adjusted.


16. How to remove watermark?

We have Pro membership and Master membership. The paid membership functions include watermark removal.

edit image.png


17. It's totally blank/failed to load after entering 'Edit Image' function. 

It may happen if 3D engine of the browser crashed, you can close the browser and reopen it.

18. I can't open a panorama and it prompts that the browser doesn't support WebGL.

It may happen if 3D engine of the browser crashed, you can close the browser and reopen it.

image (1).png

19. What should I do if my rendering request was denied?

  • First, please check if your other designs can be rendered. If they can be submitted for rendering, then it means your network is normal.  

  • Please save the design, copy the floorplan link before closing the current page. Open the design in a new tab to see if it can be submitted.

  • If it still doesn't work, please feel free to contact us and send your floorplan link to us(click File and Share the Project, then copy the url from there), make sure to set it as public so that we can access and help you out.  

20. How to remove bright spots that appear on the wall, floor or model surfaces?

Solution: Please check the light source. If it's a light model, please switch off the corresponding light through customized lighting.

But if it's ambient light, please adjust the reflection to 1% from 'Environment- edit panel'.  


(bright spot)


【If none of above FAQ solves your problem, please contact us through email: homestyler-support@service.alibaba.com

FAQ about the New Homestyler V3.0 and membership

屏幕快照 2020-11-16 上午1.33.35.png

[11/16/2020 updated]

1.  The limited-time free trial period shall ends on the 16th November. The site will not be shut down for maintenance but you might encounter minor instability. All your designs will be saved safely under your account.

2.  After the free-trial period, HD and Ultra renders are going to cost Homestyler points, and 4K render shall be limited to paid function (as well as watermark removal and render editor). All other functions, from floor planning, to the free use of 50,000+ models, to creating unlimited projects and  generating unlimited standard rendering, shall remain accessible for all users.

3.  Please be aware that the rendering function in the old version shall be limited afterwards. You could still do designs under old version but cannot render. (However, all your old designs will not disappear and you could convert it into new versrion anytime later.)

4.  We decided to remove the limitation on 2D model/texture upload. All users could upload unlimited 2D models and up to 100 3D models, and paid users get to expand the volume.

5.  For Homestyler Design Award 2020, we will open the preliminary selection on the 16th, Nov but we decide to prolong the design submission period to the end of November. (The number of Ultras/4Ks will not be our judging criteria.)

6.  For Membership specific questions:

  • The price and membership content can be found on the Pricing page: www.homestyler.com/int/pricing

  • The redeemable digital code for membership shall be purchased through the HS official e-shop on aliexpress.com and the codes can be redeemed on the Pricing page (scroll down to the bottom).

  • You could redeem several subscriptions at the same time. If you redeem multiple memberships of the same type, your subscription period shall prolong additively according to the number of memberships you redeemed.

  • If you redeem different types of memberships at one time, the one that is more superior shall come into effective immediately and advancely, followed by the membership period that is less premium. For example, if you are already a Pro member and you redeem a Master membership, your subscription shall be upgraded to Master immediately, and the rest days of your Pro membership shall be effective once your Master membership expires).

  • Paid members also gets 5 points each day for signing in.

  • For all Homesytler users (no matter with paid membership or not), the daily upper limit of rendering for each account shall not exceed 300 renders, which includes renders of all resolutions except for speed preview. And the maximum simultaneous rendering task shall be no more than 5 for all users.

[10/15/2020 updated]

1. Limited time free trial and render limits:

For the new version, we would limit some advanced functions to paid members only like 4K render, Render editor and watermark removal. But we will remain the rest functions accesible for all users, allowing thorough and comlete 3D interior design from creating rooms, dragging furniture from massive model library and HD/UltraHD renderings (some may cost Homestyler points).

We are glad to offer a limited-time free trial for all users now and during this period (2020.10.15-2020.11.16), each user could have up to 20 UltraHD renders and 10 4K renders per day, for free and even do no deduct your HS points! 

2. Design conversion:

In order to use Homestyler V3.0, you would need to convert your design into new version. Due to the huge amount of conversion tasks, there may be queueing problems. Hence we recommend you to submit the conversion task when you are not occupied and only convert the ones that you need to work on.

– Once the conversion is done, the new design will show up in "My Design" with the name of "V2_xxx".

– To avoid queueing, each design is allowed to be converted once per day no matter succeeded or not. In case the conversion fails, you could convert it tomorrow by re-entering the design.

– After you click on ok to convert, you will be led to a blank initial design interface. You would need to open the corresponding coverted design to start modifying.

3. Model Conversion:  

Since we have upgraded the model processing function and revised the modeling requirements, all personal models would need to be re-processed in order to be used in the new version, and some old models will fail to be converted. If the conversion fails, the models will disappear when being rendered in the new version. Please check the cause of failure for upload, revise the model according to the new modeling requirements and upload them again.

4. Export Product List:

The new version does not support product list export for the moment. We will upgrade the function as soon as we can. If needed, you could use the export function under the old version by cliking on the "Back to V1" button on upper right corner of the design interface.

5. Language:

The new version only support English for the first stage. However, you could use Chrome browser's translation function. Follow the instructions to open the function and the browser could translate in design interface for you (tutorial link: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/173424).

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午2.02.28.png

6. Left-click:

To better adapt to most designing habbit, we have switched the "model edit" function from right-click to left-click. If you would like to replace the model/ replace material / flip / delete /duplicate the furniture, please left-click the item and select the corresponding function.

7. Tutorials:

We have uploaded some basic tutorials for the new version on the website ("Learn" from the top navigation bar). More advanced tutorials will be coming soon.

(Tutorial link:


8. Highlighted updates:

New Design Features

  1. Upgrade render resolution to 4K.

  2. Add "Speed Preview" which generates a referenced rendered effect in as fast as 3-8 seconds.

  3. Add "Customized Modeling" design function that allows you to create basic geometric shapes, building structures like a 2nd floor slate, a spiral staircase or a sunken ground, or even a furniture.

  4. Single doors can be "Opened" by left clicking the door and click "Open".

  5. Add "Edit" function for rendered images that allows you to adjust exposure, saturation, white balance on renders as a whole, or even on every specific surfaces without having to re-render.

  6. Support adding background music, setting appointment & contact infos with Panorama URL.

Optimization of General Features

  1. Upgrade CAD import version to 2018

  2. Upgrade Export DWG version to 2018

  3. Upgrade 3D model upload version to 2020

  4. Update a more comprehensive texture catalog

  5. Expand the range of models that support "replace material"

  6. Enriched the model library to 50,000+, all for free

  7. Add more patterns for customized "tile flooring"

  8. Support endless scrolldown when browsing in model library

Specific Updates on Rendering

  1. Add intelligent light templates in days and nights.

  2. Update more options of 360 degree HDRI environment/background in both day and night.

  3. Allow adjustment on the brightness and rotation angle of environment images.

  4. Support uploading your own HDRI environment images.

  5. Upgrade sunlight settings with softness and auto position.

  6. Add intensity setting for Color Bleeding and Ambient Occlusion.

  7. Add more options of spotlight, allowing a more customized lighting set-ups.

  8. Allow hightlight and color setting for each light source.

  9. Enhance the rendered effect on shadows, allowing the render to be more natural.

Homestyler’s Virtual Staging and 3D Design Service is coming!!! Get Magnificent Images with Low Cost!!


What we've learned from our users:

I’m just a small business owner who strives to sell my products through Instagram. I need fantastic pictures of my furniture, but I have no photographer, no camera, no photo studio; not to mention all other tools like soft light and reflective umbrella. How can I get great pictures for my Instagram posts with low costs?”  


I’m a hardworking real estate agent, but no matter how hard I tried, it’s hard to sell rooms when they’re vacant. Also, due to the pandemic, it’s hard to make a deal with my clients because they complained about not being able to imagine what the room will look like.

屏幕快照 2020-08-25 下午2.28.06.png

Homestyler’s 3D design services can definitely help you! 

For Furniture Retailers:

If you give us a single piece of furniture model, we can help you better promote the product by creating a tailored virtual scene and bringing best visualization of it. And even if you do not have the 3D model on hands, we could also build it for you. 

For Real Estate Agents:

Simply give us the floor plan and photos of your vacant property, we can help re-build the room precisely in 3D and decorate it in various trending styles, and thereby help sell the property faster with our high-resolution renders.

For Homeowners:

A floor plan and a few photos, along with pictures of your desirable styles would be enough for our professional designers to provide customized interior design and the final real-to-life renders to show you the possibility of how your home, no matter a new or a remodeled one. You could even have a virtual tour within your dream home.

Let’s take a look at how amazing Homestyler’s 3D designs are!


副本-床-卧室-现代_影棚封面 (1)小.jpg



And the amazing thing is: All these pictures are not real!! They are Homestyler’s 3D virtual designs and people will have no doubts that some of these real-to-life pictures come from interior design magazines.

So why does virtual 3D design stand out? 

 Pysical scene set-up & Photo-shooting


Virtual 3D design & Home staging 

1 Photo-shooting Site

Real Photos: For furniture seller, renting or building the real photography site not only generates high cost, it also provides you with the cookie-cutter renderings due to the limitation of physic site. For real estate, the renting fee of furniture and home décor is usually expensive and time-consuming.

Virtual Staging: For furniture seller, there is no cost for site, no limitation for background designs and furniture combinations! For real estate, there is no need to rent furniture and décor at all!

1屏幕快照 2020-08-25 下午1.58.53.png

2 Transportation

Real Photos: There’s uncontrollable logistic cost and you can’t guarantee that there’s no damages to the furniture during the transportation. 

Virtual Staging: Zero cost on transportation, no need to mail/rent furniture and easy to make thousands of furniture combination in a limited time.

1屏幕快照 2020-08-25 下午1.58.27.png

3 Human-hour input

Real Photos: Need at least five people to conduct cross-team collaboration, operation and communication which is not cost effective.

Virtual Staging: Homestyler team will do everything for you!

1屏幕快照 2020-08-25 下午1.59.40.png

4 Efficiency

Real Photos: It would usually take 15-30 days or even longer for furniture preparation, transportation, photo shooting, photo post-process to finally get the pictures ready.

Virtual Staging: After fully communicated through your needs and requirements on design needs, it normally takes us 2-5 days to deliver high-quality renders.

1屏幕快照 2020-08-25 下午1.59.22.png

5 Sales Stimulation

Furthermore, according to Home Staging Report 2019 from Home Staging Association UK&Ireland, for both real estate agents and developers, there are significant improvement to their sales when they use virtual staging for marketing. Properties with professional photos get more viewings than vacant room. Homebuyers also spend more time viewing a home that’s staged. A staged home not only sells faster, it also increased the offer value to a noticeable amount.

1屏幕快照 2020-08-25 下午1.58.10.png

But why homestyler?

Because, we have

– professional designer team who are ready to satisfy your diverse needs

– almost a million Décor choices allows unlimited trending styles and furniture combination

– ultra photo-realistic and high-resolution renders which you can’t even tell virtual or real

With the cost of manpower, transportation and time significantly reduced, most importantly, you get the high-quality service you deserved!!! Feel free to contact us consulting about your 3D design needs through: homestyler.business@service.alibaba.com 


Great Color Combinations make Additions to your Interior Design


In this week's course, we are going to talk about color match from professional prospective. Here is the color trend report released from WGSN  (formerly Worth Global Style Network), a trend forcasting company. Hope this article can provide you some inspiration.

Neo-Mint | Purist Blue | Cassis | Cantaloupe | Mellow Yellow

01 Neo Mint

There is some natural power in mint green, a neutral color with a light blue tint in green, which is somewhat similar to avocado green. It shows a refreshing feeling of summer while in winter it can bring you a bright surprise.


Design by Yi Yang                                                       

Color matching skills:

Match with white: This is the most error-free combination, you can adjust the ratio of the two colors.

Mint green can also lay in the combination of other colors with white tones.

Match with wood color: This is the most secure color match for a space that is relatively low-key and peaceful. It looks more restrained and subtle, but it still has vitality

Match with light green or black: The same color system gives the vision a sense of coordination, and the black tone adds a visual impact.

Match with gray or pale yellow: The color saturation is very harmonious with a retro nostalgia.


02 Purist Blue

The color, as it is called, is the "authentic" seawater color, which has a comfortable and pleasant charm and a natural fresh feeling. It is a soft neutral tone that blends light blue, green, and gray, which is lighter than dark blue and more stable than light blue.


Design by Hanyu Design                                                 

Color matching skills:

Match with dusty rose and pale hay: The combination of the three has an eye-catching effect, while improving vitality, it also expresses a soft and intimate feeling.

Match with lilac purple, bean green and orange: While enriching the space color, it can create a free and open living atmosphere.

Match with beige or white: This is a more subtle and soft combination, generally does not go wrong.

Match with bright yellow: Create a fresh and retro mix and match, but we need to pay attention to the proportion of colors.


03 Cassis

The color of blackcurrant purple comes with a mature sense of stability and retro elegance. Blackcurrant is one of the raw materials for making wine, and if you want to use the blackcurrant purple undertone for home decoration, elegant accessories are what you need.


Design by Sanwei Dengdu                                   

Color matching skills:

Match with lavender and pink: The harmony of the same color system adds a touch of sweetness to the sense of elegance.

Match with black: This is a very accent color as purple and black are both luxurious and high-end, therefore the combination of the two looks more elegant and luxurious.

Match with white: Makes the potential dull of purple disappear, instead, it becomes elegant and soft.

Match with Blue: Purple and blue are adjacent colors, their brightness is also very close while the contrast is relatively soft. The mysterious and dreamlike purple paired with blue with a sense of technology shows the feeling of fashion.


04 Cantaloupe

The color that girls might fall in love at first glance, like the color of coral orange with a bit of pink tone, the lively color looks particularly fresh. The combination of space can bring a romantic and playful feeling. Its temperament is closest to that of summer. In winter, it can create a comfortable warmth.


Design by Zhilin Gao                                       

Color matching skills:

Match with wood color: The same color system not only has no sense of conflict, but also highlights the texture of the wood home, making the whole combination softer.

Match with black, white and grey: As a warm color, melon orange has a decorative effect, and adjusts the coldness of those colors.

Match with Metal: The icy metal iron furniture is harmoniously combined with warm colors, which is not only fashionable, but also melon orange is livelier together with metallic colors.

Match with transitional colors red and pink: The transition between the same color system is a harmonious color matching method. More intense red, orange, and cooler pink can form the gradient of the same color system.


05 Mellow Yellow

The ancient golden color is bright but not exaggerating, the color is lighter and can create an elegant feeling expresses more in content and high-end texture. The popularity is not to be underestimated, from exquisite retro design, small and cute fashion embellishment can bring you a stylish sense of surprise. What's more, the retro trend in recent years has given more space for retro ancient gold.


Design by TikTok Tamhuiyuan                                    

Color matching skills:

Match with white, light gray and black: Stable style, so retro gold looks more high-end and shows the lapse of time.

Match with beige, caramel, beige and brown: The same color system shows a layer of elegance.

Match with pink hue: The pink and gold colors are very good match. If you control the ratio, you will definitely play a wonderful reaction.

Match with blue: The appearance of ancient gold will definitely become the finishing touch, giving visual impact, suitable for modern style.