4 Useful Tips for Your Eco House Design

06 Nov, 2018

As interior design lovers we like to put a lot of effort and pay a special attention in order to make our home look both beautiful and comfortable.

It give us such a relaxing and satisfying feeling seeing that everything is right exactly where it is supposed to be and that our home is in perfect order!

Living in a healthy and peaceful environment is essential to keep our mind in peace. It is very nice to arrive back home after a long day outside and see that everything is clean and in order right?

Moreover, it is very much gratifying to see that your friends and loved ones like to come to visit you and feel at their ease when they are staying at your house.

Home decor is a very personal and intimate statement, as each one of us has their own favorite style, color palette and material combination.

There is one interior design style, however, that can bring us all together.

Eco house design style is the one that not only takes care of our interior but also helps us make something good to the home that we all have: our planet.

Sustainable designers don’t follow specific rules but they express themselves in different ways, keeping in mind the same final purpose – Ensuring that the home they create is in total harmony with the environment and emanates a feeling of purity.

As much as it is important to have a well-decorated house, it is also extremely meaningful to be able to do it without the need of hurting our beloved planet Earth.

In order to do so, ecologists and interior designers have got together and figured out a few simple tips to have a beautiful interior and respect the nature at the same time.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Danna M, Homestyler mobile user

1. Use natural material

First of all, eco-friendly designs say “No, thanks!” to plastic and welcome a wide variety of organic and environmentally sustainable materials, such as wood, natural stone and bricks.

Recycled and re-used materials are preferred over brand new ones, as it is always better to reduce the waste, when you have the chance.

Moreover, when possible, it is suggested to use local material suppliers, that produce what you need in a social responsible manner, rather than goods that are imported from some other Countries, where the process of production is not very clear.

Natural and organic materials have an additional benefit of making your ambiance feel warmer than other artificial and other processed textures, that are much colder and are definitely not ideal to give a welcoming look for a home.

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Letícia Santos, Homestyler floorplanner user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Ailleen Félix, Homestyler mobile user

2. Add some greenery

Eco-friendly decor means: go crazy adding plants and flowers! Your house must make a big call to nature, and what’s best that adding some green?

Plants and flowers add more vitality to your space and make it look warmer and more welcoming.

More over, greenery is not only a beautiful decorative item that adds more life and color to your home but it also has the very useful function of filtering the air – Nothing fits the eco-friendly way more that something natural, pleasant to the eye and beautiful!

You can choose for an infinite number of different plants, and each of them can be suitable for a different area of your house.

There is nothing more common that adding trees or other kind of plants to your garden.

If you have a particular big outdoor space, you could even consider the idea of starting growing your own vegetable garden.

In this way, you could have a double additional advantage, both economical and culinary

In fact, your own fruits and veggies will be for sure not only more healthy but also they will have a way better taste compared to the ones you would buy at the supermarket! – Not to mention how cheaper it would be to just pick them up from your backyard!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Bea T, Homestyler mobile user

Not everyone might know, however, that many plants are also suitable to grow in an indoor space, as long as they get the amount of natural light and water they need.

It might be fairly common to see flowers and other kind of plants in the living room, but have you ever thought of adding some natural decorations to spaces such as your kitchen or your bathroom?

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Letícia Santos, Homestyler floorplanner user

It can give a creative and ecological touch that will make your rooms unique and unforgettable!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by lilian ramon, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Faina Raneva, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Teodora Maria, Homestyler mobile user

3. Be efficient with the lighting

Being environmentally conscious means making our own best in order to reduce waste to the minimum.

We have seen how to recycle old materials can help this process, but being energy intelligent plays another big role into this.

Plants help us avoid expensive air filters but there is a way in which we can also limit the use of artificial lights, at least during the day.

In order to do so, it is important to opt for big windows and make sure to place them in a way so that the sun can stream in our home during the day and we don’t need to switch any source of artificial light.

On the other side, we have to admit that, depending on where you live, sometimes your outside view can be the real piece of artwork and masterpiece of your room!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Revita Indriani, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Tracey Mcconnell, Homestyler mobile user

4. Opt for a qualitative decoration rather than quantitative

To make sure we honor and appreciate our nature at its best, a good idea is to have a minimal approach for what concerns the use of furniture and color palette.

Often times, in fact, eco house decor and minimalism are associated, as they share many of the same principles.

White and other light tones are suggested, because they make the ambiance brighter and more airy.

Also, it is important to ensure that the kind of painting we decide to apply to our surfaces doesn’t contain substances that can be toxic to us and the environment in general.

As for the furniture, make sure to choose qualitative pieces, that will last for years, rather than cheap options that you will have to change after a short period of time.

If you want to do something good for the World, please shop mindfully and buy only the things that are necessary for your well being.

Avoid purchasing items that you will not use or that you know you’ll get tired of after a short period of time.

Remember to recycle when you can and give a new life to antiques and vintage items when you see there is a possibility for it.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Rachel Wallen, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by home designs true, Homestyler mobile user


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