5 Ideas for the Perfect Office Layout

28 Sep, 2018

The majority of the people often link office layout to one single word: functionality.

Most people, guided by this principle as a only key criteria of their office decor, would normally make a list of all the items and pieces of furniture they need before starting to decorate their office.

After the list is done, they would just buy all these different objects, and put them together in the most efficient way – Things they need the most would go next to the desk, and everything else would just be placed in some corners of the room.

Of course, every item we decide to put has to be there for a purpose – We are not fan of wasting space either!

What we want to point out with this post, however, is that decorating in a functional way does not necessarily mean giving up on taste and beauty.

In fact, it has been proved that the ambiance we work with has a direct consequences on the quality of what we do.

Psychologists usually say that if we work in a place we don’t feel a ease our productivity will be negatively affected.

On the other side, if our office is well designed and encounters our visual taste, our mind will feel more in peace and ready to deal with all the ordinary and extraordinary tasks we need to face at work.

Of course, each of us follow their needs and make a different use of their office layout, and the decor of this room strongly depends on the kind of activity we need it for.

Are you looking into renovating your working space in an efficient but chic way?

Find in this article the five interior design tips and decorating advises that can help you get the best of your working time, by being happier and, therefore, more productive.

1. Place your desk in front of a window

Having your desk faced to a window is a suitable furniture arrangement especially for writers and artists, because, looking at the landscape in front of them, they can find more inspiration and release their mind when they need to take a break.

Homestyler home design

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Homestyler home design

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Homestyler home design

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Looking out of a window is very important as it helps us relax and find the right mindset and motivation to start working productively again, but it  is not the only advantage of placing your working desk in front of a big window.

It has been scientifically proved, in fact, that natural light is much healthier for our eyes, compared to artificial lamps.

For those who spend the whole day at their desks, especially if they are working on their computers, being close to a big source of natural light is essential – The light of your PC and the one coming from your lamps are extremely aggressive for your eyes!

Homestyler home design

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Homestyler home design

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2. Make use of a big desk

Big desk are the dream of office workers. It is very hard to focus on your job when you are all next to the other and you feel like you don’t have that much of a personal space.

Unfortunately, we rarely get to choose the decor style of our office, unless we work from home and we can dedicate a whole room only to our working time.

If home office is our case, then it is definitely worth it to invest on a big working table, that makes us feel free to keep close to us everything we need, without any kind of space limitation.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Andrea Rivera Jarvis, Homestyler mobile user

3. Surround yourself with books

Books are not only your brain’s favorite food but they can also give more charm and elegance to your home office – Aren’t libraries the most fascinating interiors, after all?

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Homestyler home design

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Books are the items that most characterize offices and that respond more than anything else to the functionality rule.

Open shelving will not only help you find the book you need more easily, but also will give an original touch to your office decor.

It is important, however, for us to pay particular attention into placing and arranging them in a way that is not only useful to our work but also pleasant to the eye.

Chromatic order and books size are two of the criteria that most interior design professionals and enthusiasts suggest, when it comes to organize libraries.

An interesting idea can be to arrange all the books belonging to the same publishing company together, as they are usually produced in the same format, and they are made to look good next to one another.

Homestyler home design

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4. Gather your team in a round table

If you don’t work by yourself and you mainly spend your time with your team of co-workers, round tables are the best design arrangement.

This kind of tables encourage the conversation and facilitate team works.

In addition, they make it easier to add more seats whenever it’s needed. In this way, you’ll be able to add a new member to your working group without the need of redesigning completely your office.

Sometimes the exchange of opinions through meaningful communications is essential, and this becomes very easy if the people you need to talk to are seated all in front of you!

Homestyler home design

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Homestyler home design

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5. Rest your body and soul on a comfortable seating

Another great solution that is specifically suggested to encourage the work of many minds together is the arrangement of some soft and comfortable piece of furniture around your working space.

We don’t always need to work on an ordinary desk and chair set, right? It can be very good for our body to lay down in a comfortable place from time to time, especially when we don’t need to write anything down, and if we still manage to focus, even if we are not seated.

A comfortable sofa with a bunch of pillows, or a set of coloured poufs, can bring more happiness to our work place make everyone feel more at home.

Homestyler home design

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This kind of decor is particularly suggested for co-working spaces as, just like round table, they help build your team stronger by making everyone feel at the same level and facilitate open conversations and exchanges of ideas.

What is the office layout that you found being the most suitable to your needs and daily work routine?

Let us know your personal experience and the office design that you decided to go for!