5 Ways to use the new furniture and accessories

22 Apr, 2019

In the past few weeks, more and more new furniture items and home design accessories have made their way in the Homestyler catalog.

As many of you got very excited about these new entries, we must tell you – More Are Coming, so please stay tuned!

Living room - design by Levette Tripp.jpg

This design was created by Levette Trip, Homestyler mobile app user

Together with the clothes, the plants, the pillows and the rugs, many many more home design articles pieces will be added – Every week, for the rest of the entire year!

This is surely a very exciting news as, together with the items in the Homestyler catalog, your possibilities on the Homestyler home design tool will also increase significantly.

Open plan - design by glaci mussi.jpg

This design was created by glaci mussi, Homestyler mobile app user

Spaces you can now design easily

1. Every girls' dream – A walk-in closet!

We can't deny it, a walk-in closet is the dream of every woman. We have seen it so many times in the movies, but what if we realized our house could also allow some space for a room only dedicated to our clothes, shoes and accessories?

Walk in closet - design by Teke Tin Tekes.jpg

This design was created by Teke Tin Tekes, Homestyler floorplanner user

With Homestyler, you can njow figure it out very quickly, and virtually design your closet, dividing the spaces and section according to every category of items.

Entrance - design by Susan Yanelys.jpg

This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Where to find our selection of clothes? All you need to do is:

1. Go to the Homestyler catalog

2. Select Art & Decor

3. Scroll down and choose Clothes.

Walk in closet - by Rita Edwards.jpg

This design was created by Rita Edwards, Homestyler mobile app user

2. Your exclusive reading nook – Full of super comfortable pillows!

Some of you might have noticed, already: if you go to Art & Decor – Pillows, you will see that our selection has more than doubled!

Black and white, colored and even golden pillows. Elegant ones for your living room, zebra pillows and Pokemon shaped for your kid's room!

Quiet corner - design by Rachel Pearcy.jpg

This design was created by Rachel Pearcy, Homestyler floorplanner user

Now, we really have pillows for every taste. We have often stated how changing the style of your pillows is an easy and economical way of totally reforming your room – Well, now is your chance to see how these changes will make your house design look before you proceed with buying new pillows!

Living room - design by Bardoki Medina.jpg

This design was created by Bardoki Medina, Homestyler mobile app user

3. Your eco-friendly space – With as many plants as possible!

Are you more for succulents or tropical plants? Or perhaps you prefer colored flowers? Go through our selection of Plants & Flowers to find out what kind of plants suit your room and taste the best.

Bedroom - design by Marilise Almeida.jpg

This design was created by Marisile Almeida, Homestyler mobile app user

4. Your personal relaxing spa

Among the new accessories, a selection of new towels, bathrobes and slippers have also just arrived in the Homestyler catalog.

Bathroom - design by Teke Tin Tekes.jpg

This design was created by Teke Tin Tekes, Homestyler floorplanner user

Who doesn't dream about having a personal spa just for themselves and their significant others? If you can't have it, you can now at least design it online!

Bathroom - design by Morgan Cotter.jpg

This design was created by Morgan Ann, Homestyler mobile app user

5. Your new room – With a new rug

Squared, rectangular or round? Accent, bold or neutral? What are the shapes and colors that suit your room the best?

Open plan - design by Ruth Luke.jpg

This design was created by Ruth Luke, Homestyler mobile app user

Some rugs are rather affordable, while some others can represent a real investment when it comes to house remodeling. This is why it is important to virtually test how your new rug will look like in your room, before you purchase it.

Together with the pillows, our selection of rugs and carpets has also significantly increased. Find more about these new products by clicking to Art & Decor – Rugs and start stiling your home with them now.

Living room - design by Marilyn Hertel.jpg

This design was created by Marilyn Hertel, Homestyler mobile app user