7 Ways to Complement your Country Kitchen

08 May, 2019

Country kitchen design is very hot among all the home design lovers, as the rustic and country style is the one that warms up a room the best, and the heart of our house definitely needs to be the coziest and most welcoming place in it, right?

Country and rustic design is classically defined by the use of natural materials, which is also a big trend recently.


This country kitchen design was created by Marcela Taubenhansl, Homestyler mobile app user

The most popular materials in a country kitchen are usually wood and natural stones, but it is important to learn how to emphasize its beauty in order not to make the space look too “heavy”.

The general idea is to find an accent, a color or an element that can complement our country kitchen design and blend with it so that it can break the neutral mood of it without capturing the attention too much.

1. Metal additions

Metal accents can work as a great focal point and can catch the attention easily in a country kitchen.


This country kitchen design was created by Claudia Blecken, Homestyler mobile app user

Copper and other kinds of metal usually risk to make a room design look too cold, if not combined correctly, and this is why they are in perfect balance in a country kitchen design.

You can think of adding a metal ceiling fixture right on top of your kitchen island or table, to create the right balanced contrast with the rest of your country kitchen decor.

2. White cabinets

White brings lightness to every room design, so whether you have a wooden country kitchen or a one with brick walls, and you want your space to look more airy, white cabinets are the right choice for you.


This country kitchen design was created by Vanessa V., Homestyler mobile app user

A white kitchen island or white cabinets will easily make your country kitchen look more airy and light, by keeping the original mood of your room design without revolutionizing the overall look and feeling too much.

3. Stainless steel appliances

On the other hand, a stainless steel oven, fridge or dishwasher might seem like a very unusual choice in a country kitchen design.


This country kitchen design was created by Caisey Olis, Homestyler mobile app user

You might be thinking right now: what do stainless steel appliances even have to do with a cozy ambiance such a rustic design?

And the answer is… Nothing! And this is why this kind of modern accessories works so well in a country kitchen!

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have the power to add a touch of modernity and creativity to your rustic design, as sometimes, the most beautiful home design ideas come from the most unexpected decisions.

4. Black accents

Talking about unexpected home design choices, black is another color that you might not see easily in a country kitchen design.

Black has the power to make a dramatic statement and can really bring your country kitchen design to another level.


This country kitchen design was created by saira s, Homestyler mobile app user

You might think for a black backsplash, black appliances or black ceiling lights to add a touch of creativity and originality to your country kitchen design – And inspire others with a brand new country kitchen design concept.

5. Vintage details

Another way to add character to a country kitchen is by making use of a few vintage details, such as old family accessories or an antique armchair in the corner.


This country kitchen design was created by glacimussi, Homestyler mobile app user

Vintage and rustic style go well together and when mixed, can add more interest to a room design.

If you love going furniture shopping to those antique furniture places, then you might definitely consider this country kitchen design idea!

6. Colorful and bring details

If you’d rather go for bold colors such as yellow, red or cobalt blue instead, this could be your chance to express your passion through bright accessories, chairs or area rugs.


This country kitchen design was created by Marilyn Hertel, Homestyler mobile app user

Natural and neutral materials such as wood or stone go well with pretty much everything so you can really use your country kitchen as a white paper to paint in the way you prefer – Without being afraid of going a bit crazy using really bold colors!

7. A statement ceiling

We have all heard before the word statement related to an artwork, a lighting fixture or even a wall, but what is a statement ceiling?

Statement ceilings are a relatively new concept and they are just the perfect match for a country kitchen design.

You can ether play with wooden beams, leave exposed bricks or go even bolder by painting the ceiling in a bold tone or pattern.


This country kitchen design was created by Bonnie 101, Homestyler mobile app user

Statement ceilings are something that will definitely guarantee the WOW factor in your country kitchen design.

And you? Did you ever design a country kitchen? Did you combine its rustic look to some other design styles or did you play safe with neutral tones?

Let us know at and remember to show us some pictures of your country kitchen design!

We would love to see how your country kitchen design looks like.