7 Kinds of Decorative Paintings Vivify Your Blank Wall

24 Mar, 2020

屏幕快照 2020-03-23 下午4.35.35.png

When it comes to home decoration, paintings make a huge difference. It not only contributes to the aesthetics of your home, but also shows the personality of the home owner.

The choice between art and the overall matching can be difficult. In order to find the best artwork for your dream home, here are some suggestions and these 7 types of paintings could definitely make your wall cooler in 2020.

01 Sketch and Abstract Art

If you are a loyal pursuer of minimalism and leisure style, the abstract art style of sketches could give your home a modern, stylish and cool atmosphere.


02 Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns are becoming more and more popular. The inspiration came from the style of the 1970s and is a way of expressing abstract art. It is very versatile and can be displayed in any type of rooms, especially retro or minimalist rooms.

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If you want to pick one geometric pattern painting, take a glance at the nostalgic color tone of 1970s. The color schemes of brown and terracotta, or a neutral tone, are both good choices.


03 Creative Words

Creative words and their short explanations are becoming common in residential homes, especially in bed, sofa or dining areas. In addition to looking cool, they are positively suggestive and optimistic, and they keep reminding you of what you value most in your life.


04 Paint Strokes

If you don't want the theme of your painting to be too obvious, you could choose artistic paintings with paint strokes which are suitable for a variety of home scenes. Either modern, Nordic, or Japanese style could be adapted to express a free and easy-going atmosphere.


05 Line Art

If you haven’t got at least one line art framed photo, please buy one! It is the most versatile thing that can be hung on a wall.

It is extremely artistic, subtle and full of vitality. It won’t bore you in any case, and it will make your room look contemporary and subtly dreamlike.


06 Escape From Reality

The growing pressure in work and life makes us want to escape from the reality once in a while. As a result, landscapes drawn in the sunset-inspired colors of the seventies and the earth tones of those dreamy times are very popular in 2020.


07 Nudity Sketch

Similar to line art, nudity sketches are now up-to-date and trending. The combination of these abstract sketches with line art and cool abstract framed pictures could make any room so artistic.