7 Small Bedroom Ideas with Big Features

12 May, 2019

Living the big city life can be certainly exciting but there are a few downsides when it comes to home design.

In a city apartment, in fact, big spaces might be just a dream and you might encounter the challenge of dealing with small rooms too often.

If you are struggling with a small bedroom design or you want to learn a few useful tricks on how to decorate a small bedroom in a way that it doesn't feel so cluttered but instead can still give an airy feeling, this post is definitely for you.

1. Enlarge the space using a mirror

This is an old visual trick, but we must admit that it always works. Hanging a mirror on one of your small bedroom's walls can create a visual effect and make the room look and feel bigger than it is.


This small bedroom design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Moreover, it's always good to have a mirror in your bedroom, to check your outfit or fix your make up – And make sure you are not having a terrible hair day!

2. Go with light colors

A small bedroom needs to be decorated with light shades, so that the room can give a bright and airy feeling.

For this reason, we definitely recommend white walls and other light and neutral shades for the decorations.

Dark shades, in fact, risk to make your bedroom look even smaller than it really is – And the space too cluttered indeed.


This small bedroom design was created by Carmen Cantariño, Homestyler floorplanner user‎

We must admit, however, that dark walls do add a dramatic touch to every room design, but in case of a small bedroom and, in this case, it might be wiser to limit a dark share just to a single wall – And this goes to the point number 3.

3. Make a statement

Something has to been said, to be completely honest. Accent walls do make a statement, and add more interest to any kind of room. 

Yes, your small bedroom needs to be airy, but this doesn't mean that it has to be boring. A single accent wall, made with a different material – Such as wood, or an unusual painting color, could really make a difference between a usual bedroom, that anyone can have and one that you would only dream of.


This small bedroom design was created by Sandra Gutiérrez, Homestyler mobile app user

4. Arrange the bed in a corner

Obviously, your bed will take most of the space in your small bedroom decor – And so it should be, since it is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom design.

However, a useful and efficient trick to get more space out of a small bedroom, is to avoid placing the bed in the middle of the room.

small-bedroom-design-by-angiebare69 m.jpg

This small bedroom design was created by angiebare69 m, Homestyler mobile app user

We suggest to think about a bedroom layout in which this item is pushed in a corner, so that you would still have a fairly big enough space for anything else you might want to fit in your bedroom.

5. Less is more

Your bedroom really is your safe space, far from everything and everyone. you don't need to overcharge it with so many pieces of furniture and accessories.

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, just remember that less is more, and minimalism is most of the time the right approach to design a small room design.


This small bedroom design was created by Celina, Homestyler mobile app user

Think about what you absolutely need to have in your room, when you wake up or go to sleep. Anything else, can be easily placed in another room.

Once you have your bed, a nightstand and a wardrobe, what else do you need?

6. Remember to add at least one window

Window are recommended in every kind of room design, but especially in smaller ones. The reasons of this are mainly two:

– They make the room look bigger

– They can function as a real artwork (assuming they lead to a wonderful view outside).

Not to mention ho great it is to have natural light streaming in your bedroom when you need to wake up early or you want to enjoy reading a book laying on your bed without needing to turn the artificial light on.

Moreover, indows have also been proved to have beneficial effects on the mood.


This small bedroom design was created by Laura Leticia Niebla Lizarraga, Homestyler mobile app user

In conclusion, whether it is facing you, when you wake up, or it is on your bed's side, this choice is completely up to you, but just make sure you do have a window in your bedroom – Especially if your bedroom is particularly small.

7. Don't overdo with your bed's frame and headborad

We know that the headboard plays a key role when choosing a new bed to buy. The thing is though, that a big headboard that would catch the attention too much, is not the right accessory in a small bedroom decor.

The principle is always the same, don't try to over accessorize your small bedroom design, because otherwise you might end up in making it look even smaller than it actually is.


This small bedroom design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanneruser

In the spirit of minimalistic room design, we do recommend you to opt for a very simple headboard – If not, even a bed without a headboard at all.

These are our 7 tips to ace a small bedroom design. Can you think of more? 

As always, we would be more than happy to know your thoughts!