Black and White Interior Design – And a third wheel

26 Feb, 2019

In case you are one of those people who spend lots of time looking for the best color combination and yet, once they have changed all their home decoration, they are already tired of the color scheme they chose, this post is for you.

 Today we want to talk about a color combination that will never go out of style. We are talking about black and white interior design and we will show you why this pair is the most classic yet the most modern one – And the one that can always surprise you.

 The secret of this color scheme stays in its versatility: black and white are complementary – And they are probably the only couple of colors that goes well with every style, every kind of room and every other third color you might want to add.

 Not all the color shades and schemes are made for every room. It is very rare to see a totally monochromatic house, as it doesn’t matter if one has a absolute obsession for a certain shade, everyone would get tired of such a design arrangement – Not to mention that your interior doesn't have only to please your eyes, but also the ones of your guests!

 For what concerns black and white design, on the contrary, it will not be unusual to see it when it comes to living room, kitchen, bedroom design or even bathroom decor.


Black and white bathroom.png

This design was created by Jennifer Hill, Homestyler floorplanner user

Black and white design might not be for everyone but we have to admit that, if used well, it is a great way to make a statement without making the space look too overwhelming.

 There is only one thing that needs to be taken care of when pairing up these colors: keep in mind that balance is the key.

 Spaces that present too much black might look too dark, and therefore, not very inviting.

 On the other hand, total white interiors might result too cold. White is the neutral shade we can rely on when we need a base that sustains the other colors we intend to use, but it doesn’t always work well when used alone.

 Total white interiors are somehow too bright and not very inviting. They might look somehow aseptic, as the white color is usually the one that dominates hospital rather than houses and welcoming interiors in general.

 If you don’t feel like experimenting too much, the classic rule is: white walls with black furniture and black accent wall (normally no more than one, ideally next to a bit floor-to-ceiling window) with white furniture leaning on it. Easy, elegant and intriguing.

 If you are instead looking for the WOW factor, then black and white patterns might be right what you need to make an interesting statement with that one house feature people often underestimate – The flooring.


This design was created by Luis Gonzalez, Homestyler floorplanner user


Geometric tiles can give a creative touch to every room of your house. They might be just too much in the entire home, but they can be used as a way to separate the different spaces between one another – And our suggestion is to utilize them in the common areas, such as the kitchen, the dining room and the living room.



This design was created by Luis Gonzalez, Homestyler floorplanner user

If you choose the right pattern, it could be the winning feature of your house, giving a unique and fascinating character to your place – Not to mention how easy are tiles to clean!

 Some might think that black and white design – even using the correct balance of both colors might still look somehow too “cold”.

 As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, however, is that this color pair is extremely versatile and easy to combine with other colors and accessories.

 Our personal favorite addition to black and white interior design is red.

 Red is vibrant and energetic, and catches the attention quickly. The blend of red, black and white is definitely a statement combination but the feelings that it transmits can change accordingly to the way these three shades are used in an interior.

 The look of your interior can undergo through drastic changes if you use these three totally opposite shades in different proportions.

 Black walls and red accents, with a very minimal presence of white, can give to a room a dramatic and mysterious look, that not many of us are accustomed to.



This design was created by Jamie Willenborg, Homestyler mobile user

White walls with black pieces of furniture and the presence of the red color limited to accessories, such as pillows, flowers, and candles, is something we see with more frequency.



This design was created by Pma Roberts Byrnes, Homestyler mobile user

The final result is elegant and classy, not to mention the smart and economical design strategy that allows to easily change the entire look of the room by substituting the red accessories with items of another color.

 Finally, another quite unusual way to deal with this three color consists in not limiting the use of red to the accessories but extending it to those pieces of furniture that state the look of the entire room – Such as, for example, sofas.


This design was created by Morgan Ann, Homestyler mobile user

Due to its strong and vibrant shade, the excessive use of the red color is often seen as very risky.

 Sofas and pieces of furniture in general represent a real investment when it comes to house designs, and buying a very expensive red sofa could be something most people would easily regret, due to the predominant presence that this shade has in a room.

 Due to this reason, if you are a real red lover, this is your chance to do something new and creative, that is not often seen in house interior, and to make a statement of your own.

 And you? How do you deal with black and white interior design? We would love to hear your insights and thoughts about this long-time yet innovative couple!



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