Chalet in Forest

17 Nov, 2019

Have you ever dreamed in living in a charlet in forest? Today we share with you one of the designs from our designer SvetlySveva using Homestyler. 

Design: Chalet 


Wood and lava stone material is applied in the whole house decoration. 

We feel like walking into a forest chalet far away from city noise.

interior design chalet living room

The living room is on the first floor  

Sunshine goes through French windows and brightens up the living room 

You can take a coffee break and enjoy the scenery outside the window. 

interior design chalet dining table.png

The open style combination of living room and dining room

makes it more spacious 

interior design chalet kitchen

interior design chalet kitchen

interior design chalet kitchen

The other side is kitchen, 

which is divided by marble fire place.

The use of wooden cabinetry

make it easier of large storage. 

interior design chalet bar

interior design chalet bar

interior design chalet bar

The other side of the kitchen is full wall of liquor cabinets

You could chat with your friend on the chairs. 

interior design chalet bedroom

It is from our designer's fantasy of using concrete, glass and wood,

which makes the space creative and special.

You can work in this bedroom if you don't feel like going to your work place.

interior design chalet bathroom

Now it comes to the bathroom.

You can take a sauna and relax yourself here.


You want to learn more about our designer SvetlySveva? Here is a little interview we made with her.

Q1: What makes you keep researching and digginig in interior design field?

A1: I think my passion for design keeps me moving forward and making new ideas happen in my design.  I taught myself and started designing from 2014. If you also have a dream in interior design, it is never too late to get started!

Q2: What is the most difficult problem for you in your design experience?

A2: Might be my lack of time. We are all very busy, it depends on you if you want to spend time on your hobby. Design is one of my hobbies and I want to invest time in it

Q3: What is your favorite function of Homestyler?

A3: The customized model library is my favourite. You can combine models from public library with that of your customized one to create any styles you want to try. Homestyler is a fantastic software !!! I recommend it to you guys!

    What do you think of this design? You also want to be the center of the blog, please get started designing at Homestyler!( If your design is creative of wild fantasy, don't hesitate to make HD quality of rendering and showcase to us!