Dream bathrooms and other bathroom remodel ideas

09 Apr, 2019

As we have stated in our previous blog post about how to design the perfect master bathroom layout, the bathroom is that one room that gets often underrated when it comes to its remodel.

This might have to do with the fact that the bathroom is that when we think about home design and redecoration, we often tend to focus our energies to the living room or other are that more easily make a impact to our potential guests.

Truth is, especially because the bathroom is the most intimate room in a house, we need to dedicate a special attention to its remodel.

As every room has the power to transmit a speficic mood, the first question we need to ask ourselves when browsing through the different bathroom remodel ideas is: What feeling am I looking for when I spend time in my bathroom?

Bathroom design Rutchevelle den Ouden.png

This design was created by Rutchevelle den Ouden, Homestyler mobile user

The feeling we want to focus on today is: RELAX. How to transform your bathroom in your own, personal spa retreat space? Here for you some tips for achieving this goal and transforming your bathroom in your unique tranquil and peaceful place.

1. Must-have: a bathtub

We will never say it enough times: the bathtub is the key player of a relaxing bathroom. We know, having a shower can be really practical, especially as it can greatly speed up your daily morning routine.

On the other hand, however, if you are looking to designing your unique place for a staycation, a bathtub is what you are looking for!

Bathroom design - Teke Tin Tekes.png

This design was created by Teke Tin Tekes, Homestyler floor plan creator user

Imagine soaking in the hot waters, surrounded by the perfume of your favourite fragrance… Don't you feel better already?

2. Close shelving

Normally, open shelving are considered a great way to add color and style to a room by simply exposing our best selection of accessories – We often suggest this practise, especially in kitchen remodel.

In the case of a personal relaxing bathroom remodel, however, this might not be the way to go. Open shelving risk to give too many information, while you just want to forget everything else and think about your most intimate feelings and thoughts.

For this particular room, in fact, we strongly recommend close cabinets, where to place all our bathroom accesories so that they don't distract you during your unique retreat.

Bathroom remodel design maimai ya.jpg

This design was created by maimai ya, Homestyler mobile user

3. Identify your style – and stick to it

Among all the interior design styles, choose the one that represents you the best and express it in the way you feel more appropriate. Whether your are more into rustic or minimalist design, you decide how you want to organize your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom remodel design Mariana Basson.jpg

This design was created by Mariana Basson, Homestyler mobile user

Our personal suggestion is however, that you don't try to overdo by mising too many home design trends together. Keep it simple and clean. Your mind will benefit from it and you will obtain a way more peaceful and tranquil feeling overall.

4. Take advantage of the view – If you have one!

Having a window in a bathroom is considered a sort of luxury and it is often suggested for several reasons. 

Some are purely practictal, as such, for example, the possiblity to change the air of the bathroom more frequently.

Other reasons might be related to the benefits that having natural light streaming in every room not only affects your mood positively but also has a more pleasant effect to the eye.

Another purely aesthetical factor depends on whether or not you have a beautiful view that you would like to admire when you take a bath. In that case, how great would it be to have a big window right in front of your bathtub?

Bathroom design - Madeleine.png

This design was created by Madeleine, Homestyler floor planner creator user

5. Choose the right color scheme

The color scheme of your room has a great impact on the tone you want your home design to have. For a relaxing feeling, you might want to avoing strong accent colors and might prefer softer shades.

Bathroom design Kate Charman.png

This design was created by Kate Charman, Homestyler mobile user

Our most favorite colors when it comes to a relaxing bathroom remodel are neutral tones, such as for example beige and grey. 

Alternatevily, nothing can give tranquility more than natural materials – Such as for example, wooden wall panels.

6. Add a green touch with some plants

It's a fact: anything that is natural has the powel to instantaneously make us feel at ease. We already mentioned wood, but how about adding a few plants in your bathroom?

Plants are not only pleasant to the eye but they can also function as a natural air purifier

Bathroom design Kylie Smiley.png

This design was created by Kylie Smiley, Homestyler floor planner creator user

Before adding some plants in your bathroom, however, make sure to do your homework and see which ones are suitable for your room. Is your bathroom very humid? In this case, you might prefer a tropical plant over a succulent. You don't have a window in your bathroom? Than, maybe a plant that needs a lot of light might not be a good idea.

Bathroom design tissia gerardia.png

This design was created by tissiagerardia, Homestyler mobile user


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