FAQ about the New Homestyler V3.0

25 Sep, 2020

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午2.06.39.png

1. Limited time free trial and render limits:

For the new version, we would limit some advanced functions to paid members only like 4K render, Render editor and watermark removal. But we will remain the rest functions accesible for all users, allowing thorough and comlete 3D interior design from creating rooms, dragging furniture from massive model library and HD/UltraHD renderings (some may cost Homestyler points).

We are glad to offer a limited-time free trial for all users now and during this period, each user could have up to 20 UltraHD renders and 10 4K renders per day, for free and even do no deduct your HS points! 

2. Design conversion:

In order to use Homestyler V3.0, you would need to convert your design into new version. Due to the huge amount of conversion tasks, there may be queueing problems. Hence we recommend you to submit the conversion task when you are not occupied and only convert the ones that you need to work on.

– Once the conversion is done, the new design will show up in "My Design" with the name of "V2_xxx".

– To avoid queueing, each design is allowed to be converted once per day no matter succeeded or not. In case the conversion fails, you could convert it tomorrow by re-entering the design.

3. Model Conversion:  

Since we have upgraded the model processing function and revised the modeling requirements, all personal models would need to be re-processed in order to be used in the new version, and some old models will fail to be converted. If the conversion fails, the models will disappear when being rendered in the new version. Please check the cause of failure for upload, revise the model according to the new modeling requirements and upload them again.

4. Export Product List:

The new version does not support product list export for the moment. We will upgrade the function as soon as we can. If needed, you could use the export function under the old version by cliking on the "Back to V1" button on upper right corner of the design interface.

5. Language:

The new version only support English for the first stage. However, you could use Chrome browser's translation function. Follow the instructions to open the function and the browser could translate in design interface for you (tutorial link:

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午2.02.28.png

6. Left-click:

To better adapt to most designing habbit, we have switched the "model edit" function from right-click to left-click. If you would like to replace the model/ replace material / flip / delete /duplicate the furniture, please left-click the item and select the corresponding function.

7. Tutorials:

We have uploaded some basic tutorials for the new version on the website ("Learn" from the top navigation bar). More advanced tutorials will be coming soon.

(Tutorial link:

8. Highlighted updates:

New Design Features

  1. Upgrade render resolution to 4K.

  2. Add "Speed Preview" which generates a referenced rendered effect in as fast as 3-8 seconds.

  3. Add "Customized Modeling" design function that allows you to create basic geometric shapes, building structures like a 2nd floor slate, a spiral staircase or a sunken ground, or even a furniture.

  4. Single doors can be "Opened" by left clicking the door and click "Open".

  5. Add "Edit" function for rendered images that allows you to adjust exposure, saturation, white balance on renders as a whole, or even on every specific surfaces without having to re-render.

  6. Support adding background music, setting appointment & contact infos with Panorama URL.

Optimization of General Features

  1. Upgrade CAD import version to 2018

  2. Upgrade Export DWG version to 2018

  3. Upgrade 3D model upload version to 2020

  4. Update a more comprehensive texture catalog

  5. Expand the range of models that support "replace material"

  6. Add more patterns for customized "tile flooring"

  7. Support endless scrolldown when browsing in model library

Specific Updates on Rendering

  1. Add intelligent light templates in days and nights.

  2. Update more options of 360 degree HDRI environment/background in both day and night.

  3. Allow adjustment on the brightness and rotation angle of environment images.

  4. Support uploading your own HDRI environment images.

  5. Upgrade sunlight settings with softness and auto position.

  6. Add intensity setting for Color Bleeding and Ambient Occlusion.

  7. Add more options of spotlight, allowing a more customized lighting set-ups.

  8. Allow hightlight and color setting for each light source.

  9. Enhance the rendered effect on shadows, allowing the render to be more natural.