Great Color Combinations make Additions to your Interior Design

12 Jun, 2020


In this week's course, we are going to talk about color match from professional prospective. Here is the color trend report released from WGSN  (formerly Worth Global Style Network), a trend forcasting company. Hope this article can provide you some inspiration.

Neo-Mint | Purist Blue | Cassis | Cantaloupe | Mellow Yellow

01 Neo Mint

There is some natural power in mint green, a neutral color with a light blue tint in green, which is somewhat similar to avocado green. It shows a refreshing feeling of summer while in winter it can bring you a bright surprise.


Design by Yi Yang                                                       

Color matching skills:

Match with white: This is the most error-free combination, you can adjust the ratio of the two colors.

Mint green can also lay in the combination of other colors with white tones.

Match with wood color: This is the most secure color match for a space that is relatively low-key and peaceful. It looks more restrained and subtle, but it still has vitality

Match with light green or black: The same color system gives the vision a sense of coordination, and the black tone adds a visual impact.

Match with gray or pale yellow: The color saturation is very harmonious with a retro nostalgia.


02 Purist Blue

The color, as it is called, is the "authentic" seawater color, which has a comfortable and pleasant charm and a natural fresh feeling. It is a soft neutral tone that blends light blue, green, and gray, which is lighter than dark blue and more stable than light blue.


Design by Hanyu Design                                                 

Color matching skills:

Match with dusty rose and pale hay: The combination of the three has an eye-catching effect, while improving vitality, it also expresses a soft and intimate feeling.

Match with lilac purple, bean green and orange: While enriching the space color, it can create a free and open living atmosphere.

Match with beige or white: This is a more subtle and soft combination, generally does not go wrong.

Match with bright yellow: Create a fresh and retro mix and match, but we need to pay attention to the proportion of colors.


03 Cassis

The color of blackcurrant purple comes with a mature sense of stability and retro elegance. Blackcurrant is one of the raw materials for making wine, and if you want to use the blackcurrant purple undertone for home decoration, elegant accessories are what you need.


Design by Sanwei Dengdu                                   

Color matching skills:

Match with lavender and pink: The harmony of the same color system adds a touch of sweetness to the sense of elegance.

Match with black: This is a very accent color as purple and black are both luxurious and high-end, therefore the combination of the two looks more elegant and luxurious.

Match with white: Makes the potential dull of purple disappear, instead, it becomes elegant and soft.

Match with Blue: Purple and blue are adjacent colors, their brightness is also very close while the contrast is relatively soft. The mysterious and dreamlike purple paired with blue with a sense of technology shows the feeling of fashion.


04 Cantaloupe

The color that girls might fall in love at first glance, like the color of coral orange with a bit of pink tone, the lively color looks particularly fresh. The combination of space can bring a romantic and playful feeling. Its temperament is closest to that of summer. In winter, it can create a comfortable warmth.


Design by Zhilin Gao                                       

Color matching skills:

Match with wood color: The same color system not only has no sense of conflict, but also highlights the texture of the wood home, making the whole combination softer.

Match with black, white and grey: As a warm color, melon orange has a decorative effect, and adjusts the coldness of those colors.

Match with Metal: The icy metal iron furniture is harmoniously combined with warm colors, which is not only fashionable, but also melon orange is livelier together with metallic colors.

Match with transitional colors red and pink: The transition between the same color system is a harmonious color matching method. More intense red, orange, and cooler pink can form the gradient of the same color system.


05 Mellow Yellow

The ancient golden color is bright but not exaggerating, the color is lighter and can create an elegant feeling expresses more in content and high-end texture. The popularity is not to be underestimated, from exquisite retro design, small and cute fashion embellishment can bring you a stylish sense of surprise. What's more, the retro trend in recent years has given more space for retro ancient gold.


Design by TikTok Tamhuiyuan                                    

Color matching skills:

Match with white, light gray and black: Stable style, so retro gold looks more high-end and shows the lapse of time.

Match with beige, caramel, beige and brown: The same color system shows a layer of elegance.

Match with pink hue: The pink and gold colors are very good match. If you control the ratio, you will definitely play a wonderful reaction.

Match with blue: The appearance of ancient gold will definitely become the finishing touch, giving visual impact, suitable for modern style.