How to decorate a studio apartment

19 Jun, 2019

If you think it can be difficult to design one room, how about setting up different rooms in the same four walls?

Living the big city life can be great but it often means you need to compromise into living in a really, really small house. Sometimes, as small as one single room.

A popular design layout in big cities is studio apartment design: practical, modern and mostly small.

A studio apartment typically combines living room, bedroom and kitchen in one single room.

Studio apartment design is all about making the best use of the space you have – Not much! And using the right visual tricks to make the room lol bigger than it really is.


1. White walls


Light walls are generally the most preferred choice and the reason is simple.

Light shades, and white in particular, have the ability to visually enlarge the space and making it look brighter and airier than it actually is.

This is a simple and easy trick that can give you so much, but visually enlarging your small studio apartment.


This studio apartment design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user


2. Two levels


If you can’t expand horizontally, it might be a good idea to extend your apartment vertically!

Create a mezzanine: a low story that divides the house in two floors.

Place your living area and kitchen at the ground floor and leave your bedroom and personal bathroom at the top one, to reserve you some privacy when you have guests.


This studio apartment design was created by Kate Charman, Homestyler mobile app user


3. Separate the bedroom


Give yourself a little bit of privacy by separating the bedroom from the rest of the house.

You can use a piece of furniture, such as a  wardrobe, a practical room divider or even install a sliding door. Barn doors are really hot recently!


 This studio apartment design was created by Cristina Jimenez, Homestyler mobile app user

4. Bright colors


 Okay, the space you have is not much. But you can give the right illusion of it by playing with some bright accent color!



This studio apartment design was created by Salvatore Di Bono, Homestyler floorplanner user

5. Storage solutions

Get smart with the storage solution. You have a very limited space, we are sure you don't want to waste it! To get some ideas on how you can optimize your space to store as many things as possible in a very limited space, make sure you read our previous blog post.

6. Big windows

Let as much natural light as possible stream into your studio apartment. The sunlight will make your studio apartment look bigger and it will also have a very positive effect on your mood.

Windows give a more welcoming feeling to any room design. The bigger they are, the better it is! Especially for studio apartments.


This studio apartment design was created by Isa Martinez, Homestyler mobile app user