How to Decorate Your Open Plan Like a PRO

14 Nov, 2018

The first steps into decorating a new home are usually dedicated to the organization of the rooms and the division of the house into different spaces.

The idea we have on our dream home might be very clear in our mind, but the game gets harder when we have to face the reality of how our house is organized and all the spaces are separated.

Adjusting your taste and feelings to the size of your home and every single room can be a hard challenge.

We are used to think that small spaces are the hardest to decorate, but what happens when your living area is too big? This can be a quite complicated situation, too!

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Isabella Benincasa, Homestyler floorplanner user

The open plan concept is modern and cool to see but designing one is definitely not a piece of cake.

Having a big living area means facing the need of organizing different rooms in just one and dedicating a different purpose to each corner.

Moreover, typical open concepts have another point to take into account: no matter where in the room you are standing, you’ll always be able to see all the other micro spaces in which your house is divided.

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Madeleine Ketiya, Homestyler floorplanner user

For this reason, it is important that your multipurpose space has an overall cohesive and coherent look, and that all the rooms combine harmoniously with the others.

In order to achieve this purpose, it is important to make sure that we choose only one style to decorate the entire house.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile user

Normally, a casual – familiar style is the most recommended one. The reasons of this are mainly two:

1. Big houses and large living areas are usually made for families.

2. Having a luxurious approach and too many unique pieces for a multipurpose space could result too overwhelming and redundant.

The general idea is: keep it simple and classy; open plans require consistency.

You know your house needs to tell a story to everyone that gets in. A big room as already many information to give, and it is wise to arrange them in a way that helps our guests receive them.

The best thing of open spaces is the light feeling that they transmit – Make your best not to lose it!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Antonia Emily, Homestyler mobile user

Another way to make sure your open space is homogeneous is painting all the walls in the same colors.

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Using different painting colors could be risky and, for the reasons explained above, could make your space look overall unorganized.

If you are afraid that using only one painting color could be too monotonous, however, there is another solution for you, that consists in making use of building elements, such as columns and beams, to visually break up the room when needed.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Andrew Randall, Homestyler mobile user

One of the ways you can use to define the separation of the different areas is using the furniture layout.

One of the most efficient techniques is to make the furniture “float around the room”.

Before, rooms and areas used to be smaller and it was definitely easier to decorate a space starting with the edges and gradually moving towards the center.

Who said, though, that base cabinets, media units and sofas need to necessarily be anchored to the living room’s walls?

If you take the measurements correctly, you can find unlimited ways to make your pieces of furniture work as cool and modern space dividers, given that the walls are missing.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by miriam, Homestyler mobile user

In this way, you can easily design your living room and start your dining area at the back of your sofa – For example.

Another creative way to separate the areas is to make use of a different area rug for every space of your room.

If you decide to go for this option, what you need to make sure is that your rugs coordinate with each other in all their four major characteristics: color, style, material and decorations.

Again, you don’t want your guests to have the feeling that just because you needed a lot of furniture to decorate your large room you decided to use everything that came to your way.

Open spaces give a light sentiment of freedom but it is very important to keep their design organized.

In order to achieve this final result, another thing that you need to do is to ensure your house has enough close storage space.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Luis Gonzalez, Homestyler mobile user

Given that our home is that safe place in which we keep all the things that have been part of our lives and that are still meaningful to us, it is clear that we do need to store all these souvenirs somewhere.

Open shelves are sometimes very cool – In particular, they are a big trend in kitchen decor.

However, we need to admit that we might not feel necessarily okay in showing all that we have to our guests – Especially when we are not the best at keeping everything tidy and organized all the time.

Shelves are a great decoration and they also can help give some more vitality to your walls.

However, you can’t count 100% on them; make some space for some closets – You never know how much you need them, until your stuff is all over the place already!

Finally: Be creative, make use of every corner and have clear in mind the story you want to tell with your decor! Getting an open plan right is not the easiest thing to do but can make you achieve stunning results!



How to take a virtual tour of your home?

Among the latest features of Homestyler you will find the 720° Virtual Tour one. To use it, you to:

1. Save your project

2. Click on the “Render” option, that you will find in the toolbar at the top of your plan

3. Make some Rendering

4. Click on “Create 720° Virtual Tour”

5. Choose your starting point

6. Click on “Generate”

7. It’s done!



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