How to import 3D models in your floor plan

13 Mar, 2019

In Homestyler floor planner, you could have full access to our massive model library to decorate your rooms, and you are also able to import your own 3D models and enrich your home design projects with unique pieces of furniture and accessories.

 (Scroll to the bottom for model upload "Error message – cause and solution")

Model upload – Ground rules:


1. This feature has been created for the upload of 3D models, such as beds, sofas, cabinets, etc. (door and window models are currently not included). 2D models of materials such as tiles, flooring and wallpapers can also be uploaded;


2. The number of 3D models that can be uploaded is 100 per user (300 for Pro member and 500 for Master member).


3. The models uploaded by the user don’t have a .dwg thumbnail, and the users should pay attention when using the .dwg export function;


4. Model usage rights: The model can be used and edited by the account that created and imported it. If you share your design with a friend, he/she will also be able to use your uploaded model.


1. Upload your Model:


1) Enter the [My Model] of the 3D design tool and click the [Add model] card;


2) Follow the relative instructions;



2. Model upload requirements:


2.1 2D model


2.1.1 Wallpaper


a. The provided map needs to be a minimum recyclable pattern unit;

b. The map needs to contain no perspective, no light and no darkness;

c. The minimum size of the texture is 512×512 pixels, 1024×1024 pixels are recommended;

d. Support map format: jpg;

e. The merchant needs to prepare the actual physical size (in cm) corresponding to the provided map, and fill in it when uploading.


2.1.2 Bricks


a. Provide a single piece of brick with brick seam texture material;

b. The map needs to contain no perspective, no light and no darkness;

c. The texture should not contain transparent pixels or white edges;

d. The minimum size of the texture is 512×512 pixels, 1024×1024 pixels are recommended; the non-square tiles can be made into the closest integer multiple of the texture, such as 512×1024;

e. Support map format: jpg;

f. The merchant needs to prepare the actual physical size (cm) of the single piece of brick, which needs to be filled in when uploading.


2.1.3 Flooring


a. Provide a texture of no less than 2×12 single-piece floor stitching results;

b. The map should be square and continuous, and can be recycled;

c. The map needs to include no perspective;

d. The minimum size of the texture is 512×512 pixels, 1024×1024 pixels are recommended;

e. Support map format: jpg;

f. The merchant needs to prepare the actual physical size (cm) of the map floor area provided, and fill in it when uploading.


2.2 3D model


2.2.1 Model Geometry:


a. Maximum number of models: 800,000 polygons (1,600,00 faces);

b. The model should only contain the structure of the product itself, and should not contain irrelevant products, rooms, lighting and other irrelevant content;

c. The model should be created according to the true size of the product. It is recommended to use cm as the modeling unit;

d. The model should avoid overlapping polygons;

e. Avoid making invisible structures inside the product;

f. The front of the model should face the front view of max;

g. All the model structures that use translucent materials need to be detached into separate objects, named ‘glass'.


2.2.2 Model material:


a. We currently support standard, Vray material. It is recommended to use Vray material;

b. Use a separate material ID for the structure of different materials of the model. Use the same material ID for different areas of the same material.

c. Ensure that the texture map path used by the model is specified (no missing map path).


2.2.3 Model Mapping:


a. The model with the map should have a corresponding UV;

b. The UV channel is set to 1;

c. The total file size of the map is limited to 20mb;

d. Support map formats: jpg, png, tga, bmp.


3. Model upload operation


The following is an example of uploading a 3D model:


1) Click the [Add model] button to start uploading the model process;



2) Click on the [3D model] entry;



3) Select the model file to upload and click [Open];


4) Jump to the information fill pop-up window, fill in the model information as required, and click [Accomplished];



5) Once the pop-up window is closed and the [Upload Model] button appears, it means that the model is being processed;

6) Wait until the model processing is completed and the model thumbnail is displayed;


7) After the model processing is completed, the newly completed model will be added to the 3D models section. At this time, the model can be used, as shown below.


4. FAQs and relative solutions


Please make sure you read the below cases carefully, so that your 3D model uploading goes as smooth as possible and you can enjoy this feature without encountering major issues.


File exceeds the size limit


1. Make sure the size of your 3D model doesn’t exceed 20x20x20 meters.

2. Check if there are any extra objects in the max scene, as shown below.

3. Re-upload after modification



The file type is not compatible


We support both .zip and .rar files.


Not all the textures are included


1. Please include all the textures that compose your 3D model

2. Use the “Shift + T” shortcut to check there are no missing textures. If needed, please delete missing textures, or manually retrieve them.

3. Re-upload after modification




Only one compressed file per time is supported


We currently don’t support multiple compressed files at once. Please, make sure the max and texture files are directly in the compressed file and re-upload.


The max file is not found in the compressed file


Please ensure that the 3D model – max file is included in the compressed file and re-uploaded.


The model has too many faces


The single model must not exceed 800,000 polygons (1,600,00 faces)

1. Please make sure there are no extra objects in the file.

2. Remove invisible structures

3. If you are using the Turbosmooth modifier, please reduce the number of subdivisions

4. Remove excess accessories

5. Re-upload after modification


3D models of lighting elements must contain lights or illuminating materials


Lamps and lighting fixture models must contain at least one light source or use a luminescent material


The combined model contains a monomer model that does not exist


Please check that the individual models in the combined model are all available online and re-upload


A geometry model is missing in Max file


Please check if the model is included in max


There are too many objects in the model, please note that the maximum is 500


Please merge the objects in the model into 500 and upload them again.


Error message – cause and solution for upload failure:

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.35.00.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.35.28.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.36.00.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.36.47.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.39.38.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.40.13.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.40.54.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.41.35.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.44.02.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.46.18.png