How to make the best out of our floor plan designer

26 Mar, 2019

Dear Homestylers! Whether you are a home owner, a design student or a professional, we want to dedicate this post to thank you for your support throughout these years and show you a few of the features of our floor plan creator.

 Creating an quick sketch design is very easy with Homestyler, but not all of you might know how to draw more complicated 3D house plans with our software yet.

 Let’s go through this together and see how you can use the Homestyler 3D floor plan at its full potential.

 First of all, please make sure you are using Homestyler with the latest version of Google Chrome, since it is the browser that supports our floor plan designer the best.

 To start your 3D house design, you need to build your walls, right? Go to “Create Room”, in the toolbar at the top of our floor plan creator.




You will be able to create your walls one by one, either by the Center or by the Edge, or to directly Draw a Room. Remember to click the Esc button of your keyboard once you have finished building your walls!

 To place doors and windows in your house plan drawing, have a look at the toolbar on the left of your 3D floor plan, named “Building”.



If you want to change the direction of your door, please right click on it using your mouse and select Flip. Choose whether you want to flip Front&Back or Right&Left….Or both directions!




Right below the Building section, you’ll see the icon of a sofa. If you click on it, you’ll access to the Homestyler furniture catalog.



Placing the furniture items into your sketch design is easy and fun: all you need to do is clicking on the article that you like and placing it in your house plan drawing.

Make use of the arrows around each furniture item to move it around your room design and adjust it in the way you prefer.

 You can do this in both 2D and 3D view.

 Wait, did we say that you can already have access to your 3D house design? Of course!




The 3D view of your house plan drawing is right at the top-right of your room planner, and you can access to it by simply clicking on the arrow that you see highlighted in red in the picture above.


This design was created by Nathalie Suarez Gans, Homestyler floor planner user


From the view of your 3D house design, you will be able to walk through your house plan drawing in different ways:


– With your mouse, by clicking on any of the four arrows you’ll see at the bottom of your house sketch;

– Through the four arrows in your keyboard

– Using the letters W, S, A and D, in your keyboard.


Right under the icon of the sofa, you will see the ‘Style” section. This is where you will find all our options for changing the color of the walls, adding a wallpaper or modifying the flooring type of your home design 3D.




You don’t like any of the options that our floor plan creator offers? No problem! You can always add your own wall and floor texture instead.

If you want to upload your own wall or floor texture (as for example marble, wallpapers or tiles), you need to:

1. Click on a wall (or floor)
2. Select "My contents", from the toolbar on the left of your floor plan
3. Click on "Upload Image"
4. Upload your image and adjust the size of it
5. Select it and apply it on your wall.

After your house sketch is finalized, the real fun starts: it’s time to render your 3D house plans!

 To make realistic snapshots of your 3D house design, please click on the icon of the teapot and choose whether you want to render or create a virtual tour of your house plan drawing.




Remember to render your house sketch in both day and night view, so that you are sure of how it will look like, no matter what time is it!



These designs were created by Leticia Santos, Homestyler floor planner user

A few tips for advanced 3D house plans:

 If you want to create an outdoor sketch design with Homestyler, you need to follow these simple steps:


1. Make a big room.
2. Click on the room and change the property of roofing to "NO" (on the right panel).
3. Right click on the walls, and choose "Hide".
4. Apply your desired materials on the ground.


This design was created by Stile Homer, Homestyler floor planner user

If you want to apply two different materials to the same surface (whether it is a floor or a wall), you can use our Customize brick option. You can find it by right-clicking on the floor (or on the wall) of your house design.

Do you need to be assisted with other specific features of the Homestyler floor plan creator we haven't covered in this text?

Please let us know by contacting us to We are here to help you!