8 things to consider when extending your home

New baby on the way? New stay-at-home work venture in the works? Or simply looking to create some more room at home? 

Whatever your reason is, extending your home is an attractive proposition for many homeowners. After all, it avoids the hassle of moving whilst offering the benefits of extra space. What’s not to like?


This bedroom design was created by Susan Yaneyls, Homestyler floorplanner user

Well, before you get going with your decision to extend, it’s important to make sure you’ve considered everything – and I mean everything. 

You are going to end up living with your extension for many years, so you don’t want to rush into it straight away. Plan it, discuss it and then plan it again, and make sure you’ve asked yourself these eight key questions:


This open plan design was created by Puspa ., Homestyler mobile app user

1. Does it make sense to extend?

While extending means you don’t have to move, and often costs a lot less than moving house, you have to question whether it’s a practical decision. 

If an extension spoils the property, or becomes a case of over-development, it might not make sense from a financial point of view. 

For instance, could you make your smaller rooms appear bigger by re-decorating or changing your furniture?

Building an extension is only really sensible if it adds both space and value to the property


This open plan design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile app user

2. Which materials should you use?

It can be tempting while building an extension to cut corners and save money where you can, especially on the materials. 

However, this isn’t necessarily a good idea. Depending on the overriding character or style of the house, it makes sense to match the materials to those already used in your home – although this isn’t always the case, as this article proves. 

Deciding on which materials to use will likely fall on your architect’s shoulders to look at and decide, but it’s important for you to be aware of as well. 


This bedroom design was created by Teke Tin, Homestyler floorplanner  user

3. Is your brief detailed enough?

When choosing to extend, it’s easy to simply say ‘I want an extra bedroom’ or ‘I want to make the bathroom bigger’. Explaining to your architect what exactly you’re looking for is a lot more useful in making sure that your money is well spent. 

While you don’t have to go into architectural levels of detail, such as blueprints and to-scale models, thinking about any added benefits you would like can really help shape the architect’s design

For instance, say you are redesigning the kitchen.


This kitchen design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Ask yourself:

· Where will the light come in from?

· Should the kitchen sink be positioned where I can look out of the window?

· Would I rather see a view of my garden when I eat my dinner, or would it make sense to block that view off to create more storage space?

It’s important while creating your brief to talk openly with your architect. They will be the one with the training and expertise to discuss creative problem solving solutions to what you’re looking for. 

Why not put them to the test? Challenge their knowledge by asking practical, detailed and well-thought-out questions. 

4. Would you prefer quality or quantity?

It stands to reason that money is a key factor when building an extension, so budgeting correctly and choosing between quality or quantity is very important. 

For example, think about whether you want an extension that offers more space, but is built using lower quality materials. Or alternatively, ask yourself whether you’d prefer the opposite – a higher quality build, using better materials and a better design, but offering less space.

Rushing into an extension is a bad move so, if you have your mind set on how it should look but don’t quite have the budget to afford it, you could be left feeling disappointed.

5. Are you prepared to live through the mess?

There’s no escaping the fact that extensions are messy

They are disruptive, untidy and dusty so sometimes it’s actually easier to move out of the house and leave the builders to get on with their work. Here are some of the key advantages of doing this:

· The build is faster, saving you money

· The builders can turn off your power, water and heat – again saving you money

· The builders don’t have to spend the end of each day cleaning up, so it saves time in the long run

· It’s less disruptive if you work from home and aren’t a fan of loud building noise

· With less people in the house, there’s fewer arguments about who uses the toilet next


6. Are you being respectful of your neighbours?

Some extensions can have an indirect effect on your neighbours’ houses. For instance, imagine you are extending over the top of your garage, ask yourself whether this could block out the sun or view from your neighbour’s garden. 

Also, as extensions are often fairly loud, the noise could be disruptive, it’s often a good idea to discuss the extension plans with any neighbours that you think it could affect, involving them in the process and pre-warning them about any potential inconvenience. Otherwise, as this case proves, it could leave you in a pretty awkward situation. 

7. Am I getting value for money?

It is not just the money that you need to consider when building an extension, there’s also the personal cost as well. 

While the quantity surveyor is fundamentally the person responsible for calculating the overall work costs, when all said and done, you will be the one left to live with the extension


This bedroom design was created by Carolina Gonzalez, Homestyler mobile app user

Therefore, only you can decide whether you have got value for money or not, and that depends on more than just how much money you’ve spend; it also depends on the extension’s value in terms of practicality and pleasure

8. How will the extension eventually look?

While it’s obviously vital to consider the processes involved before and during an extension’s build, you also need to think about how you want the extra space to look once it’s completed – especially from an interior design point of view. 


This open plan design was created by Carmen Cantariño, Homestyler floorplanner user

From exposed brick walls to ceiling beams, lighting options to furniture placement, it’s important to understand exactly what you are looking to achieve from your extension

For instance, say you are building a new dream bathroom: where are you going to position the toilet and sink? Are you going to have the bathroom door swinging inwards or outwards? Is there room for a bath, shower or neither? 


This bathroom design was created by Viviane Menezes, Homestyler floorplanner user

Building an extension is more than just walls and mortar – it’s about how you utilise the extra space. 

Consider how altering the layout of your house will impact the rest of your home, and focus your interior design choices with this in mind. 

Use our floor plan designer to help visualise how exactly your extension will look, and incorporate relevant furniture accordingly.

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Why choose Loft living

In our previous posts, we have explained you how to decorate your house using industrial style and how to bring your open plan design to the next level.

Industrial style and open plans do have one thing in common though: when they blend together, they can give life to an amazing loft design.


This loft design was created by Lili Vaz, Homestyler mobile app user

Loft living is especially popular in the cities and it is generally preferred by young people.

A loft design usually screams modernity and is characterized by a practical and efficient use of the space.

There are a few points and features that help a loft design achieving these two main goals: let's see them together.

loft-design-by-Madeleine-Ketiya 3_副本.jpg

This loft design was created by Madeleine Ketyia, Homestyler floorplanner user

1. High ceilings

Because most city loft designs used to be factories before being refurnished as residetial interiors, loft living normally presents very tall ceilings.


This loft design was created by chrissy w, Homestyler mobile app user

This results in making the space look bigger than it is and allows your home design to expands not only on one level anymore – Most loft designs, in fact, are normally developed vertically, on two floors.


This loft design was created by Madeleine Ketiya, Homestyler floorplanner user

2. Big, floor-to-ceiling windows

High ceilings normally lead to another consequent feature: big, floor-to-ceiling windows.


This loft design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile app user

The windows, in fact, need to be proportioned to the size of wall – And extra walls will require extra windows.

This results in a great addition to your loft living apartment: your loft design will in fact allow lots of light to stream in your house during the day time, reducing your elecrticity consumption and visually enlarging your space even more.


This loft design was created by Luiz Curto, Homestyler floorplanner user

3. A flexible room layout

Open plans are not the easiest to decorate but they are among the most rewarding ones. 

Loft living usually means that the kitchen, the dining room and the living room are all together in one big space – Some people even like to include the bedroom in the same room layout.


This loft design was created by chrissy w, Homestyler mobile app user

This explains why loft design is not necessarily recommended to big families – Because the spaces and the rooms are not separated from each other, nobody gets too much privacy.

If young and single people love loft living, however, it also has to do with the open plan layout. 

This gives more flexibity in the furniture arrangement and more freedom to change the room layout whenever we feel like.

This also makes every room easy to reach and less formal.

Afterall, walls are not the only ways to separate rooms: you can think of multiple rugs, or floating furniture.

Another idea, is to separate the rooms with the use of artworks. For example, a very big statement painting can be placed in the room that you consider being "the heart of your loft design", catching the attention among the other spaces.

loft-design-by-Stile Homer_副本.jpg

This loft design was created by Stile Homer, Homestyler floorplanner user

4. A mix of different interior design styles

To visually separate the space in your loft design, you can even try out a different interior design style for every part of your open plan.


This loft design was created by miriam Franchini, Homestyler mobile app user

Are you thinking of going for an eclectic look, to add more interest to your loft design? This is your chance.

Loft living gives you the chance to unleash your creativity and can lead your imaginations to levels that would remain unreachable in a traditional design, where every room is defined and separated from the others.


This loft design was created by Puspa ., Homestyler mobile app user

7 Small Bedroom Ideas with Big Features

Living the big city life can be certainly exciting but there are a few downsides when it comes to home design.

In a city apartment, in fact, big spaces might be just a dream and you might encounter the challenge of dealing with small rooms too often.

If you are struggling with a small bedroom design or you want to learn a few useful tricks on how to decorate a small bedroom in a way that it doesn't feel so cluttered but instead can still give an airy feeling, this post is definitely for you.

1. Enlarge the space using a mirror

This is an old visual trick, but we must admit that it always works. Hanging a mirror on one of your small bedroom's walls can create a visual effect and make the room look and feel bigger than it is.


This small bedroom design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Moreover, it's always good to have a mirror in your bedroom, to check your outfit or fix your make up – And make sure you are not having a terrible hair day!

2. Go with light colors

A small bedroom needs to be decorated with light shades, so that the room can give a bright and airy feeling.

For this reason, we definitely recommend white walls and other light and neutral shades for the decorations.

Dark shades, in fact, risk to make your bedroom look even smaller than it really is – And the space too cluttered indeed.


This small bedroom design was created by Carmen Cantariño, Homestyler floorplanner user‎

We must admit, however, that dark walls do add a dramatic touch to every room design, but in case of a small bedroom and, in this case, it might be wiser to limit a dark share just to a single wall – And this goes to the point number 3.

3. Make a statement

Something has to been said, to be completely honest. Accent walls do make a statement, and add more interest to any kind of room. 

Yes, your small bedroom needs to be airy, but this doesn't mean that it has to be boring. A single accent wall, made with a different material – Such as wood, or an unusual painting color, could really make a difference between a usual bedroom, that anyone can have and one that you would only dream of.


This small bedroom design was created by Sandra Gutiérrez, Homestyler mobile app user

4. Arrange the bed in a corner

Obviously, your bed will take most of the space in your small bedroom decor – And so it should be, since it is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom design.

However, a useful and efficient trick to get more space out of a small bedroom, is to avoid placing the bed in the middle of the room.

small-bedroom-design-by-angiebare69 m.jpg

This small bedroom design was created by angiebare69 m, Homestyler mobile app user

We suggest to think about a bedroom layout in which this item is pushed in a corner, so that you would still have a fairly big enough space for anything else you might want to fit in your bedroom.

5. Less is more

Your bedroom really is your safe space, far from everything and everyone. you don't need to overcharge it with so many pieces of furniture and accessories.

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, just remember that less is more, and minimalism is most of the time the right approach to design a small room design.


This small bedroom design was created by Celina, Homestyler mobile app user

Think about what you absolutely need to have in your room, when you wake up or go to sleep. Anything else, can be easily placed in another room.

Once you have your bed, a nightstand and a wardrobe, what else do you need?

6. Remember to add at least one window

Window are recommended in every kind of room design, but especially in smaller ones. The reasons of this are mainly two:

– They make the room look bigger

– They can function as a real artwork (assuming they lead to a wonderful view outside).

Not to mention ho great it is to have natural light streaming in your bedroom when you need to wake up early or you want to enjoy reading a book laying on your bed without needing to turn the artificial light on.

Moreover, indows have also been proved to have beneficial effects on the mood.


This small bedroom design was created by Laura Leticia Niebla Lizarraga, Homestyler mobile app user

In conclusion, whether it is facing you, when you wake up, or it is on your bed's side, this choice is completely up to you, but just make sure you do have a window in your bedroom – Especially if your bedroom is particularly small.

7. Don't overdo with your bed's frame and headborad

We know that the headboard plays a key role when choosing a new bed to buy. The thing is though, that a big headboard that would catch the attention too much, is not the right accessory in a small bedroom decor.

The principle is always the same, don't try to over accessorize your small bedroom design, because otherwise you might end up in making it look even smaller than it actually is.


This small bedroom design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanneruser

In the spirit of minimalistic room design, we do recommend you to opt for a very simple headboard – If not, even a bed without a headboard at all.

These are our 7 tips to ace a small bedroom design. Can you think of more? 

As always, we would be more than happy to know your thoughts!

7 Ways to Complement your Country Kitchen

Country kitchen design is very hot among all the home design lovers, as the rustic and country style is the one that warms up a room the best, and the heart of our house definitely needs to be the coziest and most welcoming place in it, right?

Country and rustic design is classically defined by the use of natural materials, which is also a big trend recently.


This country kitchen design was created by Marcela Taubenhansl, Homestyler mobile app user

The most popular materials in a country kitchen are usually wood and natural stones, but it is important to learn how to emphasize its beauty in order not to make the space look too “heavy”.

The general idea is to find an accent, a color or an element that can complement our country kitchen design and blend with it so that it can break the neutral mood of it without capturing the attention too much.

1. Metal additions

Metal accents can work as a great focal point and can catch the attention easily in a country kitchen.


This country kitchen design was created by Claudia Blecken, Homestyler mobile app user

Copper and other kinds of metal usually risk to make a room design look too cold, if not combined correctly, and this is why they are in perfect balance in a country kitchen design.

You can think of adding a metal ceiling fixture right on top of your kitchen island or table, to create the right balanced contrast with the rest of your country kitchen decor.

2. White cabinets

White brings lightness to every room design, so whether you have a wooden country kitchen or a one with brick walls, and you want your space to look more airy, white cabinets are the right choice for you.


This country kitchen design was created by Vanessa V., Homestyler mobile app user

A white kitchen island or white cabinets will easily make your country kitchen look more airy and light, by keeping the original mood of your room design without revolutionizing the overall look and feeling too much.

3. Stainless steel appliances

On the other hand, a stainless steel oven, fridge or dishwasher might seem like a very unusual choice in a country kitchen design.


This country kitchen design was created by Caisey Olis, Homestyler mobile app user

You might be thinking right now: what do stainless steel appliances even have to do with a cozy ambiance such a rustic design?

And the answer is… Nothing! And this is why this kind of modern accessories works so well in a country kitchen!

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have the power to add a touch of modernity and creativity to your rustic design, as sometimes, the most beautiful home design ideas come from the most unexpected decisions.

4. Black accents

Talking about unexpected home design choices, black is another color that you might not see easily in a country kitchen design.

Black has the power to make a dramatic statement and can really bring your country kitchen design to another level.


This country kitchen design was created by saira s, Homestyler mobile app user

You might think for a black backsplash, black appliances or black ceiling lights to add a touch of creativity and originality to your country kitchen design – And inspire others with a brand new country kitchen design concept.

5. Vintage details

Another way to add character to a country kitchen is by making use of a few vintage details, such as old family accessories or an antique armchair in the corner.


This country kitchen design was created by glacimussi, Homestyler mobile app user

Vintage and rustic style go well together and when mixed, can add more interest to a room design.

If you love going furniture shopping to those antique furniture places, then you might definitely consider this country kitchen design idea!

6. Colorful and bring details

If you’d rather go for bold colors such as yellow, red or cobalt blue instead, this could be your chance to express your passion through bright accessories, chairs or area rugs.


This country kitchen design was created by Marilyn Hertel, Homestyler mobile app user

Natural and neutral materials such as wood or stone go well with pretty much everything so you can really use your country kitchen as a white paper to paint in the way you prefer – Without being afraid of going a bit crazy using really bold colors!

7. A statement ceiling

We have all heard before the word statement related to an artwork, a lighting fixture or even a wall, but what is a statement ceiling?

Statement ceilings are a relatively new concept and they are just the perfect match for a country kitchen design.

You can ether play with wooden beams, leave exposed bricks or go even bolder by painting the ceiling in a bold tone or pattern.


This country kitchen design was created by Bonnie 101, Homestyler mobile app user

Statement ceilings are something that will definitely guarantee the WOW factor in your country kitchen design.

And you? Did you ever design a country kitchen? Did you combine its rustic look to some other design styles or did you play safe with neutral tones?

Let us know at homestyler-support@service.alibaba.com and remember to show us some pictures of your country kitchen design!

We would love to see how your country kitchen design looks like.

Indoor plants: the ultimate home design trend

Eco-friendly and green lifestyles is rapidly becoming a thing – In home design too!

This is why it has now come the time that we consider indoor plants, whether big or small, as a real home design accessory, just like our vases, area rugs, pillows and artworks.


This dining room design was created by Stile Homer, Homestyler floorplanner user

Thanks to vertical planters, plants can now be used as an actual painting, and be hanged on a wall to give a creative green touch to any room design.

In one of our previous posts we have stated how plants can help bring a calming environment and a relaxing mood in our bathroom, but it would be more appropriate to say that plants can be used for any kind of room design – For real!

After all, we really think that every room could make use a bit of greenery! But how to enhance the true beauty of your plants – And your home design with plants in it?


This living room design was created by Danna M, Homestyler mobile app user

1. Choose the type of plants that represents you the best

There are plants of any type, depending on the shape, size and even color. The choice of the perfect plant for your room design could really take a long time, as the possibilities can be endless.

This is why you need to do your research first, to find out which ones suit your home design best, but it definitely gives you the chance to unleash your creativity as much as you want.

Are you more into succulents, flowers or big plants?

The choice you’ll make will affect the whole look of your room design – And your mood too.


This bedroom design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

For this reason, it is very important that you figure this out at first.

Big plants can surely make an impact, but they might require more efforts on your side compared to succulents.

On the other hand, some flowers are not made for indoor spaces, and not just any flower needs the same quantity of water or sunlight exposure as the others.

2. Decide where in a room you want to place your indoor plant

Are you looking for a plant to be placed in an empty corner of your room or you’re rather searching for your new centerpiece or shelving decoration?

This answer will affect the size of the plant you should look for, as again, it’s not as if every plant can go just anywhere in your room design.

Big plants are perfect as a room separator or to fill a space that would be empty otherwise.


This living room design was created by Urban Cactus Designs, Homestyler mobile app user

It’s true that they are a home design accessory but their size is more similar to the one of a furniture piece, so you need to think well when in your room design you want to place them.

Smaller plants and flowers, instead, can rather work as a statement accessory and they can fit just right on your table or media unit, without occupying too much space.

3. Determine what room do you want to decorate

Did you know? It's not as if any plant can just in any kind of room type. Each plant needs to be settled in a different habitat – Some need more humidity, some others are made for dry spaces, for example.

Here you have a few guidelines on how to place your favorite plants in their perfect room.

We know bathrooms are best for plants that require a lot of humidity, such as ferns and begonias.

For the bedroom, instead, it is recommend to go for plants that can improve the sleep quality or filter toxins, so that you’ll have a benefit that goes beyond the aesthetic one.

Taking this into consideration, good ideas for a bedroom design are plants such as as jasmine and lavender, aloe vera and snake plant.

Your kitchen will be perfect with a few herbs stored in small pots, that you could use to add an extra taste to your home made dishes.


This kitchen design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Again, smart home design requires to follow not only beauty standards but also to be efficient and useful.

A few herbs that you might consider growing in your kitchen are: mint, basil and parsley, that are widely used for a great variety of dishes and are also fairly manageable to keep in an indoor space.

The living room, on the other hand, is usually the room that gets the most natural light streaming in, so it would be the perfect place for a dragon tree or a peach lily.

What indoor plant is your favorite one and how can you include it in your room design?


This living room design was created by Rutchevelle den Ouden, Homestyler mobile app user

We have you a few ideas and suggestions, but we want to hear your voice now!

The Homestyler team has recently added several new plants in its Homestyler Plants & Flowers catalog – Make sure you check them out!

Feel free to send us your eco-friendly and green home design to support@homestyler.com for a chance to be featured in the Homestyler Gallery or on our social media profiles!

5 Ways to use the new furniture and accessories

In the past few weeks, more and more new furniture items and home design accessories have made their way in the Homestyler catalog.

As many of you got very excited about these new entries, we must tell you – More Are Coming, so please stay tuned!

Living room - design by Levette Tripp.jpg

This design was created by Levette Trip, Homestyler mobile app user

Together with the clothes, the plants, the pillows and the rugs, many many more home design articles pieces will be added – Every week, for the rest of the entire year!

This is surely a very exciting news as, together with the items in the Homestyler catalog, your possibilities on the Homestyler home design tool will also increase significantly.

Open plan - design by glaci mussi.jpg

This design was created by glaci mussi, Homestyler mobile app user

Spaces you can now design easily

1. Every girls' dream – A walk-in closet!

We can't deny it, a walk-in closet is the dream of every woman. We have seen it so many times in the movies, but what if we realized our house could also allow some space for a room only dedicated to our clothes, shoes and accessories?

Walk in closet - design by Teke Tin Tekes.jpg

This design was created by Teke Tin Tekes, Homestyler floorplanner user

With Homestyler, you can njow figure it out very quickly, and virtually design your closet, dividing the spaces and section according to every category of items.

Entrance - design by Susan Yanelys.jpg

This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Where to find our selection of clothes? All you need to do is:

1. Go to the Homestyler catalog

2. Select Art & Decor

3. Scroll down and choose Clothes.

Walk in closet - by Rita Edwards.jpg

This design was created by Rita Edwards, Homestyler mobile app user

2. Your exclusive reading nook – Full of super comfortable pillows!

Some of you might have noticed, already: if you go to Art & Decor – Pillows, you will see that our selection has more than doubled!

Black and white, colored and even golden pillows. Elegant ones for your living room, zebra pillows and Pokemon shaped for your kid's room!

Quiet corner - design by Rachel Pearcy.jpg

This design was created by Rachel Pearcy, Homestyler floorplanner user

Now, we really have pillows for every taste. We have often stated how changing the style of your pillows is an easy and economical way of totally reforming your room – Well, now is your chance to see how these changes will make your house design look before you proceed with buying new pillows!

Living room - design by Bardoki Medina.jpg

This design was created by Bardoki Medina, Homestyler mobile app user

3. Your eco-friendly space – With as many plants as possible!

Are you more for succulents or tropical plants? Or perhaps you prefer colored flowers? Go through our selection of Plants & Flowers to find out what kind of plants suit your room and taste the best.

Bedroom - design by Marilise Almeida.jpg

This design was created by Marisile Almeida, Homestyler mobile app user

4. Your personal relaxing spa

Among the new accessories, a selection of new towels, bathrobes and slippers have also just arrived in the Homestyler catalog.

Bathroom - design by Teke Tin Tekes.jpg

This design was created by Teke Tin Tekes, Homestyler floorplanner user

Who doesn't dream about having a personal spa just for themselves and their significant others? If you can't have it, you can now at least design it online!

Bathroom - design by Morgan Cotter.jpg

This design was created by Morgan Ann, Homestyler mobile app user

5. Your new room – With a new rug

Squared, rectangular or round? Accent, bold or neutral? What are the shapes and colors that suit your room the best?

Open plan - design by Ruth Luke.jpg

This design was created by Ruth Luke, Homestyler mobile app user

Some rugs are rather affordable, while some others can represent a real investment when it comes to house remodeling. This is why it is important to virtually test how your new rug will look like in your room, before you purchase it.

Together with the pillows, our selection of rugs and carpets has also significantly increased. Find more about these new products by clicking to Art & Decor – Rugs and start stiling your home with them now.

Living room - design by Marilyn Hertel.jpg

This design was created by Marilyn Hertel, Homestyler mobile app user

Edit your home design to appear in the Homestyler gallery

The gallery section in the Homestyler website has been added only a few months ago but it has already become very popular.

In fact, many people consider it extremely useful to get home design inspiration for their upcoming remodel or to simply browse through all the different house design images as a hobby.

Do you want to become a source of home design inspiration for all the other Homestyler user of our floor plan creator?

Let's see together how you can create a design that deserves to be featured in the Homestyler gallery.

After haivng read our previous post on how to move your first steps in Homestyler, you most certainly do not need us to review how to draw a room or how to furnish your home design project – Let's go straight to how you can render your home design and prepare a presentation that is worth to be published!

After your home design project is completed and saved, go to the top of your Homestyler floor plan creator and click "Edit project" and follow the step listed in the new page that will open to you.


1. Choose the best render as the cover of your design

Click "Change cover" and select your favorite rendered picture of your home design. If you haven't rendered any picture yet, click on "Go to Render".

Home design by Isabella Neilson.pngThis home design was created by Isabella Neilson, Homestyler floor plan creator user

You will have to choose among simple Render, Panorama, Aerial and Top View.


The qualty options for your renders are essentially three: Standard (Fast), HD and Ultra HD. When available, please opt for the HD or Ultra HD quality if you want to grant yourself the possibility of being featured in the Homestyler Gallery.

If your design is very good but you have rendered it in Standard quality, the Homestyler Staff might take the liberty of upgrading the quality of the render – This will make your design eligible to be featured in the Gallery, and you will earn 50 Homestyler Points to spend in your next renders.

2. Choose your design name

This is your chance to change your home design name if you want to – Go ahead! Please note that your design needs to have a name in order to be saved.

3. Describe your design

Tell us what inspired your design, who is the space suitable for, your estimated prices and all the other information you might find relevant.

Home design description.png

4. Generate the floor plan

Show us how the space is divided in your design by generating the floor plan and adding an aerial render of your house design.

Floor plan designer.png

This floorplan was created by Isabella Neilson, Homestyler floor plan creator user

Home design in aerial view.png

This aerial view was created by Isabella Neilson, Homestyler floor plan creator user

5. Describe the layout of your house plan

How many rooms is your space divided in? How big are the living area and the master bedroom? Let us know in this part of our house design presentation.

For every room design, please remember also to attache one or more renders, so that everyone can see them!

Living room design by Isabella Neilson.png

This living room design was created by Isabella Neilson, Homestyler floor plan creator user

Kitchen design by Isabella Neilson.png

This kitchen design was created by Isabella Neilson, Homestyler floor plan creator user

Bedroom design by Isabella Neilson.png

This bedroom design was created by Isabella Neilson, Homestyler floor plan creator use

Bathroom design by Isabella Neilson.pngThis bathroom design was created by Isabella Neilson, Homestyler floor plan creator user

We mentioned that create a great home design presentation will help you get featured in the Homestyler Gallery and will make you earn 50 Homestyler Points.. But what this mean, exaclty? How can these Homestyler points help you?

Homestyler point system.png

As you can see from the picture, you can use your Homestyler points to create different kinds of renders:

– Ultra HD renders will cost you 25 Points

– HD Panorama views will cost you 25 Points

– Each HD Aerial rendering and HD Topview are worth 1 Point

What if your home design doesn't get featured in the Homestyler community? Don't worry! You will still earn 5 Homestyler Points for every day you log in Homestyler.

Sad that Neybers shut down? Homestyler is here for you

If Neybers was your favorite room design app and you are sad that it has just shut down – Do not worry! Homestyler is here to help you and won't go anywhere.

You don't need to struggle looking for interior design games on iOS and Google play anymore – Homestyler has you covered!

Many long time Neybers user have already joined the Homestyler community, so there is no chance you will get lonely! You will be able to find your old friends on your new room design app and you will feel home from day 1.

Living room design by Cecilia Dahart.jpg

This design was created by Cecilia Dahart, Homestyler mobile user

As you will be able to notice, the Homestyler community is one of the most friendly ones out there. Everyone you will talk to in the Homestyler app will be nice and kind with you, and willing to help you moving your first step in Homestyler.

Moreover, the Homestyler Staff will make sure you will enjoy designing by organizing weekly home design related contests – Based on certain house design styles, color schemes, on a particular room remodel project or on a real-life festival to celebrate. And the coolest thing is that the Homestyler users themselves are also able to launch their own design contest!

Just like Neybers, Homestyler is an app that will allow you to take a picture of a room and design it, by putting the endless furniture pieces and home design accessories that you will find in our catalog.

The main difference with the Neybers interior design game is that the furniture and accessories you will find in the Homestyler catalog is 3D, so you will be able to rotate it and move it around your room design as much as you want – until you find its perfect layout and arrangement.

In addition, you can't miss the chance of trying our the Homestyler AR feature. Thanks to the augmented reality technology, in fact, you will have the opportunity to scan the space around you and decorate it as you want through it.

Easy to use and fast – These are the key concepts that drive us as a team!

Living room design by Poly Muller.jpg

This design was created by Poly Muller, Homestyler mobile user

You don't have any real room that you need to remodel at the moment but you still want to have fun decorating on a room design app? No problem!

Homestyler has a wide selection of rooms you can design. Just like our furniture gets updated on a weekly basis, we also keep adding new rooms every week, so that you can challenge yourself with different home design ideas!

Home design by Danna M.jpg

This design was created by Danna M, Homestyler mobile user

Another very important difference between the interior design game Neybers and the room design app Homestyler is that Homestyler is Completely Free!

Yes, you read correctly. You will be able to like and comment all the designs you want, design as many rooms as you please and use ALL the furniture pieces and accessories you will find in the Homestyler catalog without the need of spending real money nor in-app points.

Living room design by Rutchevelle del Ouden.jpg

This design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile user

Registering an Homestyler account on your mobile phone or tablet involves absolutely zero costs, all you need to do is finding us in your Apple Store or Google Play.

White sofas layout for a timeless sitting room design

Your sitting room, or most commonly called living room, is that one place that usually makes the first impact when someone enters your house.

The sitting room might most probably set the tone of your whole home design, so a good starting point could be asking yourself: What style do I choose for my house plan drawing?

If you see home design as a long term investment and you are looking to give a timeless look to your house, white sofas might be the right choice for you.

We have seen it in our post on white kitchens: this color can function both as a anchor and base for the whole room design around it.

Sitting room design qoooooo555.png

This home design was created by qooooooo555, Homestyler mobile user

White is neutral and never goes out of style. If you consider the price of a sofa, you might come up to the conclusion that it could be quite an investment.

The best idea would be for you to go for a color that can fit with any style and home design, so that this piece of furniture will last for years, even if you are one of those people that loves to go through a home remodeling rather frequently.

Because of the versatility of their color, white sofas can fit perfectly in every room design, and they can come in a wide selection of different materials and shapes.

Sitting room design glaci mussi.jpg

This home design was created by glaci mussi, Homestyler mobile user

Only one con has to be mentioned when considering a white sofas layout for a future home remodeling project: be careful of the stains

If you have kids or pets, however, you don't necessarily need to reconsider this color choice – You can simply research for stainless or washable sofa fabrics, and still enjoy a white sofa, avoiding its only downside.

After having read our previous blog post on how to use the Homestyler room planner at its full potential, it's now time for you to make the best out of it and use the Homestyler floor plan creator to experiment every possible white sofa layout until you find the perfect one for your sitting room.

For the reasons explained above, there are unlimited ways in which you could use a white sofa in your next home design project – And all of them will lead you to very different effects but equally great final results.

It is therefore crucial that you clarify a few points before you start your house plan drawing in Homestyler.

1.  Choose the sofa shape you prefer

While sectional sofas and L-shaped ones might be perfect for a big living area, they could not be a good idea if the house you are remodelling doesn't allow enough space for a sitting room.

You don't want to run the risk of occupying your entire sitting room with a sofa, and remaining with absolutely no space for media units, base cabinets, coffee tables or any other furniture piece you were initially intended to use.

Having made this point very clear, we must admit that L-shaped and sectional sofas are absolutely perfect for big family rooms and they have the huge advantage of allowing many people to sit together at once.

Sitting room design Danette Lukawesky-Huisman.png

This home design was created by Danette Lukawesky-Huisman, Homestyler mobile user

 This cannot be necessarily said for loveseats, chesterfield sofas and other smaller sofa types, which, on the other hand, are rather ideal for young couples or single people.

Sitting room design nullen 9.png

This home design was created by nullen 9, Homestyler mobile user

2. Decide whether you want to go for one or 2 sofas

If you still prefer smaller sofa sizes over the bigger ones, but your living area allows a lot of space to decorate, you might want to consider the idea of using 2 sofas in your sitting room design.

This option an definitely represent more space for creativity and originality in your home designs.

First of all, you can think of the best sofas layout for your sitting room.

Two of the most common sofa layout ideas include arranging two sofas either facing each other or in a L shape

While the first layout is ideal to facilitate the conversation, the second one is preferred if we want all our guests to be able to look at the same focal point – Whether it is an artwork, a TV or a breathtaking view.

Sitting room design Kylie Ashton.png

This home design was created by Kylie Ashton, Homestyler mobile user

Secondarily, you can ask yourself wether you want to use two extact copies of the same sofa or you are willing to surprise your guests with two completely different sofa types next to one another.

3. Select the color you want to pair up your white sofa with

Do you want to go for bold accent walls or accessories? Or you'd rather opt for a complete neutral scheme, maybe using a light shade of grey or beige?

Once again, your sitting room remodeling leads you to two completely different choices, so you need to ask yourself the question: Do you want to play safe or suscitate a WOW factor to whoever enters your house?

The first choice is definitely more classic and it's more lickely that will last longer before you get tired of it – Hopefully, many many years, if not even decades.

Sitting room design Patrycja Walaszek.png

This home design as created by Patrycja Walaszek, Homestyler floor planner creator user

The second, on the other hand, will represent a less common home design idea, therefore it could be of great impact.

Sitting room design Rachel Pearcy.png

This home design as created by Rachel Pearcy, Homestyler floor planner creator user

Do you like white sofas and whould you have consider them home design, for your own sitting room or the one of a client?

Feel free to let us know your ideas and thoughts towards this extremely piece of furniture by sending us an email to support@homestyler.com 

Your project could be easily get selected for our next blog post!

Dream bathrooms and other bathroom remodel ideas

As we have stated in our previous blog post about how to design the perfect master bathroom layout, the bathroom is that one room that gets often underrated when it comes to its remodel.

This might have to do with the fact that the bathroom is that when we think about home design and redecoration, we often tend to focus our energies to the living room or other are that more easily make a impact to our potential guests.

Truth is, especially because the bathroom is the most intimate room in a house, we need to dedicate a special attention to its remodel.

As every room has the power to transmit a speficic mood, the first question we need to ask ourselves when browsing through the different bathroom remodel ideas is: What feeling am I looking for when I spend time in my bathroom?

Bathroom design Rutchevelle den Ouden.png

This design was created by Rutchevelle den Ouden, Homestyler mobile user

The feeling we want to focus on today is: RELAX. How to transform your bathroom in your own, personal spa retreat space? Here for you some tips for achieving this goal and transforming your bathroom in your unique tranquil and peaceful place.

1. Must-have: a bathtub

We will never say it enough times: the bathtub is the key player of a relaxing bathroom. We know, having a shower can be really practical, especially as it can greatly speed up your daily morning routine.

On the other hand, however, if you are looking to designing your unique place for a staycation, a bathtub is what you are looking for!

Bathroom design - Teke Tin Tekes.png

This design was created by Teke Tin Tekes, Homestyler floor plan creator user

Imagine soaking in the hot waters, surrounded by the perfume of your favourite fragrance… Don't you feel better already?

2. Close shelving

Normally, open shelving are considered a great way to add color and style to a room by simply exposing our best selection of accessories – We often suggest this practise, especially in kitchen remodel.

In the case of a personal relaxing bathroom remodel, however, this might not be the way to go. Open shelving risk to give too many information, while you just want to forget everything else and think about your most intimate feelings and thoughts.

For this particular room, in fact, we strongly recommend close cabinets, where to place all our bathroom accesories so that they don't distract you during your unique retreat.

Bathroom remodel design maimai ya.jpg

This design was created by maimai ya, Homestyler mobile user

3. Identify your style – and stick to it

Among all the interior design styles, choose the one that represents you the best and express it in the way you feel more appropriate. Whether your are more into rustic or minimalist design, you decide how you want to organize your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom remodel design Mariana Basson.jpg

This design was created by Mariana Basson, Homestyler mobile user

Our personal suggestion is however, that you don't try to overdo by mising too many home design trends together. Keep it simple and clean. Your mind will benefit from it and you will obtain a way more peaceful and tranquil feeling overall.

4. Take advantage of the view – If you have one!

Having a window in a bathroom is considered a sort of luxury and it is often suggested for several reasons. 

Some are purely practictal, as such, for example, the possiblity to change the air of the bathroom more frequently.

Other reasons might be related to the benefits that having natural light streaming in every room not only affects your mood positively but also has a more pleasant effect to the eye.

Another purely aesthetical factor depends on whether or not you have a beautiful view that you would like to admire when you take a bath. In that case, how great would it be to have a big window right in front of your bathtub?

Bathroom design - Madeleine.png

This design was created by Madeleine, Homestyler floor planner creator user

5. Choose the right color scheme

The color scheme of your room has a great impact on the tone you want your home design to have. For a relaxing feeling, you might want to avoing strong accent colors and might prefer softer shades.

Bathroom design Kate Charman.png

This design was created by Kate Charman, Homestyler mobile user

Our most favorite colors when it comes to a relaxing bathroom remodel are neutral tones, such as for example beige and grey. 

Alternatevily, nothing can give tranquility more than natural materials – Such as for example, wooden wall panels.

6. Add a green touch with some plants

It's a fact: anything that is natural has the powel to instantaneously make us feel at ease. We already mentioned wood, but how about adding a few plants in your bathroom?

Plants are not only pleasant to the eye but they can also function as a natural air purifier

Bathroom design Kylie Smiley.png

This design was created by Kylie Smiley, Homestyler floor planner creator user

Before adding some plants in your bathroom, however, make sure to do your homework and see which ones are suitable for your room. Is your bathroom very humid? In this case, you might prefer a tropical plant over a succulent. You don't have a window in your bathroom? Than, maybe a plant that needs a lot of light might not be a good idea.

Bathroom design tissia gerardia.png

This design was created by tissiagerardia, Homestyler mobile user


Do you want to create a unique bathroom remodel with our 3D room planner? You can now import your own bathroom accessories in Homestyler! Find out how to do it here.


The designs showcased in this article were created by the Homestyler users to participate to our Relaxing Bathroom Remodel Contest.

If you want your design to appear in our future home design blog post, make sure to download the Homestyler mobile app and follow the official Homestyler Staff account.

We release a new Home Design Contest every two weeks.