Sad that Neybers shut down? Homestyler is here for you

If Neybers was your favorite room design app and you are sad that it has just shut down – Do not worry! Homestyler is here to help you and won't go anywhere.

You don't need to struggle looking for interior design games on iOS and Google play anymore – Homestyler has you covered!

Many long time Neybers user have already joined the Homestyler community, so there is no chance you will get lonely! You will be able to find your old friends on your new room design app and you will feel home from day 1.

Living room design by Cecilia Dahart.jpg

This design was created by Cecilia Dahart, Homestyler mobile user

As you will be able to notice, the Homestyler community is one of the most friendly ones out there. Everyone you will talk to in the Homestyler app will be nice and kind with you, and willing to help you moving your first step in Homestyler.

Moreover, the Homestyler Staff will make sure you will enjoy designing by organizing weekly home design related contests – Based on certain house design styles, color schemes, on a particular room remodel project or on a real-life festival to celebrate. And the coolest thing is that the Homestyler users themselves are also able to launch their own design contest!

Just like Neybers, Homestyler is an app that will allow you to take a picture of a room and design it, by putting the endless furniture pieces and home design accessories that you will find in our catalog.

The main difference with the Neybers interior design game is that the furniture and accessories you will find in the Homestyler catalog is 3D, so you will be able to rotate it and move it around your room design as much as you want – until you find its perfect layout and arrangement.

In addition, you can't miss the chance of trying our the Homestyler AR feature. Thanks to the augmented reality technology, in fact, you will have the opportunity to scan the space around you and decorate it as you want through it.

Easy to use and fast – These are the key concepts that drive us as a team!

Living room design by Poly Muller.jpg

This design was created by Poly Muller, Homestyler mobile user

You don't have any real room that you need to remodel at the moment but you still want to have fun decorating on a room design app? No problem!

Homestyler has a wide selection of rooms you can design. Just like our furniture gets updated on a weekly basis, we also keep adding new rooms every week, so that you can challenge yourself with different home design ideas!

Home design by Danna M.jpg

This design was created by Danna M, Homestyler mobile user

Another very important difference between the interior design game Neybers and the room design app Homestyler is that Homestyler is Completely Free!

Yes, you read correctly. You will be able to like and comment all the designs you want, design as many rooms as you please and use ALL the furniture pieces and accessories you will find in the Homestyler catalog without the need of spending real money nor in-app points.

Living room design by Rutchevelle del Ouden.jpg

This design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile user

Registering an Homestyler account on your mobile phone or tablet involves absolutely zero costs, all you need to do is finding us in your Apple Store or Google Play.

White sofas layout for a timeless sitting room design

Your sitting room, or most commonly called living room, is that one place that usually makes the first impact when someone enters your house.

The sitting room might most probably set the tone of your whole home design, so a good starting point could be asking yourself: What style do I choose for my house plan drawing?

If you see home design as a long term investment and you are looking to give a timeless look to your house, white sofas might be the right choice for you.

We have seen it in our post on white kitchens: this color can function both as a anchor and base for the whole room design around it.

Sitting room design qoooooo555.png

This home design was created by qooooooo555, Homestyler mobile user

White is neutral and never goes out of style. If you consider the price of a sofa, you might come up to the conclusion that it could be quite an investment.

The best idea would be for you to go for a color that can fit with any style and home design, so that this piece of furniture will last for years, even if you are one of those people that loves to go through a home remodeling rather frequently.

Because of the versatility of their color, white sofas can fit perfectly in every room design, and they can come in a wide selection of different materials and shapes.

Sitting room design glaci mussi.jpg

This home design was created by glaci mussi, Homestyler mobile user

Only one con has to be mentioned when considering a white sofas layout for a future home remodeling project: be careful of the stains

If you have kids or pets, however, you don't necessarily need to reconsider this color choice – You can simply research for stainless or washable sofa fabrics, and still enjoy a white sofa, avoiding its only downside.

After having read our previous blog post on how to use the Homestyler room planner at its full potential, it's now time for you to make the best out of it and use the Homestyler floor plan creator to experiment every possible white sofa layout until you find the perfect one for your sitting room.

For the reasons explained above, there are unlimited ways in which you could use a white sofa in your next home design project – And all of them will lead you to very different effects but equally great final results.

It is therefore crucial that you clarify a few points before you start your house plan drawing in Homestyler.

1.  Choose the sofa shape you prefer

While sectional sofas and L-shaped ones might be perfect for a big living area, they could not be a good idea if the house you are remodelling doesn't allow enough space for a sitting room.

You don't want to run the risk of occupying your entire sitting room with a sofa, and remaining with absolutely no space for media units, base cabinets, coffee tables or any other furniture piece you were initially intended to use.

Having made this point very clear, we must admit that L-shaped and sectional sofas are absolutely perfect for big family rooms and they have the huge advantage of allowing many people to sit together at once.

Sitting room design Danette Lukawesky-Huisman.png

This home design was created by Danette Lukawesky-Huisman, Homestyler mobile user

 This cannot be necessarily said for loveseats, chesterfield sofas and other smaller sofa types, which, on the other hand, are rather ideal for young couples or single people.

Sitting room design nullen 9.png

This home design was created by nullen 9, Homestyler mobile user

2. Decide whether you want to go for one or 2 sofas

If you still prefer smaller sofa sizes over the bigger ones, but your living area allows a lot of space to decorate, you might want to consider the idea of using 2 sofas in your sitting room design.

This option an definitely represent more space for creativity and originality in your home designs.

First of all, you can think of the best sofas layout for your sitting room.

Two of the most common sofa layout ideas include arranging two sofas either facing each other or in a L shape

While the first layout is ideal to facilitate the conversation, the second one is preferred if we want all our guests to be able to look at the same focal point – Whether it is an artwork, a TV or a breathtaking view.

Sitting room design Kylie Ashton.png

This home design was created by Kylie Ashton, Homestyler mobile user

Secondarily, you can ask yourself wether you want to use two extact copies of the same sofa or you are willing to surprise your guests with two completely different sofa types next to one another.

3. Select the color you want to pair up your white sofa with

Do you want to go for bold accent walls or accessories? Or you'd rather opt for a complete neutral scheme, maybe using a light shade of grey or beige?

Once again, your sitting room remodeling leads you to two completely different choices, so you need to ask yourself the question: Do you want to play safe or suscitate a WOW factor to whoever enters your house?

The first choice is definitely more classic and it's more lickely that will last longer before you get tired of it – Hopefully, many many years, if not even decades.

Sitting room design Patrycja Walaszek.png

This home design as created by Patrycja Walaszek, Homestyler floor planner creator user

The second, on the other hand, will represent a less common home design idea, therefore it could be of great impact.

Sitting room design Rachel Pearcy.png

This home design as created by Rachel Pearcy, Homestyler floor planner creator user

Do you like white sofas and whould you have consider them home design, for your own sitting room or the one of a client?

Feel free to let us know your ideas and thoughts towards this extremely piece of furniture by sending us an email to 

Your project could be easily get selected for our next blog post!

Dream bathrooms and other bathroom remodel ideas

As we have stated in our previous blog post about how to design the perfect master bathroom layout, the bathroom is that one room that gets often underrated when it comes to its remodel.

This might have to do with the fact that the bathroom is that when we think about home design and redecoration, we often tend to focus our energies to the living room or other are that more easily make a impact to our potential guests.

Truth is, especially because the bathroom is the most intimate room in a house, we need to dedicate a special attention to its remodel.

As every room has the power to transmit a speficic mood, the first question we need to ask ourselves when browsing through the different bathroom remodel ideas is: What feeling am I looking for when I spend time in my bathroom?

Bathroom design Rutchevelle den Ouden.png

This design was created by Rutchevelle den Ouden, Homestyler mobile user

The feeling we want to focus on today is: RELAX. How to transform your bathroom in your own, personal spa retreat space? Here for you some tips for achieving this goal and transforming your bathroom in your unique tranquil and peaceful place.

1. Must-have: a bathtub

We will never say it enough times: the bathtub is the key player of a relaxing bathroom. We know, having a shower can be really practical, especially as it can greatly speed up your daily morning routine.

On the other hand, however, if you are looking to designing your unique place for a staycation, a bathtub is what you are looking for!

Bathroom design - Teke Tin Tekes.png

This design was created by Teke Tin Tekes, Homestyler floor plan creator user

Imagine soaking in the hot waters, surrounded by the perfume of your favourite fragrance… Don't you feel better already?

2. Close shelving

Normally, open shelving are considered a great way to add color and style to a room by simply exposing our best selection of accessories – We often suggest this practise, especially in kitchen remodel.

In the case of a personal relaxing bathroom remodel, however, this might not be the way to go. Open shelving risk to give too many information, while you just want to forget everything else and think about your most intimate feelings and thoughts.

For this particular room, in fact, we strongly recommend close cabinets, where to place all our bathroom accesories so that they don't distract you during your unique retreat.

Bathroom remodel design maimai ya.jpg

This design was created by maimai ya, Homestyler mobile user

3. Identify your style – and stick to it

Among all the interior design styles, choose the one that represents you the best and express it in the way you feel more appropriate. Whether your are more into rustic or minimalist design, you decide how you want to organize your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom remodel design Mariana Basson.jpg

This design was created by Mariana Basson, Homestyler mobile user

Our personal suggestion is however, that you don't try to overdo by mising too many home design trends together. Keep it simple and clean. Your mind will benefit from it and you will obtain a way more peaceful and tranquil feeling overall.

4. Take advantage of the view – If you have one!

Having a window in a bathroom is considered a sort of luxury and it is often suggested for several reasons. 

Some are purely practictal, as such, for example, the possiblity to change the air of the bathroom more frequently.

Other reasons might be related to the benefits that having natural light streaming in every room not only affects your mood positively but also has a more pleasant effect to the eye.

Another purely aesthetical factor depends on whether or not you have a beautiful view that you would like to admire when you take a bath. In that case, how great would it be to have a big window right in front of your bathtub?

Bathroom design - Madeleine.png

This design was created by Madeleine, Homestyler floor planner creator user

5. Choose the right color scheme

The color scheme of your room has a great impact on the tone you want your home design to have. For a relaxing feeling, you might want to avoing strong accent colors and might prefer softer shades.

Bathroom design Kate Charman.png

This design was created by Kate Charman, Homestyler mobile user

Our most favorite colors when it comes to a relaxing bathroom remodel are neutral tones, such as for example beige and grey. 

Alternatevily, nothing can give tranquility more than natural materials – Such as for example, wooden wall panels.

6. Add a green touch with some plants

It's a fact: anything that is natural has the powel to instantaneously make us feel at ease. We already mentioned wood, but how about adding a few plants in your bathroom?

Plants are not only pleasant to the eye but they can also function as a natural air purifier

Bathroom design Kylie Smiley.png

This design was created by Kylie Smiley, Homestyler floor planner creator user

Before adding some plants in your bathroom, however, make sure to do your homework and see which ones are suitable for your room. Is your bathroom very humid? In this case, you might prefer a tropical plant over a succulent. You don't have a window in your bathroom? Than, maybe a plant that needs a lot of light might not be a good idea.

Bathroom design tissia gerardia.png

This design was created by tissiagerardia, Homestyler mobile user


Do you want to create a unique bathroom remodel with our 3D room planner? You can now import your own bathroom accessories in Homestyler! Find out how to do it here.


The designs showcased in this article were created by the Homestyler users to participate to our Relaxing Bathroom Remodel Contest.

If you want your design to appear in our future home design blog post, make sure to download the Homestyler mobile app and follow the official Homestyler Staff account.

We release a new Home Design Contest every two weeks.

How to turn your garage into man cave

Every man needs his own space around the house – somewhere to relax, be yourself and do the things that you enjoy. For some men that means a garden shed, spilling over with tools and equipment for gardening and DIY. But not everyone is so keen on a cold, dingy space. For some, the idea of a man cave is far more appealing. 

A man cave can give the space to de-stress, regulate emotions and get in some much-needed ‘me time’ away from the chores of daily life. But short of building an extension, many people believe that simply don’t have the space in their home to have their own man cave.

This may be the case, but you might also be overlooking an area of the house that could be ideal. Do you have a garage that you simply don’t use? The car has probably never seen the inside, and the garage has become some a dumping ground for all of the junk that you never use. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Group 132@1x.png

This design was created by glacimussi, Homestyler mobile user

This could give the ideal space for a man cave. So here are some simple steps that you can follow to create an ideal space that’s just for you.

1. Clean it up

This part won’t be much fun, but it has to be done! If the story above was ringing a bell then it’s probably the case that your garage has accumulated a rather large collection of things that you simply never use anymore, alongside a range of items that you thought might come in useful sometime, but never did.

You could find everything from DIY supplies, tools and cleaning materials to bicycles, old white foods and furniture. If you are going to create a fantastic man cave, then it is time to get ruthless with this stuff. If you don’t use it, then you don’t need it. Plenty of things can be sold, recycled or given to charity, so you don’t need to assume that everything needs to be thrown out. 

Group 129@1x.png

This design was created by chrissy w, Homestyler mobile user

2. Insulate and heat

If you’re going to be relaxing in your garage then you need it to be much warmer. This means that you’ll need to invest in both insulation and heating. Insulating is a truly vital step, helping you to keep the heat in and enjoy pleasant temperatures. You might also be surprised at the difference that insulating your garage makes to your home generally, if you have an attached garage.

In any case it will help you to reduce the energy bills from heating the garage. Adding cost-effective heating such as underfloor heating or oil-filled radiators is also essential.

3. Painting and decorating

Next it is time to paint and decorate your man cave. You might think that this is an unnecessary step, but you want your space to be somewhere that you look forward to go. So why not get creative? This is your chance to create a part of the house that is completely designed around the colours and artistic choices that you want – just because it’s a ‘cave’ it doesn’t have to be dingy!

This can be a job that you accomplish over a couple of a weekends – painting up the property and adding soft furnishings can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of the man cave. 

Group 131@1x.png

This design was created by shahram ., Homestyler mobile user

4. Add lighting

Your garage probably has a simple ceiling light fitted, and while this might illuminate the room, is can give a very sparse feeling to your man cave. There are a huge range of lighting options, from stylish industrial metal fittings to unique art deco style interior design. Just make sure that it is something that suits you, and provides plenty of light for whatever activities you are looking forward to enjoying. 

5. Furnish to your taste!

Remember that you can use your man cave however you want. Perhaps you will fit it out with a huge TV, a games console and a gaming chair. 

Group 124@1x.png

This design was created by Bahar Akdeniz, Homestyler mobile user

Maybe you’ve always wanted your own pool table and darts board. Or perhaps you want to create a shrine to your favourite football team. The important thing is that you choose something that is going to make you happy. 

Group 134@1x.png

This design was created by Bonnie 101, Homestyler mobile user

Thank you to Annie Button for this article! Follow her on her Twitter account for more related content: @anniebutton1994 and read her previous article on Homestyler here.

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How to make the best out of our floor plan designer

Dear Homestylers! Whether you are a home owner, a design student or a professional, we want to dedicate this post to thank you for your support throughout these years and show you a few of the features of our floor plan creator.

 Creating an quick sketch design is very easy with Homestyler, but not all of you might know how to draw more complicated 3D house plans with our software yet.

 Let’s go through this together and see how you can use the Homestyler 3D floor plan at its full potential.

 First of all, please make sure you are using Homestyler with the latest version of Google Chrome, since it is the browser that supports our floor plan designer the best.

 To start your 3D house design, you need to build your walls, right? Go to “Create Room”, in the toolbar at the top of our floor plan creator.




You will be able to create your walls one by one, either by the Center or by the Edge, or to directly Draw a Room. Remember to click the Esc button of your keyboard once you have finished building your walls!

 To place doors and windows in your house plan drawing, have a look at the toolbar on the left of your 3D floor plan, named “Building”.



If you want to change the direction of your door, please right click on it using your mouse and select Flip. Choose whether you want to flip Front&Back or Right&Left….Or both directions!




Right below the Building section, you’ll see the icon of a sofa. If you click on it, you’ll access to the Homestyler furniture catalog.



Placing the furniture items into your sketch design is easy and fun: all you need to do is clicking on the article that you like and placing it in your house plan drawing.

Make use of the arrows around each furniture item to move it around your room design and adjust it in the way you prefer.

 You can do this in both 2D and 3D view.

 Wait, did we say that you can already have access to your 3D house design? Of course!




The 3D view of your house plan drawing is right at the top-right of your room planner, and you can access to it by simply clicking on the arrow that you see highlighted in red in the picture above.


This design was created by Nathalie Suarez Gans, Homestyler floor planner user


From the view of your 3D house design, you will be able to walk through your house plan drawing in different ways:


– With your mouse, by clicking on any of the four arrows you’ll see at the bottom of your house sketch;

– Through the four arrows in your keyboard

– Using the letters W, S, A and D, in your keyboard.


Right under the icon of the sofa, you will see the ‘Style” section. This is where you will find all our options for changing the color of the walls, adding a wallpaper or modifying the flooring type of your home design 3D.




You don’t like any of the options that our floor plan creator offers? No problem! You can always add your own wall and floor texture instead.

If you want to upload your own wall or floor texture (as for example marble, wallpapers or tiles), you need to:

1. Click on a wall (or floor)
2. Select "My contents", from the toolbar on the left of your floor plan
3. Click on "Upload Image"
4. Upload your image and adjust the size of it
5. Select it and apply it on your wall.

After your house sketch is finalized, the real fun starts: it’s time to render your 3D house plans!

 To make realistic snapshots of your 3D house design, please click on the icon of the teapot and choose whether you want to render or create a virtual tour of your house plan drawing.




Remember to render your house sketch in both day and night view, so that you are sure of how it will look like, no matter what time is it!



These designs were created by Leticia Santos, Homestyler floor planner user

A few tips for advanced 3D house plans:

 If you want to create an outdoor sketch design with Homestyler, you need to follow these simple steps:


1. Make a big room.
2. Click on the room and change the property of roofing to "NO" (on the right panel).
3. Right click on the walls, and choose "Hide".
4. Apply your desired materials on the ground.


This design was created by Stile Homer, Homestyler floor planner user

If you want to apply two different materials to the same surface (whether it is a floor or a wall), you can use our Customize brick option. You can find it by right-clicking on the floor (or on the wall) of your house design.

Do you need to be assisted with other specific features of the Homestyler floor plan creator we haven't covered in this text?

Please let us know by contacting us to We are here to help you!

How to make a style statement with a hot kitchen island

Kitchen islands have been a major feature of aspirational kitchen design for a good few years now, and the trend is showing no signs of being over any time soon. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a modern kitchen these days that doesn’t have an island.

Group 113.png

This design was created by bj,dalton, Homestyler mobile user

What do kitchen islands offer? Well, a whole list of functional benefits actually. Extra storage, a place to perch, an informal eating space and extra work surface are just a few of the benefits of the kitchen island. The kitchen island is a focal point for family life and has become an essential. There’s no other way to make such good use of space.

Group 111.png

This design was created by brenda sanford, Homestyler mobile user

A kitchen island is a must-have, but how do you choose the look and feel of this central feature? Materials and colours don’t have to match the rest of your kitchen. In fact, a kitchen island that brings contrast to your kitchen design is not only on trend, it is sizzling hot!

Group 121.png

This design was created by Teke Tin, Homestyler floor planner user

Practical tips for kitchen island design

Your kitchen island isn’t just a square or rectangular block in the middle of your kitchen space designed to give you extra cupboards and work surface. No, the kitchen island has rather more to offer. Here are some practical things to consider when designing your kitchen island.

· Is your kitchen island dividing up room space? Position cupboards on the kitchen facing side and allow an overhang (a minimum of 30cm) on the other side to make a breakfast bar or seating area.

· To comfortably fit a kitchen island worth having, you do need a bit of space. For an island to truly shine, your kitchen space should measure at least 3.5m x 3.5m.

Group 122.png

This design was created by Teke Tin, Homestyler floor planner user

· Think about what function you want your kitchen island to perform. Your island can include a mixture of cupboards, open shelves, drawers, a hob, an oven, a sink, a dishwasher, or a wine fridge.

Group 119.png

This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floor planner user

· Small details can make all the difference. What about pop-up electric sockets, or a charging pad for your smart devices?

· A hot water tap is a real must-have gadget for the kitchen and, where space allows, works brilliantly as a feature incorporated into the island. 

Why it’s cool to contrast

Most visually striking interiors incorporate an element of contrast. What’s more, maximalism is being hailed as the new interiors trend.Colours, textures and pattern are exciting and shouldn’t be feared when it comes to interior design, and that includes the kitchen. In kitchen design different materials are being used to create textural contrasts, while paint colours are also being used to add diversity.

Group 112.png

This design was created by Virginia Sandeffer, Homestyler mobile user

Group 117.png

This design was created by Pelin Gungormez, Homestyler mobile user

If you want to make your kitchen island a focal point, then choosing contrasting colours and materials and making it distinct from the rest of your kitchen design can create the show-stopping kitchen you are dreaming about.

Why go for contrast? Well for a start, it creates interest. It can liven up a kitchen design and give it a real sense of individual character. Any well-balanced interior design will need some contrast in it. A island countertop that contrasts with the cabinetry around the edge of your kitchen is a clever yet subtle way to add interest or even drama to the kitchen.

If you’re a little unsure, the contrast doesn’t have to be stark or garish. Mellow, muted shades can be different enough to draw the eye to the kitchen island as a centre point. A simple beige-painted island is really effective against an all-white kitchen and breaks up any potential monotony.

Anyhow, two-tone kitchens are a cool kitchen trend right in their own right now, and contrasting kitchen islands are the easiest way to create that look.

Ideas for contrasting combinations

If you can’t stand the idea of the latest maximalism interiors trend and prefer to keep your kitchen sleek and simple, go for the tried and tested look: minimalist white with a polished black island.


This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floor planner user

In-frame cabinetry can be painted in a contrasting colour to your kitchen island. Off-white kitchens with a blue island are on trend and look spectacular. Add a white marble countertop to the island for a super chic touch.

Thank you to Annie Button for this article! Follow her on her Twitter account for more related content: @anniebutton1994 and read her previous article on Homestyler here.

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How to import 3D models in your floor plan

In Homestyler floor planner, you could have full access to our massive model library to decorate your rooms, and you are also able to import your own 3D models and enrich your home design projects with unique pieces of furniture and accessories.

 (Scroll to the bottom for model upload "Error message – cause and solution")

Model upload – Ground rules:


1. This feature has been created for the upload of 3D models, such as beds, sofas, cabinets, etc. (door and window models are currently not included). 2D models of materials such as tiles, flooring and wallpapers can also be uploaded;


2. The number of 3D models that can be uploaded is 100 per user (300 for Pro member and 500 for Master member).


3. The models uploaded by the user don’t have a .dwg thumbnail, and the users should pay attention when using the .dwg export function;


4. Model usage rights: The model can be used and edited by the account that created and imported it. If you share your design with a friend, he/she will also be able to use your uploaded model.


1. Upload your Model:


1) Enter the [My Model] of the 3D design tool and click the [Add model] card;


2) Follow the relative instructions;



2. Model upload requirements:


2.1 2D model


2.1.1 Wallpaper


a. The provided map needs to be a minimum recyclable pattern unit;

b. The map needs to contain no perspective, no light and no darkness;

c. The minimum size of the texture is 512×512 pixels, 1024×1024 pixels are recommended;

d. Support map format: jpg;

e. The merchant needs to prepare the actual physical size (in cm) corresponding to the provided map, and fill in it when uploading.


2.1.2 Bricks


a. Provide a single piece of brick with brick seam texture material;

b. The map needs to contain no perspective, no light and no darkness;

c. The texture should not contain transparent pixels or white edges;

d. The minimum size of the texture is 512×512 pixels, 1024×1024 pixels are recommended; the non-square tiles can be made into the closest integer multiple of the texture, such as 512×1024;

e. Support map format: jpg;

f. The merchant needs to prepare the actual physical size (cm) of the single piece of brick, which needs to be filled in when uploading.


2.1.3 Flooring


a. Provide a texture of no less than 2×12 single-piece floor stitching results;

b. The map should be square and continuous, and can be recycled;

c. The map needs to include no perspective;

d. The minimum size of the texture is 512×512 pixels, 1024×1024 pixels are recommended;

e. Support map format: jpg;

f. The merchant needs to prepare the actual physical size (cm) of the map floor area provided, and fill in it when uploading.


2.2 3D model


2.2.1 Model Geometry:


a. Maximum number of models: 800,000 polygons (1,600,00 faces);

b. The model should only contain the structure of the product itself, and should not contain irrelevant products, rooms, lighting and other irrelevant content;

c. The model should be created according to the true size of the product. It is recommended to use cm as the modeling unit;

d. The model should avoid overlapping polygons;

e. Avoid making invisible structures inside the product;

f. The front of the model should face the front view of max;

g. All the model structures that use translucent materials need to be detached into separate objects, named ‘glass'.


2.2.2 Model material:


a. We currently support standard, Vray material. It is recommended to use Vray material;

b. Use a separate material ID for the structure of different materials of the model. Use the same material ID for different areas of the same material.

c. Ensure that the texture map path used by the model is specified (no missing map path).


2.2.3 Model Mapping:


a. The model with the map should have a corresponding UV;

b. The UV channel is set to 1;

c. The total file size of the map is limited to 20mb;

d. Support map formats: jpg, png, tga, bmp.


3. Model upload operation


The following is an example of uploading a 3D model:


1) Click the [Add model] button to start uploading the model process;



2) Click on the [3D model] entry;



3) Select the model file to upload and click [Open];


4) Jump to the information fill pop-up window, fill in the model information as required, and click [Accomplished];



5) Once the pop-up window is closed and the [Upload Model] button appears, it means that the model is being processed;

6) Wait until the model processing is completed and the model thumbnail is displayed;


7) After the model processing is completed, the newly completed model will be added to the 3D models section. At this time, the model can be used, as shown below.


4. FAQs and relative solutions


Please make sure you read the below cases carefully, so that your 3D model uploading goes as smooth as possible and you can enjoy this feature without encountering major issues.


File exceeds the size limit


1. Make sure the size of your 3D model doesn’t exceed 20x20x20 meters.

2. Check if there are any extra objects in the max scene, as shown below.

3. Re-upload after modification



The file type is not compatible


We support both .zip and .rar files.


Not all the textures are included


1. Please include all the textures that compose your 3D model

2. Use the “Shift + T” shortcut to check there are no missing textures. If needed, please delete missing textures, or manually retrieve them.

3. Re-upload after modification




Only one compressed file per time is supported


We currently don’t support multiple compressed files at once. Please, make sure the max and texture files are directly in the compressed file and re-upload.


The max file is not found in the compressed file


Please ensure that the 3D model – max file is included in the compressed file and re-uploaded.


The model has too many faces


The single model must not exceed 800,000 polygons (1,600,00 faces)

1. Please make sure there are no extra objects in the file.

2. Remove invisible structures

3. If you are using the Turbosmooth modifier, please reduce the number of subdivisions

4. Remove excess accessories

5. Re-upload after modification


3D models of lighting elements must contain lights or illuminating materials


Lamps and lighting fixture models must contain at least one light source or use a luminescent material


The combined model contains a monomer model that does not exist


Please check that the individual models in the combined model are all available online and re-upload


A geometry model is missing in Max file


Please check if the model is included in max


There are too many objects in the model, please note that the maximum is 500


Please merge the objects in the model into 500 and upload them again.


Error message – cause and solution for upload failure:

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.35.00.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.35.28.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.36.00.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.36.47.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.39.38.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.40.13.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.40.54.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.41.35.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.44.02.png

屏幕快照 2020-10-14 下午10.46.18.png

Black and White Interior Design – And a third wheel

In case you are one of those people who spend lots of time looking for the best color combination and yet, once they have changed all their home decoration, they are already tired of the color scheme they chose, this post is for you.

 Today we want to talk about a color combination that will never go out of style. We are talking about black and white interior design and we will show you why this pair is the most classic yet the most modern one – And the one that can always surprise you.

 The secret of this color scheme stays in its versatility: black and white are complementary – And they are probably the only couple of colors that goes well with every style, every kind of room and every other third color you might want to add.

 Not all the color shades and schemes are made for every room. It is very rare to see a totally monochromatic house, as it doesn’t matter if one has a absolute obsession for a certain shade, everyone would get tired of such a design arrangement – Not to mention that your interior doesn't have only to please your eyes, but also the ones of your guests!

 For what concerns black and white design, on the contrary, it will not be unusual to see it when it comes to living room, kitchen, bedroom design or even bathroom decor.


Black and white bathroom.png

This design was created by Jennifer Hill, Homestyler floorplanner user

Black and white design might not be for everyone but we have to admit that, if used well, it is a great way to make a statement without making the space look too overwhelming.

 There is only one thing that needs to be taken care of when pairing up these colors: keep in mind that balance is the key.

 Spaces that present too much black might look too dark, and therefore, not very inviting.

 On the other hand, total white interiors might result too cold. White is the neutral shade we can rely on when we need a base that sustains the other colors we intend to use, but it doesn’t always work well when used alone.

 Total white interiors are somehow too bright and not very inviting. They might look somehow aseptic, as the white color is usually the one that dominates hospital rather than houses and welcoming interiors in general.

 If you don’t feel like experimenting too much, the classic rule is: white walls with black furniture and black accent wall (normally no more than one, ideally next to a bit floor-to-ceiling window) with white furniture leaning on it. Easy, elegant and intriguing.

 If you are instead looking for the WOW factor, then black and white patterns might be right what you need to make an interesting statement with that one house feature people often underestimate – The flooring.


This design was created by Luis Gonzalez, Homestyler floorplanner user


Geometric tiles can give a creative touch to every room of your house. They might be just too much in the entire home, but they can be used as a way to separate the different spaces between one another – And our suggestion is to utilize them in the common areas, such as the kitchen, the dining room and the living room.



This design was created by Luis Gonzalez, Homestyler floorplanner user

If you choose the right pattern, it could be the winning feature of your house, giving a unique and fascinating character to your place – Not to mention how easy are tiles to clean!

 Some might think that black and white design – even using the correct balance of both colors might still look somehow too “cold”.

 As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, however, is that this color pair is extremely versatile and easy to combine with other colors and accessories.

 Our personal favorite addition to black and white interior design is red.

 Red is vibrant and energetic, and catches the attention quickly. The blend of red, black and white is definitely a statement combination but the feelings that it transmits can change accordingly to the way these three shades are used in an interior.

 The look of your interior can undergo through drastic changes if you use these three totally opposite shades in different proportions.

 Black walls and red accents, with a very minimal presence of white, can give to a room a dramatic and mysterious look, that not many of us are accustomed to.



This design was created by Jamie Willenborg, Homestyler mobile user

White walls with black pieces of furniture and the presence of the red color limited to accessories, such as pillows, flowers, and candles, is something we see with more frequency.



This design was created by Pma Roberts Byrnes, Homestyler mobile user

The final result is elegant and classy, not to mention the smart and economical design strategy that allows to easily change the entire look of the room by substituting the red accessories with items of another color.

 Finally, another quite unusual way to deal with this three color consists in not limiting the use of red to the accessories but extending it to those pieces of furniture that state the look of the entire room – Such as, for example, sofas.


This design was created by Morgan Ann, Homestyler mobile user

Due to its strong and vibrant shade, the excessive use of the red color is often seen as very risky.

 Sofas and pieces of furniture in general represent a real investment when it comes to house designs, and buying a very expensive red sofa could be something most people would easily regret, due to the predominant presence that this shade has in a room.

 Due to this reason, if you are a real red lover, this is your chance to do something new and creative, that is not often seen in house interior, and to make a statement of your own.

 And you? How do you deal with black and white interior design? We would love to hear your insights and thoughts about this long-time yet innovative couple!



What are the Homestyler Points?

 The Homestyler Points are the addition brought by the latest version of The Homestyler floor planner.

 You will receive 5 points every day you log into Homestyler and 50 points every time one of your designs gets featured in the gallery.

 The points will help you creating high definition renderings of all kind:

– Ultra HD Renderings and HD Panoramas will cost you 5 Homestyler Points each

– HD Aerial Renderings and HD Topviews will cost you 1 Homestyler Point each.

How to Decorate Your Open Plan Like a PRO

The first steps into decorating a new home are usually dedicated to the organization of the rooms and the division of the house into different spaces.

The idea we have on our dream home might be very clear in our mind, but the game gets harder when we have to face the reality of how our house is organized and all the spaces are separated.

Adjusting your taste and feelings to the size of your home and every single room can be a hard challenge.

We are used to think that small spaces are the hardest to decorate, but what happens when your living area is too big? This can be a quite complicated situation, too!

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Isabella Benincasa, Homestyler floorplanner user

The open plan concept is modern and cool to see but designing one is definitely not a piece of cake.

Having a big living area means facing the need of organizing different rooms in just one and dedicating a different purpose to each corner.

Moreover, typical open concepts have another point to take into account: no matter where in the room you are standing, you’ll always be able to see all the other micro spaces in which your house is divided.

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Madeleine Ketiya, Homestyler floorplanner user

For this reason, it is important that your multipurpose space has an overall cohesive and coherent look, and that all the rooms combine harmoniously with the others.

In order to achieve this purpose, it is important to make sure that we choose only one style to decorate the entire house.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile user

Normally, a casual – familiar style is the most recommended one. The reasons of this are mainly two:

1. Big houses and large living areas are usually made for families.

2. Having a luxurious approach and too many unique pieces for a multipurpose space could result too overwhelming and redundant.

The general idea is: keep it simple and classy; open plans require consistency.

You know your house needs to tell a story to everyone that gets in. A big room as already many information to give, and it is wise to arrange them in a way that helps our guests receive them.

The best thing of open spaces is the light feeling that they transmit – Make your best not to lose it!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Antonia Emily, Homestyler mobile user

Another way to make sure your open space is homogeneous is painting all the walls in the same colors.

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Using different painting colors could be risky and, for the reasons explained above, could make your space look overall unorganized.

If you are afraid that using only one painting color could be too monotonous, however, there is another solution for you, that consists in making use of building elements, such as columns and beams, to visually break up the room when needed.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Andrew Randall, Homestyler mobile user

One of the ways you can use to define the separation of the different areas is using the furniture layout.

One of the most efficient techniques is to make the furniture “float around the room”.

Before, rooms and areas used to be smaller and it was definitely easier to decorate a space starting with the edges and gradually moving towards the center.

Who said, though, that base cabinets, media units and sofas need to necessarily be anchored to the living room’s walls?

If you take the measurements correctly, you can find unlimited ways to make your pieces of furniture work as cool and modern space dividers, given that the walls are missing.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by miriam, Homestyler mobile user

In this way, you can easily design your living room and start your dining area at the back of your sofa – For example.

Another creative way to separate the areas is to make use of a different area rug for every space of your room.

If you decide to go for this option, what you need to make sure is that your rugs coordinate with each other in all their four major characteristics: color, style, material and decorations.

Again, you don’t want your guests to have the feeling that just because you needed a lot of furniture to decorate your large room you decided to use everything that came to your way.

Open spaces give a light sentiment of freedom but it is very important to keep their design organized.

In order to achieve this final result, another thing that you need to do is to ensure your house has enough close storage space.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Luis Gonzalez, Homestyler mobile user

Given that our home is that safe place in which we keep all the things that have been part of our lives and that are still meaningful to us, it is clear that we do need to store all these souvenirs somewhere.

Open shelves are sometimes very cool – In particular, they are a big trend in kitchen decor.

However, we need to admit that we might not feel necessarily okay in showing all that we have to our guests – Especially when we are not the best at keeping everything tidy and organized all the time.

Shelves are a great decoration and they also can help give some more vitality to your walls.

However, you can’t count 100% on them; make some space for some closets – You never know how much you need them, until your stuff is all over the place already!

Finally: Be creative, make use of every corner and have clear in mind the story you want to tell with your decor! Getting an open plan right is not the easiest thing to do but can make you achieve stunning results!



How to take a virtual tour of your home?

Among the latest features of Homestyler you will find the 720° Virtual Tour one. To use it, you to:

1. Save your project

2. Click on the “Render” option, that you will find in the toolbar at the top of your plan

3. Make some Rendering

4. Click on “Create 720° Virtual Tour”

5. Choose your starting point

6. Click on “Generate”

7. It’s done!



If you wish to see your Homestyler design in our future blog posts, please send us an email to attaching some pictures of it and explaining us what inspired you! We look forward hearing from you!

Why hardwood floors look so great in bedroom design

Hardwood has been chosen as a flooring option in bedroom design for centuries already, but have you ever wondered why it is so loved and appreciated?

Wood + bedroom is a great combination for many reasons. Let’s find out what they are the main ones together!

Hardwood is a material that can really last for decades. Good quality wood is often rather pricey but it can be seen as a smart investment for the future for multiple reasons:

– If treated in the right way, with the caution and attention it deserves, it can last for an entire lifetime. This means that you won’t need to replace or re-install your floor if you don’t want it, saving a lot of money and time compared to cheaper and less durable materials.

– Hardwood bedrooms are classic and they are still seen as a luxury, therefore adding this kind of flooring to your room will increase the value of it, in case you are planning to sell your house anytime soon – Or even in a long-term future perspective.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Antonia Emily, Homestyler mobile user

– Wood is an extremely versatile material, that can go well with any interior style, type of house and color palette.

The choices of wood you can use are infinite and all of them express that feeling of comfort and peace that only natural beauty can offer.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Jazz Bustos, Homestyler mobile user

Because of this, if you are one of those people that like to change interior decoration frequently, wooden floors are the choice for you.

Wooden materials allow you to completely renovate your room without having to worry about changing the flooring according to the new style you have decided to approach – Which would save a lot of your budget for some other changes you might want to do.

Interior styles come and go, as well as your taste. A good quality hardwood floor can accompany you throughout the years, as you change ideas on how you want your bedroom to look.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Olyn Em, Homestyler mobile user

Additionally, wood is warmer than any other texture in many ways:

You not only get a more welcoming feeling by entering in a wooden bedroom rather than in a marble one, but also you need to think that the bedroom is that one room we often walk around barefoot –And it is not a very nice feeling to walk on something cold, right?

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Bella Bernath, Homestyler mobile user

Given that your bedroom is your safe place, away from everything and everyone, it definitely has to be decorated in a way that gives you a pleasant feeling, that can warm your heart up every time you enter there.

You might think at this point “Carpets are also a good option if I want to walk barefoot around my room!”… 

This is true, but have you ever noticed all the dust that gets caught in your rug?

Unlikely wood, that is very easy to clean, we can’t really say the same about carpets. Cleaning products and vacuum cleaners are not 100% effective and this can be a big downside of carpets.

Hardwood floors, on the contrary, are hypoallergenic, and they are also recommended by the American Lung Association as the flooring type that best helps preserving  good quality of the air.

After all, the bedroom is that one place in which we really need to breathe without any troubles and without the risk of incurring into allergies or other issues. We mainly go there only to sleep, an an healthy sleep time is essential for both our body and mind.

Hardwood is most commonly applied in floors, but have you ever thought that it can be used to cover other surfaces of your room, such as, for example, walls and even ceilings?

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Sof Mouss, Homestyler mobile user

For this kind of surfaces, light hardwood is generally suggested over darker types, as it keeps the ambiance warm but fresh at the same time, and it does not result too overwhelming.

If you think a whole wooden wall could be too much for you, you can still decide to split the same surface by utilizing two different materials and textures.

If you decide to opt for this second idea, it is suggested to place the wooden portion of the wall right behind your bed. In this way, the wooden part can perform as a fascinating and natural focal point.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Rachel Wallen, Homestyler mobile user

We talked about how good do hardwood floors look particularly bedroom design, but the truth is that this kind of material looks amazing in most of your house’s rooms – Even the bathroom!

If you want to keep the same material for the whole house, hardwood is one of the very few textures that would allow you to do so, by perfectly fitting in the style of every room and giving more consistency and coherence to your interior.

Still in doubt of what kind of wood would suit your decor taste the most? Have a look here to get more bedroom design inspiration.



How to become a Herostyler?

The status of Herostyler is recognized to our most active and passionate mobile users. Becoming a Herostyler means that the Homestyler team will thank you for your support by giving more visibility to your designs and your profile.

If you wish to be nominated Homestyler, all you need to do is keep creating great designs and be nice with your other fellow Homestylers in the community! Easy enough no? 😀

Homestyler contests are happening every week – Make sure to participate to them by creating your themed design and using the Contest Special Hash tag!



If you wish to see your Homestyler design in our future blog posts, please send us an email to attaching some pictures of it and explaining us what inspired you! We look forward hearing from you!