4 Useful Tips for Your Eco House Design

As interior design lovers we like to put a lot of effort and pay a special attention in order to make our home look both beautiful and comfortable.

It give us such a relaxing and satisfying feeling seeing that everything is right exactly where it is supposed to be and that our home is in perfect order!

Living in a healthy and peaceful environment is essential to keep our mind in peace. It is very nice to arrive back home after a long day outside and see that everything is clean and in order right?

Moreover, it is very much gratifying to see that your friends and loved ones like to come to visit you and feel at their ease when they are staying at your house.

Home decor is a very personal and intimate statement, as each one of us has their own favorite style, color palette and material combination.

There is one interior design style, however, that can bring us all together.

Eco house design style is the one that not only takes care of our interior but also helps us make something good to the home that we all have: our planet.

Sustainable designers don’t follow specific rules but they express themselves in different ways, keeping in mind the same final purpose – Ensuring that the home they create is in total harmony with the environment and emanates a feeling of purity.

As much as it is important to have a well-decorated house, it is also extremely meaningful to be able to do it without the need of hurting our beloved planet Earth.

In order to do so, ecologists and interior designers have got together and figured out a few simple tips to have a beautiful interior and respect the nature at the same time.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Danna M, Homestyler mobile user

1. Use natural material

First of all, eco-friendly designs say “No, thanks!” to plastic and welcome a wide variety of organic and environmentally sustainable materials, such as wood, natural stone and bricks.

Recycled and re-used materials are preferred over brand new ones, as it is always better to reduce the waste, when you have the chance.

Moreover, when possible, it is suggested to use local material suppliers, that produce what you need in a social responsible manner, rather than goods that are imported from some other Countries, where the process of production is not very clear.

Natural and organic materials have an additional benefit of making your ambiance feel warmer than other artificial and other processed textures, that are much colder and are definitely not ideal to give a welcoming look for a home.

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Letícia Santos, Homestyler floorplanner user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Ailleen Félix, Homestyler mobile user

2. Add some greenery

Eco-friendly decor means: go crazy adding plants and flowers! Your house must make a big call to nature, and what’s best that adding some green?

Plants and flowers add more vitality to your space and make it look warmer and more welcoming.

More over, greenery is not only a beautiful decorative item that adds more life and color to your home but it also has the very useful function of filtering the air – Nothing fits the eco-friendly way more that something natural, pleasant to the eye and beautiful!

You can choose for an infinite number of different plants, and each of them can be suitable for a different area of your house.

There is nothing more common that adding trees or other kind of plants to your garden.

If you have a particular big outdoor space, you could even consider the idea of starting growing your own vegetable garden.

In this way, you could have a double additional advantage, both economical and culinary

In fact, your own fruits and veggies will be for sure not only more healthy but also they will have a way better taste compared to the ones you would buy at the supermarket! – Not to mention how cheaper it would be to just pick them up from your backyard!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Bea T, Homestyler mobile user

Not everyone might know, however, that many plants are also suitable to grow in an indoor space, as long as they get the amount of natural light and water they need.

It might be fairly common to see flowers and other kind of plants in the living room, but have you ever thought of adding some natural decorations to spaces such as your kitchen or your bathroom?

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Letícia Santos, Homestyler floorplanner user

It can give a creative and ecological touch that will make your rooms unique and unforgettable!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by lilian ramon, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Faina Raneva, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Teodora Maria, Homestyler mobile user

3. Be efficient with the lighting

Being environmentally conscious means making our own best in order to reduce waste to the minimum.

We have seen how to recycle old materials can help this process, but being energy intelligent plays another big role into this.

Plants help us avoid expensive air filters but there is a way in which we can also limit the use of artificial lights, at least during the day.

In order to do so, it is important to opt for big windows and make sure to place them in a way so that the sun can stream in our home during the day and we don’t need to switch any source of artificial light.

On the other side, we have to admit that, depending on where you live, sometimes your outside view can be the real piece of artwork and masterpiece of your room!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Revita Indriani, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Tracey Mcconnell, Homestyler mobile user

4. Opt for a qualitative decoration rather than quantitative

To make sure we honor and appreciate our nature at its best, a good idea is to have a minimal approach for what concerns the use of furniture and color palette.

Often times, in fact, eco house decor and minimalism are associated, as they share many of the same principles.

White and other light tones are suggested, because they make the ambiance brighter and more airy.

Also, it is important to ensure that the kind of painting we decide to apply to our surfaces doesn’t contain substances that can be toxic to us and the environment in general.

As for the furniture, make sure to choose qualitative pieces, that will last for years, rather than cheap options that you will have to change after a short period of time.

If you want to do something good for the World, please shop mindfully and buy only the things that are necessary for your well being.

Avoid purchasing items that you will not use or that you know you’ll get tired of after a short period of time.

Remember to recycle when you can and give a new life to antiques and vintage items when you see there is a possibility for it.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Rachel Wallen, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by home designs true, Homestyler mobile user


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5 Colourful makeover ideas for your neutral kitchen

While white and other neutral tones are perfect for creating a timeless look in your kitchen and provide maximum return on your investment, there may come a point when you want to breathe a bit of life into your colour scheme. Sure, grey and cream can give you that classic elegance, but sometimes you need to switch up the energy a little.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can use to add colour to your kitchen that don’t require ripping out the cabinetry or commit to a full kitchen redesign. A colour makeover can be whatever you want it to be: small and subtle, cheap and cheerful, or quirky and creative. Take inspiration from the ideas below and fall in love with your old kitchen all over again.

1. A splash of colour on the wall

Your neutral kitchen cabinets may be hard to change, but painting a wall requires little skill or time. All you need is a spare weekend and a trip to your nearest DIY shed to get the necessary supplies. Once you’ve chosen the wall that you wish to transform, it’s a good idea to get a few trial pots and test them in situ to help you select the right accent colour for your kitchen. Ideally, the colour should be bold enough to create a contrast, while not clashing with colour schemes in adjacent areas or rooms.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Judee Moody, Homestyler mobile user

If the budget stretches and the level of your DIY skills is intermediate rather than beginner, you could try your hand at adding or refreshing a tiled splashback. Coloured splashbacks can create a wonderful impact, while ceramic or glass tiles are available in any colour of the rainbow, and not difficult to fit.

Acrylic or glass splashbacks that come in sheets are another high impact way of adding instant colour to a drab kitchen scheme. These probably need professional installation, but then you’re only altering a small area of the kitchen, keeping costs low.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Tori Boice, Homestyler mobile user

And if you really can’t bring yourself to paint a kitchen wall and a new splashback is not an option, but you still need some colour in the room, there’s always wall art. Choose a large, boldly coloured canvas or print with a motif that you love and hang it on the kitchen wall. Job done.

2. Open up your kitchen shelving

Open shelves are a fantastic way to add some colour into your kitchen. Just as you can hide clutter behind closed doors to give your kitchen a calm, streamlined look, open shelves are an opportunity to display whatever takes your fancy – and in whatever colour. Best of all, you can change your display at a moment’s notice.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Pelin Gungormez, Homestyler mobile user

Glassware, kitchen utensils, candles, recipe books, favourite dinnerware, pictures, vases and anything else you think might good on the shelf – group your items together in your chosen colour scheme and create something personal and very unique.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Bridgette Everhart Hardin, Homestyler mobile user

3. Add bright painted furniture

Even in the most built-in kitchen spaces there’s usually an area where a freestanding piece of furniture can go – a dining table and chairs, a dresser or storage unit – or some wall space that you can personalise. One of the most effective ways to add a splash of colour to your kitchen is by way of painted furniture.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Kate Charman, Homestyler mobile user

Choose a bright paint colour and transform your kitchen table, breakfast bench or cabinet to your heart’s content. Find a quirky vintage piece and colour customise it to reflect your taste and personality, or cut out the hard work and simply buy a piece in a colour that fits your kitchen.

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floor planner user

4. Go funky on the floor

Revamping your kitchen colour can be as simple as adding a vibrant new rug or floor treatment. No need to invest in valuable Persian carpets for your kitchen floor, since there’s bound to be the odd spillage or three that might spoil the rug.

Instead, go for a non-spill indoor/outdoor rug that’s easy to clean, a cheap recycled rag rug that’s easy to replace, or a vintage rug where the odd stain merely adds character. As a bonus, you’ll find a soft rug much nicer and warmer underfoot than hard flooring.

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Deitra Butts, Homestyler floor planner user

5. Get lively with plants and produce

If your kitchen looks depressingly anaemic, you can liven it up in an instant with blooms and foliage, even fruit and veg. Depending on your budget, it could be something as small as pots of fresh green herbs for the windowsill, a pretty glass bowl displaying vibrant oranges, lemons or apples, or a generous colourful bouquet of colour of cut flowers on the island.

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floor planner user

Potted plants, whether as elegant, bright purple orchids, statement succulents or lush palm trees in planters, can really help to soften the room and bring an element of the outdoors in. Complement with other natural materials such as wood, wicker/rattan and glass for bright and airy look that’s anything but greige.

Thank you to Annie Button for this article! Follow her on her Twitter account for more related content: @anniebutton1994

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5 Ideas for the Perfect Office Layout

The majority of the people often link office layout to one single word: functionality.

Most people, guided by this principle as a only key criteria of their office decor, would normally make a list of all the items and pieces of furniture they need before starting to decorate their office.

After the list is done, they would just buy all these different objects, and put them together in the most efficient way – Things they need the most would go next to the desk, and everything else would just be placed in some corners of the room.

Of course, every item we decide to put has to be there for a purpose – We are not fan of wasting space either!

What we want to point out with this post, however, is that decorating in a functional way does not necessarily mean giving up on taste and beauty.

In fact, it has been proved that the ambiance we work with has a direct consequences on the quality of what we do.

Psychologists usually say that if we work in a place we don’t feel a ease our productivity will be negatively affected.

On the other side, if our office is well designed and encounters our visual taste, our mind will feel more in peace and ready to deal with all the ordinary and extraordinary tasks we need to face at work.

Of course, each of us follow their needs and make a different use of their office layout, and the decor of this room strongly depends on the kind of activity we need it for.

Are you looking into renovating your working space in an efficient but chic way?

Find in this article the five interior design tips and decorating advises that can help you get the best of your working time, by being happier and, therefore, more productive.

1. Place your desk in front of a window

Having your desk faced to a window is a suitable furniture arrangement especially for writers and artists, because, looking at the landscape in front of them, they can find more inspiration and release their mind when they need to take a break.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Emilia Roth, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by glaci mussi, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Laura Leticia Lizarraga, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by shahram ., Homestyler mobile user

Looking out of a window is very important as it helps us relax and find the right mindset and motivation to start working productively again, but it  is not the only advantage of placing your working desk in front of a big window.

It has been scientifically proved, in fact, that natural light is much healthier for our eyes, compared to artificial lamps.

For those who spend the whole day at their desks, especially if they are working on their computers, being close to a big source of natural light is essential – The light of your PC and the one coming from your lamps are extremely aggressive for your eyes!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by lynn g, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Guadalupe Fuentes Benito, Homestyler mobile user

2. Make use of a big desk

Big desk are the dream of office workers. It is very hard to focus on your job when you are all next to the other and you feel like you don’t have that much of a personal space.

Unfortunately, we rarely get to choose the decor style of our office, unless we work from home and we can dedicate a whole room only to our working time.

If home office is our case, then it is definitely worth it to invest on a big working table, that makes us feel free to keep close to us everything we need, without any kind of space limitation.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Andrea Rivera Jarvis, Homestyler mobile user

3. Surround yourself with books

Books are not only your brain’s favorite food but they can also give more charm and elegance to your home office – Aren’t libraries the most fascinating interiors, after all?

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Bonnie 101, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Morgan’s Designs, Homestyler mobile user

Books are the items that most characterize offices and that respond more than anything else to the functionality rule.

Open shelving will not only help you find the book you need more easily, but also will give an original touch to your office decor.

It is important, however, for us to pay particular attention into placing and arranging them in a way that is not only useful to our work but also pleasant to the eye.

Chromatic order and books size are two of the criteria that most interior design professionals and enthusiasts suggest, when it comes to organize libraries.

An interesting idea can be to arrange all the books belonging to the same publishing company together, as they are usually produced in the same format, and they are made to look good next to one another.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Levette Tripp, Homestyler mobile user

4. Gather your team in a round table

If you don’t work by yourself and you mainly spend your time with your team of co-workers, round tables are the best design arrangement.

This kind of tables encourage the conversation and facilitate team works.

In addition, they make it easier to add more seats whenever it’s needed. In this way, you’ll be able to add a new member to your working group without the need of redesigning completely your office.

Sometimes the exchange of opinions through meaningful communications is essential, and this becomes very easy if the people you need to talk to are seated all in front of you!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Gabriela d, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Ailleen Félix, Homestyler mobile user

5. Rest your body and soul on a comfortable seating

Another great solution that is specifically suggested to encourage the work of many minds together is the arrangement of some soft and comfortable piece of furniture around your working space.

We don’t always need to work on an ordinary desk and chair set, right? It can be very good for our body to lay down in a comfortable place from time to time, especially when we don’t need to write anything down, and if we still manage to focus, even if we are not seated.

A comfortable sofa with a bunch of pillows, or a set of coloured poufs, can bring more happiness to our work place make everyone feel more at home.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by brenda sanford, Homestyler mobile user

This kind of decor is particularly suggested for co-working spaces as, just like round table, they help build your team stronger by making everyone feel at the same level and facilitate open conversations and exchanges of ideas.

What is the office layout that you found being the most suitable to your needs and daily work routine?

Let us know your personal experience and the office design that you decided to go for!

Augmented Images – the Revolution of Interior Decoration

It can be very hard to get a full idea of how our place is going to look just by studying a plain, 2D image, right?

Homestyler has now studied a new technology for you, that will allow you to reproduce your floor plan and furniture pieces in 3D starting from a simple printed image of them.

What are Augmented Images?

Augmented images allow you to transform a 2D picture into a 3D model. You just need to print the 2D model out and scan it with your phone – The Homestyler mobile application will take care of the rest!

How do Augmented Images work?

Reproducing a project in 3D has never been this easy! Check if your mobile phone is compatible to the new Augmented Images technology and be ready to see the 2D project and furniture pieces below the article taking shape on your phone.

To activate the AR view, make sure you follow these four simple steps:

Homestyler home design - Augmented Images

Step 1. Click on the “AR” icon, on the top-right of your in-app Community page.

Step 2. Allow Homestyler to take pictures and record.

Step 3. Fit the floor plan/furniture below the article in the hexagonal scanning area and wait until the scanning is completed.

Step 4. See the 3D model and walk around it to make sure everything is looking just as you had imagined during the designing stage.

Scan with Homestyler App to view the room in 3D          

Homestyler home design - Augmented Images

Want to cooperate with Homestyler and see your floor plans and furniture reproduced with the Augmented Images technology?

Augmented Images can significantly improve your interior decorating experience.

If you wish to bring your home design life to the next level, and participate to this big step for the industry of house decoration, we can help you implement the Augmented Images technology for you.

For any inquires and questions you can reach to us to homestyler-support@service.alibaba.com

We will more than happy to chat with you and see how we can guide you through the AR journey.

Industrial Style in 5 simple steps

Industrial style has been a thing for almost twenty years. With its concept of renewing old factories and transforming them into living spaces, it is really fascinating and different from any other interior design trend.

Industrial style is modern and bold. It is characterized by many different and unusual pieces and material and it can be very hard to use all of them without making the space too overwhelming.

Architecturally, industrial style is mainly represented by tall ceilings, bis windows and open floor plans

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Medeleine Ketiya, Homestyler floor planner user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Denise Lombardi, Homestyler mobile user

As for the materials, when entering in an industrial space, you would always expect to see raw materials such as concrete, exposed bricks, wood and metal.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Poly Muller, Homestyler mobile user

Other items that can help us identify this style are exposed pipes and ducts as a decorative elements for ceilings and walls.

Everybody among the Homestyler users seems to love industrial style, although some confessed they still do not have quite clear in their mind what this design trend implies.

It is very easy to recognize industrial style when we see a home decorated in this way – but it might not be just as easy to design an industrial interior indeed!

We can’t forget that the space that we are wishing to decorate as a home was first a working space.

For this reason, it can be a very difficult challenge to make a cozy home out of a cold and huge interior.

On top of all, industrial style requires the use of accessories and decorations that are considered quite unusual for a home.

To guide you through the mystery of industrial style, we have listed all the main key elements that industrial interiors are characterized by. Now, let’s see together how we can organize all these materials and items in the best way.

1. Metal

Metals such as copper and steel are a must in industrial designs, but it is important to know how to use them well.

These kind of surfaces scream modernity and tend to take the whole attention for themselves.

For this reason, it can be wise to use their presence to make a bold statement, for example with a big ceiling fixture for our living room or a row of three metal ceiling lights right upon our dining table.

Homestyler home design

This design was created by maisarh janabi, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler mobile user

2. Decorative pipes and ducts

While all the other interior design and home decor trends tend to hide these elements, industrial style is a strong ambassador of exposed pipes and ducts.

These items are not exactly traditional, and for this reason they can be extremely eye-catching.

They can take the place of wooden beams, or they can even accompany them to decorate the tall ceilings of our industrial interiors – plus, you will be surprised to see how good they look with brick walls!

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Revita Indriani, Homestyler mobile user

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Teke Tin, Homestyler floor planner user

Homestyler home design

This design was created by Andrew Randall, Homestyler mobile user

3. Exposed bricks

Aren’t brick walls the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about industrial style?

Whether we we like them all around our house or we just want to limit their presence to accent walls and decorative elements – such as columns, exposed bricks have to be in our home if we want to obtain an industrial look.

Most of the time, honestly speaking, we don’t have the chance to exclude them from our project – as many old factories used to be build with them!

Exposed bricks are beautiful and make a great impact in every interior, but we need to admit that their presence can be a bit too overwhelming for a private space!

This is why it’s better to accompany them with big and tall glass panels, and to furnish our place with neutral tones – not all the colors go well with the bold red shade of the bricks!

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Madeleine Ketiya, Homestyler floor planner user

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Tracey Mcconnell, Homestyler floor planner user

Homestyler floor plan

This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floor planner user

4. Concrete walls

A much more discrete option is concrete. Its soft gray shade goes well with almost everything, therefore it can be used with the all house.

Concrete walls give you many options in terms of furnishing, as their neutrality allow you to play more with color and textures compared to bricks.

Concrete present a totally different problem compared to brick walls, as they might be too monotonous. For this reason, a good idea is to decorate our tall and big walls with bold and colorful paintings.

Homestyler home design - walls

This design was created by Laura Leticia Lizarraga, Homestyler mobile user

5. Wood

While all the other key traits of industrial style tend to make your interior look colder, wood can make the whole ambiance cozier, more welcoming and more inviting – just like a home should be!

Wood helps neutralizing the metal accents and can warm up your place in a significant way.

You can use wood to create panels for your walls, as well as the main material for your furniture, like in this example by our mobile user Ailleen Félix.

Homestyler home design - wood

This design was created by Ailleen Félix, Homestyler mobile user

In this blog post, we showed you the five main key elements that an industrial interior really can't miss. We know the contest is over but we are looking forward seeing your iterpretation of this design style!


How to adjust the height of your walls on the Homestyler floor planner?

If you want to adjust the Global Height of your walls, you can click on Create room and select the option Wall setting. There, you will be able to adjust your own value.

If you want to adjust the height of a single wall, you can right-click on it while in 3D view and adjust the value from the Property section it will appear on the right of your floor planner.


Do you know what are the Homestyler Contests?

Most of the designs in this post have been created as entries to participate to the Homestyler Industrial Contest.

Every week, the Homestyler team organizes Homestyler Official Contests, to let users challenges themselves and their friends, while they learn some new interior design techniques.

Make sure to follow our Community in the Homestyler app to find our about our next contest!



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Dream of a White Kitchen – 5 Reason Why

According to the NKBA, (the National Kitchen + Bath Association) white is the most common color scheme when it comes to decorate a kitchen.

Want to know why? Let’s find out together the five main reasons in this post and lets get some inspiration from our amazing Homestyler floor planner and mobile users!


1. White is timeless

We all know that renovating a house requires a great investment. For this reason, when deciding how to decorate each one of our room, we need to take into account that the choices we make at the time, will have to last for a long time within our walls.

At first, we might be fascinated by bold color schemes… But how do we know we won’t get tired of those after just a couple of months?

Kitchen cabinets, in particular, take up to half of the room’s budget and are the ones that set the tone of the whole space.

Choosing the white cabinets represents a wise choice, as they can fit all the different kind of styles, from traditional to modern.

White cabinets are a wonderful background for any kind of kitchen. So, if you are one of those that feel to renovate their home every now and then, you will still be able to do so by changing all the other pieces of furniture, and keeping the most expensive ones as a fixed point.


This design was created by Maisaa Al-Asad, Homestyler floor planner user


This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floor planner user


This design was created by Teke Tin, Homestyler floor planner user

2. White makes a small space look bigger than it is

Small rooms can be a real nightmare for interior designers and decorators. The kitchen, in particular, is the place where all the family members and the closest friends reunite together, so it is important the the space looks inviting airy and welcoming to everyone.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the enough luck to be able to set the dimensions of each one of our living areas.

When it comes to this case, some visual adjustments and tricks related to color schemes can definitely come in help.

Just look at this kitchen, designer by our mobile user Andrea Fleury. Could you imagine how it would look if the cabinets were in a dark brown shade? Even smaller than it is, right?


This design was created by Andrea Fleury, Homestyler mobile user

3. White brings brightness where there is no natural light

Another factor that will make our guests feel at ease in our kitchen – as in each one of our rooms – is the amount of natural light that can stream in.

Just with the dimensions of the rooms, not always we get to choose the size of the windows that our kitchen will have.

You might need to face the problem of having a very tiny window, but you don’t need to worry about this! White kitchen, and white cabinets in particular, can solve this issue too!

In this kitchen design, for example, our mobile user lynn g managed to transform a very sad and dark room into the perfect location for a daily family gathering!


This design was created by lynn g, Homestyler mobile user

4. White is neutral and it pairs up perfectly with any kind of accent

Just as we mentioned before, a white basis allows you to constantly play around with the rest of your kitchen designs’ items, without having to worry about whether the new decorations fit the whole mood or not.

In this way, you’ll be able to not only change your mind whenever you can, but also encounter more easily other people’s taste.

Here below you can see three totally opposite kitchen decor.

Andrea Frigeni, author of the first design, with the tropical wallpaper, likes to make a call-to-nature.

On their side, Maura Bonini and Leticia Santos prefer to play one with cold and the other one with warm color accents.

Overall, the three spaces give a whole different mood and different effect, but don’t you think it would be very easy to replace that wallpaper, those pillows and those framed artworks if we wanted to change again the style of the house?


This design was created by Andrea Frigeni, Homestyler floor planner user


This design was created by Maura Bonini, Homestyler mobile user


This design was created by Leticia Santos, Homestyler floor planner user

5. Everyone likes white

Often times we find ourselves decorating the house for someone else, that has not necessarily our taste in interior design.

This is not only the case of professional designers and architects, as there can be a chance that one day, we will decide to rent or sell our current house.

Because of its versatility, white is a color solution that will make everyone happy, so it won’t represent a problem when it comes the time to make someone else fall in love with your kitchen – everyone will!


This design was created by Laura Leticia Lizarraga, Homestyler mobile user 


Do you you can now add your own wall/floor texture to your floor planner projects? All you need to do is:

1. Click on a wall
2. Select "My contents", from the toolbar on the left of your floor planner
3. Click on "Upload Image"
4. Upload your image
5. Select it and apply it on your wall


Do you know how you can browse all the kitchen designs available in our app?

From our Community Gallery Stream, you just need to input the Kitchen filter!



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We look forward hearing from you and showcasing your talent to everyone!

Remodeling Bathroom with Style: 7 ideas for you

Let’s admit it, we never pay too much attention to the remodeling of our private bathroom.

Interior design is often used as a mean to impress and please our guests’ eyes, and for this reason we might tend to forget about the rooms that we don’t expect other people to see.

The importance of decorating rooms such as our bedroom or our personal bathroom is often underestimated but, in reality, it’s exactly because we are the only ones who are going to see them that these areas need a special attention from our side.

Especially because these are the spaces in which we spend most of our time alone, we need to respect this and what our feelings say and want.

Decorating the common places of our home is certainly important, but having a cozy and inviting ambiance in those rooms where we spend our time alone to reflect and relax is just as much needed.

Just because nobody else might see your bathroom, it doesn’t mean that, from time to time, remodeling this room is not essential to complete the style of your entire house. 

Remember that your house has to be warm and welcome to everyone that comes in, especially for your self!

The best things about this kind of rooms, that are more private and intimate, is that you can follow your heart all the way when you design them, as the only person who needs to be satisfied by the final result is yourself.

In this post, we aim at giving you some bathroom ideas that came to our mind after seeing some of the projects created by our Homestyler floor plan and mobile users.

From these pictures and these simple tips, we think you can start realizing what you like and what makes you feel good, so that you’ll be able to finally decorate your own wonderful private bathroom.

Just think about what it is that you need the most to guarantee you a better lifestyle and to make you feel happy when you are alone at home. 

We will tell you how you can decorate your bathroom in order to achieve this goal of inner peace and satisfaction.

1. A bathtub to relax

We said it before, your private bathroom is that room that will welcome you after your most tiring days and that will help you to recover and relax.

Bathtubs are not necessarily the most common choice when it comes to decorate a bathroom, as the shower appears to usually be of the time a more practical option.

However, for your private bathroom, if the keyword is “Relax”, a bathtub is a must. 

Group 01.png

This design was created by Laura Leticia Niebla Lizarraga, Homestyler mobile user

Group 02.png

This design was created by Tammy Hileman, Homestyler floor plan user

2. Bold accents of color to give you energy

If bold and vivid colors make you happy, this option is for you. You might, of course, want to choose your favorite color, just know that 2018 is the year of green bathrooms, in all its shades!

Green is a great color for your bathroom for many reasons indeed, given the feeling of freshness and cleanness that it transmits!

You can choose the tone of green you prefer: mint, olive, lime dark green or a softer shade. Just let your imagination run free and your instinct decide for you!

Group 03.png

This design was created by Denise Lombardi, Homestyler mobile user

Group 04.png

This design was created by Rochelle A. Dela Cuesta, Homestyler floor plan user

3. Reconnect with nature by using eco friendly materials

If you need a break from the big city life, then this option is for you. 

We don’t often see plants in bathrooms, but, if paired up with organic material and the colors of nature, they can instantly change your mood and give you a more comfortable feeling.

As for the natural materials, exposed bricks walls and wooden furniture are a pair that can instantly warm up the atmosphere. 

Sustainability is now not only a way to be more ecological, but also a technique to help us create a relaxing atmosphere and a beautiful innovative look.

Group 05.png

This design was created by Ditechris, Homestyler mobile user

4. A large shower if you have a busy lifestyle and a taste for modernity

If bathtub are too old style for you, and you’d prefer to obtain a more modern look in your bathroom, you should go for a large shower.

Large walk-in showers are the latest trends as not only they have managed to switch the spa system from horizontal (with the classic bathtubs) to vertical, but also they respond to the needs of our dynamic life style.

For this reason, walk-in showers are very versatile and flexible to the use they want to make out of them. Their design is modern and new and they suit perfectly in both big bathrooms and smaller ones.

Group 06.png

This design was created by Andrea Guerriero, Homestyler mobile use

5. A double vanity set if you are a romantic soul and you love to share

Let’s be honest, aren’t the double vanity sets a real couple goal after all? If your bathroom is big enough to host one, than this should definitely be your choice.

Double vanity sets encourage you to spend more time with your partner, especially during the morning, when both of you are busy getting ready for another day at work, or at night, when you have finally some time to spend together.

Moreover, it doesn’t have to be underestimated how double storage can come in handy!

This choice is not only very romantic but also practical, as it can help you easily separate our spaces, while still allowing to be together.

Group 07.png

This design was created by Carmen Cantariño, Homestyler floor plan user

6. A big chandelier to obtain an elegant and sophisticated look

Who said that chandeliers are only made to be hanged on top of a old wooden dining table? To tell the truth, they look wonderfully in your bathroom too – especially on top of your bathtub, if you end up opting for one!

Chandeliers can help you bring your bathroom look more inviting and fancy. If you are aiming at having one of those luxury bathrooms we see in the movies or in the most elegant hotels, the couple bathtub+chandelier is a must.

One thing you need to keep in mind though, is to make sure you decide to adopt a soft tone of lighting, as it has been proved that helps your nerves feel more calm.

We spend a lot of time thinking about the best color scheme and all the small details that suit it and complete it, so it would be a big pity if we ruined the all mood by choosing a cold light!

Group 08.png

This design was created by Teke Tin, Homestyler floor plan user

7. Your best souvenirs to make your walls look unique

The majority of the bathrooms we see have always unadorned walls. As we said before, however, your private bathroom is one of the places in your house that most allow you to express yourself completely, without bounders.

While we usually prefer to hang paintings in common areas such as the living room or the dining room, we can use our bathroom to showcase more private and personal kind of artworks, such as the souvenirs we collect to remember our holidays or other good moments.

This is a simple technique that will ad lots of valour to your safe place and that will distinguish it from any other bathroom.

Group 09.png

This design was created by alisea, Homestyler floor plan user

There aren’t real rules for the remodeling of your private bathroom as, you are the only person who gets to decide the style and the look you want to obtain. 

We have just given you some bathroom ideas and a list of different items and techniques you can add to make sure your you make this very special place truly yours.


Do you know how to paint your walls with the Homestyler floor plan?

To paint the walls of the room you have created with the Homestyler floor plan, simply select the desired wall and apply the color or material you choose from the “Style” section you find in the tool bar on the left of your floor plan.


Do you know how to paint your walls with the Homestyler mobile application?

To paint the walls of the room you are decorating on the Homestyler mobile application, simply click on the “Style” section you find in the tool bar at the top of your screen and select the desired material and color.


If you wish to see your Homestyler design in our future blog posts, please send us an email to support@homestyler.com attaching some pictures of it and explaining us what inspired you! We look forward hearing from you!

This Summer: 9 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Design

Summer means only one thing for us, home design lovers.

The holidays never last as much as we would like to but there are a lot of ways in which we can bring our dreamy summer escape in our backyard.

After having taken inspiration from some of the projects that our Homestyler users have created with both our mobile application and our floor planner solution, we have collected 9 easy design tips for you to bring your outdoor space to the next level and to enjoy this summer at 360 degrees.

1. Treat your outdoor space as if it was an extension of your house

In order to reach this result, we have to realize that our outdoor design needs the same attention as our indoor space.

When it comes to home design, we pay attention to every little detail and make sure that every decision we take will contribute to make our house more pleasant to the eye.

Why shouldn’t we do the same when it comes to our garden, is it just because it doesn’t have a roof on top or a few walls around it?

The general idea is to decorate our garden as if it was an open air room, so we can both enjoy the comfort of our indoor and the artistic atmosphere of our outdoor.

As no other room allows you to relax and enjoy your time with your friends and family more than your living room, why don’t you bring this same ambiance in your garden? 

How many times have you wished there was a place where you could enjoy a starry night or a sunny day from time to time, instead of the same shows you’ve seen over and over in television?

The moment has come, and the place is your house!

Group 1.png

This design was created by Rochelle A. Dela Cuesta, Homestyler floor planner user

Group 2.png

This design was created by Levette Tripp, Homestyler mobile user

A nice sofa, a couple of armchairs, an elegant coffee table and here you go! Your garden has now a brand new aspect and emanates a very cozy and welcome atmosphere both in the day light and during the evening.

Another room that brings everyone happily together is the dining room. Alfresco dining is definitely a summer trend decor and it is what allows you to enjoy your meals and the outside breeze at the same time.

Group 3.png

This design was created by Dianne Stasa, Homestyler mobile user

Alfresco dining is by definition a casual way of gathering outside and savor a meal together. It is usually taken as a party and the typical food accompanying it is a barbecue.

For this reason, adding a barbecue set a few meters from your table can definitely make your outdoor meal more interesting and can satisfy both meat lovers and vegetarians, reuniting together all the people you love the most.

Group 4.png

This design was created by Rochelle A. Dela Cuesta, Homestyler floor planner user

If you are lucky enough to have a big garden to decorate, you can also multiple areas together, as you would do for a big open space, an industrial interior or a modern loft. 

Just like for your interior, the secret to visually divide your space is to adjust the furniture in a way that it “floats” and it does not stay anchored to your walls or to your railings, but it naturally combines the two rooms.

Afraid of ruining your furniture? There is no need to be! Garden umbrellas are not only made to protect you from the rays of the sun or from the heavy summer rain. 

They are also useful to prevent the nice tables, chair and sofa you decided to place outside from being unfairly damaged!

Group 5.png

This design was created by Andrew Randall, Homestyler mobile user

2. Put the right importance to the lamps by choosing them carefully

What can make a real difference in your outdoor space is the way you deal with your lighting. An external scenery requires soft lights that can enhance the romantic mood of the space, therefore some lanterns are definitely recommended.

What gives us softer and more pleasant tones that our nature, though? A bonfire is always appreciated and admired, as it can easily warm up all your guests’ hearts and make them feel at their ease simply with its heat and with the elegant movements of its flames.

The scenario that it creates is just amazing, isn’t it? And it can happen to be useful as well, as a way to finish our alfresco meals with some marshmallow and entertaining our guest with a few songs played with a guitar!

Group 6.png

This design was created by Paola Murrieta, Homestyler mobile user

3. Don’t forget to take advantage from the beautiful views that our natural light can offer

Everyone loves elegant lighting fixtures and modern lamps, but we need to admit that the best light is the one offered by our naturally beautiful sun, and only our outdoor space can make us enjoy it at its full potential.

When we are on holiday, we always look for the best spots where to admire the sunset at the end of the day. Some of us, even set up their alarm clock and get up early to manage to see the sun rising, isn’t it? 

What if this scenery wasn’t a one-time only event, and if you could set up your garden in a way that it enhances the view of the beautiful sky above you?

Some views are just breathtaking but just because we like to dream about them – especially during the long winter nights – it doesn’t mean that they can’t be reality!

Group 7.png

This design was created by Rita Edwards, Homestyler mobile user

4. Be more healthy by surrounding yourself with the green of the plants and the vibrant colors of the flowers

Of course, the greatest thing of having a garden to decorate is that you can cheer up the place and the overall feeling by playing a lot with plants and flowers. 

Nature looks always good and can embellish your space without requiring you to follow any particular designing rules – most of the times, the more plants you add the better, especially if you think of the multiple benefits that plants bring you!

To name one, you can use your garden to plant and grow your favorite fruits or vegetables, and start with it an healthier diet and a more economical lifestyle – think about how much money you’d save when you go grocery shopping!

Some people are afraid that adding too many plants might be overwhelming, and that the green might make the space look somehow monotonous.

In this case, nothing can add more joy and color than some fresh flowers! Not to mention that many studies have found out how flowers can enhance our creativity and lower our anxiety.

Group 8.png

This design was created by designs by Q Delgado, Homestyler mobile user

If you don’t want to spend too much time gardening, just remember that there are some styles and kinds of plants that don’t need particular care from your side but are still able to provide a unique style to your backyard.

Examples can be the buganvillea and the oleander, two gorgeous kinds of flowers that are easy to grow and maintain, as they don’t need much water.

5. Add a playground area

If you have little kids in your family, an outside playground is something that you really can’t miss and that will make their childhood one of the greatest moments of their lives. 

In the digital area, finding ways to constantly encouraging natural play is essential and it can be easily feasible by adding a couple of tire swings and a slide.

Your little ones will love to have a playground area right a few meters from their room, and their joy will bring happiness to everyone else in the house.

Group 9.png

This design was created by سموو الرووح, Homestyler floor planner user

6. Build a sport facility in your outdoor space

Are you a sport person, and you wish you could practise your favorite activity anytime you want? If so, why don’t you build a special court in your garden?

The most elegant and pleasant to the eye are definitely tennis courts, as their green combines well with the color of the grass.

Tennis courts might seem a luxury due to the cost of installation and maintenance that this kind of facility can imply.

Truth is, there are a few ways that allow us to keep the costs reasonable, starting from opting for a concrete or asphalt court (that represent a cheaper option compared to the classical grass one)

Group 10.png

This design was created by Madeleine Ketiya, Homestyler floor planner user

7. Top it up with a swimming pool

If you are looking for something that can make both the little ones and the grown ups, both sporty people and relax lovers happy, why don’t you go for a swimming pool?

Swimming pools are perfect for very occasion and are loved by everyone. Floating in the water is both fun and relaxing, but it can also help you keep fit and it has a lot of health benefits as well.

To name a few, in fact, it has been proved that swimming can reduce asthma symptoms, lower our stress and strengthen our heart. 

Group 11.png

This design was created by Teke Tin, Homestyler floor planner user

Adding a swimming pool will allow swimming lovers to practice their favorite sport at home, kids and adults to have fun with their friends and couples to enjoy the romantic effect of their shadows reflecting on the water. Sounds like a win-win for everyone, right?

Group 12.png

This design was created by Morgan Cotter, Homestyler mobile user

8. Build up a gazebo

Another beautiful and functional addition to your garden is a gazebo, that can both repair you from the excessive heat and give you more privacy whenever you need.

Group 13.png

This design was created by Langa M, Homestyler mobile user

Not to mention that they can come in handy and add great value if you want to use your venue to host an unforgettable event! 🙂

Group 14.png

This design was created by nobody, Homestyler mobile user

9. Learn how to embellish your balcony

But… What if you don’t have a big garden to take advantage of? Just because balconies are smaller, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be designed in a beautiful way with plants, flowers and furniture!

Balconies are actually more versatile and they can allow you to enjoy your days outside and relax even though you live in a busy city!

Group 15.png

This design was created by Clotilde Trolet, Homestyler mobile user

Group 16.png

This design was created by Homestyler Medellin, Homestyler floor planner user

We have named just nine ways to extend your Summer 2018’s vacation to your time at home, but we are sure there are many more! Be inspired by the other designs you find in the Homestyler community and show us what you can do!


Do you know how to create an outdoor design on your floor planner?

1. Create a room.
2. Click on the room and change the property of roofing to "NO" (on the right panel).
3. Right click on the walls, and choose "Hide".
4. Apply your desired materials on the ground.

Here you go! 🙂


Do you want to create an original outdoor design with our application? Browse your camera roll to upload a picture of your own garden and decorate it with the furniture you find in our catalog!

If you don’t have any picture ready but you still want to immortalize the balcony of your vacation house and decorate it in a new style, you can take the picture of it directly from our app, and start designing it!

– The mobile designs created on the Homestyler app and showcased in this post were created for the Summer 2018 Outdoor Homestyler Contest.

The Homestyler team organizes  new challenge every week, download Homestyler on your iOS or Android device to take part to this week’s competition!


If you wish to see your Homestyler design in our future blog posts, please send us an email to homestyler-support@service.alibaba.com attaching some pictures of it and explaining us what inspired you! We look forward hearing from you!