Prepare your Staycation & Get Tropical Style right

16 Jul, 2019

Do you also often think of escaping to a tropical island, far far away and forget all your problem?

Very few of us can really achieve this dream but, luckily for everyone else, there is no need of packing our bags anymore. Thanks to this post, you will now learn how to decorate your house in tropical style, and give your home design a true holiday vibe.


This tropical style design was created by Kylie Smiley, Homestyler floorplanner user

1. Give space to oversized plants

There are a few things more tropical than banana leafs and big plants. As we wrote in our previous blog post on indoor plants, they cal really be used in every room of your house, so unleash your creativity and your love for nature and don't be afraid to choose the most extravagant and the biggest tropical plants you see for your new tropical style decor.


This tropical style design was created by Mirna Meloni, Homestyler mobile user

2. Not only real plants, but also printed ones

If you can't go too crazy with real plants, make sure you have a look at the latest trend: printed and patterned wallpapers and decorations. A tropical design isn't complete without banana leaf themed accessories to accompany it.

The most classic choice is to use this kind of wallpaper only in one of your bedroom's wall (normally the one where your headboard is). 

An alternative to this can be hanging some tropical themed curtains on your windows – If you get tired of them, you can simply remove them and replace them very easily.


This tropical style design was created by Luis Gonzalez, Homestyler floorplanner user

3. Use wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is the coziest and the one that most reminds us of our mother nature. To blend perfectly with our plants and our natural decoration, wood is the number 1 choice, that can complement the entire look and transport us from our stressful city life to a tropical paradise.

Dark tones of wood are rarely considered for the entire decoration of the house, as they tend to make the space too cluttered.

In tropical style, however, darker kinds of wood are the recommended ones, because they are the ones that get more commonly used in those tropical Countries we want to be in so much.


This tropical style design was created by Puspa ., Homestyler mobile user

4. Go crazy with the color

Bright yellow, orange, avocado green and ocean blue. Let you be inspired by the colors of what represents tropical islands the most, be bold and choose the shades that give you optimism and confidence in your daily life.


This tropical style design was created by Bidyut Alam, Homestyler mobile user

5. Embrace maximism

While we often recommend not to overdo and mix too many styles, colors and patterns in a single room design, this rule is not applicable when it comes to tropical style.

Tropical design is all about maximalism. Big plants, big patterns, bright colors, comfort and coziness are the key factors that most guide this interior design style. Decorate your tropical house in the way that makes you happy.


This tropical style design was created by Kate Charman, Homestyler mobile user