Sad that Neybers shut down? Homestyler is here for you

17 Apr, 2019

If Neybers was your favorite room design app and you are sad that it has just shut down – Do not worry! Homestyler is here to help you and won't go anywhere.

You don't need to struggle looking for interior design games on iOS and Google play anymore – Homestyler has you covered!

Many long time Neybers user have already joined the Homestyler community, so there is no chance you will get lonely! You will be able to find your old friends on your new room design app and you will feel home from day 1.

Living room design by Cecilia Dahart.jpg

This design was created by Cecilia Dahart, Homestyler mobile user

As you will be able to notice, the Homestyler community is one of the most friendly ones out there. Everyone you will talk to in the Homestyler app will be nice and kind with you, and willing to help you moving your first step in Homestyler.

Moreover, the Homestyler Staff will make sure you will enjoy designing by organizing weekly home design related contests – Based on certain house design styles, color schemes, on a particular room remodel project or on a real-life festival to celebrate. And the coolest thing is that the Homestyler users themselves are also able to launch their own design contest!

Just like Neybers, Homestyler is an app that will allow you to take a picture of a room and design it, by putting the endless furniture pieces and home design accessories that you will find in our catalog.

The main difference with the Neybers interior design game is that the furniture and accessories you will find in the Homestyler catalog is 3D, so you will be able to rotate it and move it around your room design as much as you want – until you find its perfect layout and arrangement.

In addition, you can't miss the chance of trying our the Homestyler AR feature. Thanks to the augmented reality technology, in fact, you will have the opportunity to scan the space around you and decorate it as you want through it.

Easy to use and fast – These are the key concepts that drive us as a team!

Living room design by Poly Muller.jpg

This design was created by Poly Muller, Homestyler mobile user

You don't have any real room that you need to remodel at the moment but you still want to have fun decorating on a room design app? No problem!

Homestyler has a wide selection of rooms you can design. Just like our furniture gets updated on a weekly basis, we also keep adding new rooms every week, so that you can challenge yourself with different home design ideas!

Home design by Danna M.jpg

This design was created by Danna M, Homestyler mobile user

Another very important difference between the interior design game Neybers and the room design app Homestyler is that Homestyler is Completely Free!

Yes, you read correctly. You will be able to like and comment all the designs you want, design as many rooms as you please and use ALL the furniture pieces and accessories you will find in the Homestyler catalog without the need of spending real money nor in-app points.

Living room design by Rutchevelle del Ouden.jpg

This design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile user

Registering an Homestyler account on your mobile phone or tablet involves absolutely zero costs, all you need to do is finding us in your Apple Store or Google Play.