Vertical Living: 11 Shelving Ideas That Make It Easy

31 May, 2019

In recent years, people who live and work in metropolitan areas are shifting to condo living

Why? Reasons include access to great amenities, security, and affordability. Most condominiums are strategically located in parts of metropolitan cities where everything you need such as malls, restaurants, salons, movie houses, supermarkets, convenience stores are just a stone’s throw away.

Condos are also situated near or even within business districts, making it a perfect living arrangement for busy people who want their work and life balanced out harmoniously.

Cities all around the globe are becoming more and more overcrowded, it is inevitable that the traffic situation in cities will most likely be a problem. And living in a condo located in areas where most people work allows them to avoid long and tiring commutes. 

However, as the population continues to grow, especially in metropolitan areas, we are now faced with another problem: limited living spaces. Condo units may be practical and closer to work, but they have limited space, which can be challenging.

If you’re having problems organizing your belongings because of the limited space you have, don’t you worry as there are tons of clever storage solutions you can do yourself. To help you out, here are ten DIY storage ideas to maximize every available space in your condo. 

Floating shelves

These are open shelves that you can mount on walls to store a number of items from books to ornaments. Because they’re wall mounted, you can pretty much use this amazing storage idea in areas or rooms that have bare walls. The best thing about it is they’re easy and relatively cheap to install.  


This living room design was created by Nicole Simplicity, Homestyler mobile app user

Corner shelves

Much like floating shelves, corner shelves can be used to maximize space in your condo that is usually overlooked. Corners are in fact often not thought of as a space to install shelves but if you really want to take advantage of every available space in your condo unit, you might want to try this out.'


This living room design was created by chrissy w, Homestyler mobile app user

Headboard shelves

Another area where you don’t usually think of when it comes to storage is the space above your bed. You can use the space to put some decorations or maybe the books you usually read at night.


This bedroom design was created by saira, Homestyler mobile app user


Bed frames with drawers

The space under your bed can be more than just a place for dust bunnies to collect. Make use of this often-neglected area by installing drawers where you can keep shoes, books, and your clothes. The coolest thing about it is that the stuff you put in it can be hidden away out of sight, making your bedroom more organized.

Staircase drawers

The space underneath staircases is another great place for storage. You can either keep it open to create a sort of a nook for books and decorations, or you might want to install doors to make a “hidden” storage space for unused Christmas decors or shoes. 


This living room design was created by camino_l_j, Homestyler mobile app user

Wall-mounted racks

In the kitchen, bathroom, and/or bedroom, racks can be easily installed on bare walls to maximize the limited space of your condo space. Much like wall floating shelves, wall mounted racks allow you to add additional storage space without using any floor space.


Divider shelves

For studio-type condo owners, dividers are often necessary to create “rooms.” in a one bedroom condo design. So why not use dividers as a storage space as well? Your sleeping area can be easily separated from the kitchen by using a cabinet, which you can also use as a cupboard for extra kitchen storage or storage space for your clothes depending on where you face the shelves.

Bathroom shelving

Usually, condo units with a small living area come with an even smaller bathroom. This makes it difficult to find an extra storage space for bathroom essentials. If you need extra space for towels and toiletries, you can use the space above your toilet’s tank by installing shelves.

Kitchen corner stacks

One of the rooms that would really need a lot of storage space is the kitchen. That’s why it is important to use every inch of space in your kitchen, including the corners, which are usually taken for granted. By adding a vertical row of open shelves in corners, you’ll be able to use it to display cookbooks, spices, and other stuff that are within easy reach when you’re working in your kitchen.  

Cupboard spice racks


The jars of your herbs and spices may be small but they can take up a lot of counter space in your kitchen, not to mention that they make your kitchen look disorganized. To avoid this problem, you can just simply install spice racks at the back of the cupboard or cabinet. This way, your herbs, and spices are always out of sight but are still within reach if you need them for your cooking.


Yes, hooks may not be considered shelves but they are as important for your storage needs. A simple contraption like a hook installed in the right place can easily boost your storage game. 


This living room design was created by Autumn Brister, Homestyler mobile app user

In the kitchen, for example, you can screw them on the side of your kitchen cabinet so that you can have a place to hang your pots and pans.


The global population is constantly growing but it doesn’t mean we have to live miserably in cramped spaces. When square footage is an issue, these simple and easy to install shelving systems and storage space ideas can really help you maximize every inch of your condo unit. Try these and see for yourself.

This article was written by Jona Jone. Jona Jone has been a mortgage originator in Philadeplhia, PA. She is also a Business and Property Specialist. She has been writing articles about real estate investment, business, parenting and living.

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