Walk around your design with the panorama feature

21 May, 2019

After you have finalized your Homestyler project, one of the coolest features you can try is the Render one, to have an idea of how your home design will look in real life.

In one of our recent updates we will add a further step to normal rendering, however, and it is the chance to take a 720 panorama of your project: if you identify a standing point, the camera will turn at 720 degrees, allowing you record a full view of your rendered home design.

One additional step to the panorama rendering, is the Virtual Tour features, that allows to add up different panorama renderings, allowing the user to go from a rendered room to the other, for a more complete view of the project.


Taking a Virtual Tour means being able to add up multiple panorama renderings and visualize them all together, having the feeling that you are really walking in your Homestyler house, and being able to go from one room to the other, visualizing all the different details of your home design.


Just all the other Homestyler feature, the Virtual Tour option is also completely free to use, however higher rendering qualities might require the use of the Homestyler points as currency.

– Ultra HD renderings require 5 Homestyler Points

– HD Panorama renderings require 5 Homestyler Points

– HD Aerial Renderings need 1 Homestyler Point

– HD Topview Renderings need 1 Homestyler Point


Homestyler Points are very easy to earn: you will get 5 new Points for every day you log in Homestyler and to Points if one of your Homestyler designs gets featured in the web community.

And thanks to our Homestyler web user Decoralinks .com for leding us her home design pictures for this blog post! Remember to go check out her amazing profile!