White sofas layout for a timeless sitting room design

10 Apr, 2019

Your sitting room, or most commonly called living room, is that one place that usually makes the first impact when someone enters your house.

The sitting room might most probably set the tone of your whole home design, so a good starting point could be asking yourself: What style do I choose for my house plan drawing?

If you see home design as a long term investment and you are looking to give a timeless look to your house, white sofas might be the right choice for you.

We have seen it in our post on white kitchens: this color can function both as a anchor and base for the whole room design around it.

Sitting room design qoooooo555.png

This home design was created by qooooooo555, Homestyler mobile user

White is neutral and never goes out of style. If you consider the price of a sofa, you might come up to the conclusion that it could be quite an investment.

The best idea would be for you to go for a color that can fit with any style and home design, so that this piece of furniture will last for years, even if you are one of those people that loves to go through a home remodeling rather frequently.

Because of the versatility of their color, white sofas can fit perfectly in every room design, and they can come in a wide selection of different materials and shapes.

Sitting room design glaci mussi.jpg

This home design was created by glaci mussi, Homestyler mobile user

Only one con has to be mentioned when considering a white sofas layout for a future home remodeling project: be careful of the stains

If you have kids or pets, however, you don't necessarily need to reconsider this color choice – You can simply research for stainless or washable sofa fabrics, and still enjoy a white sofa, avoiding its only downside.

After having read our previous blog post on how to use the Homestyler room planner at its full potential, it's now time for you to make the best out of it and use the Homestyler floor plan creator to experiment every possible white sofa layout until you find the perfect one for your sitting room.

For the reasons explained above, there are unlimited ways in which you could use a white sofa in your next home design project – And all of them will lead you to very different effects but equally great final results.

It is therefore crucial that you clarify a few points before you start your house plan drawing in Homestyler.

1.  Choose the sofa shape you prefer

While sectional sofas and L-shaped ones might be perfect for a big living area, they could not be a good idea if the house you are remodelling doesn't allow enough space for a sitting room.

You don't want to run the risk of occupying your entire sitting room with a sofa, and remaining with absolutely no space for media units, base cabinets, coffee tables or any other furniture piece you were initially intended to use.

Having made this point very clear, we must admit that L-shaped and sectional sofas are absolutely perfect for big family rooms and they have the huge advantage of allowing many people to sit together at once.

Sitting room design Danette Lukawesky-Huisman.png

This home design was created by Danette Lukawesky-Huisman, Homestyler mobile user

 This cannot be necessarily said for loveseats, chesterfield sofas and other smaller sofa types, which, on the other hand, are rather ideal for young couples or single people.

Sitting room design nullen 9.png

This home design was created by nullen 9, Homestyler mobile user

2. Decide whether you want to go for one or 2 sofas

If you still prefer smaller sofa sizes over the bigger ones, but your living area allows a lot of space to decorate, you might want to consider the idea of using 2 sofas in your sitting room design.

This option an definitely represent more space for creativity and originality in your home designs.

First of all, you can think of the best sofas layout for your sitting room.

Two of the most common sofa layout ideas include arranging two sofas either facing each other or in a L shape

While the first layout is ideal to facilitate the conversation, the second one is preferred if we want all our guests to be able to look at the same focal point – Whether it is an artwork, a TV or a breathtaking view.

Sitting room design Kylie Ashton.png

This home design was created by Kylie Ashton, Homestyler mobile user

Secondarily, you can ask yourself wether you want to use two extact copies of the same sofa or you are willing to surprise your guests with two completely different sofa types next to one another.

3. Select the color you want to pair up your white sofa with

Do you want to go for bold accent walls or accessories? Or you'd rather opt for a complete neutral scheme, maybe using a light shade of grey or beige?

Once again, your sitting room remodeling leads you to two completely different choices, so you need to ask yourself the question: Do you want to play safe or suscitate a WOW factor to whoever enters your house?

The first choice is definitely more classic and it's more lickely that will last longer before you get tired of it – Hopefully, many many years, if not even decades.

Sitting room design Patrycja Walaszek.png

This home design as created by Patrycja Walaszek, Homestyler floor planner creator user

The second, on the other hand, will represent a less common home design idea, therefore it could be of great impact.

Sitting room design Rachel Pearcy.png

This home design as created by Rachel Pearcy, Homestyler floor planner creator user

Do you like white sofas and whould you have consider them home design, for your own sitting room or the one of a client?

Feel free to let us know your ideas and thoughts towards this extremely piece of furniture by sending us an email to 

Your project could be easily get selected for our next blog post!