Why choose Loft living

15 May, 2019

In our previous posts, we have explained you how to decorate your house using industrial style and how to bring your open plan design to the next level.

Industrial style and open plans do have one thing in common though: when they blend together, they can give life to an amazing loft design.


This loft design was created by Lili Vaz, Homestyler mobile app user

Loft living is especially popular in the cities and it is generally preferred by young people.

A loft design usually screams modernity and is characterized by a practical and efficient use of the space.

There are a few points and features that help a loft design achieving these two main goals: let's see them together.

loft-design-by-Madeleine-Ketiya 3_副本.jpg

This loft design was created by Madeleine Ketyia, Homestyler floorplanner user

1. High ceilings

Because most city loft designs used to be factories before being refurnished as residetial interiors, loft living normally presents very tall ceilings.


This loft design was created by chrissy w, Homestyler mobile app user

This results in making the space look bigger than it is and allows your home design to expands not only on one level anymore – Most loft designs, in fact, are normally developed vertically, on two floors.


This loft design was created by Madeleine Ketiya, Homestyler floorplanner user

2. Big, floor-to-ceiling windows

High ceilings normally lead to another consequent feature: big, floor-to-ceiling windows.


This loft design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile app user

The windows, in fact, need to be proportioned to the size of wall – And extra walls will require extra windows.

This results in a great addition to your loft living apartment: your loft design will in fact allow lots of light to stream in your house during the day time, reducing your elecrticity consumption and visually enlarging your space even more.


This loft design was created by Luiz Curto, Homestyler floorplanner user

3. A flexible room layout

Open plans are not the easiest to decorate but they are among the most rewarding ones. 

Loft living usually means that the kitchen, the dining room and the living room are all together in one big space – Some people even like to include the bedroom in the same room layout.


This loft design was created by chrissy w, Homestyler mobile app user

This explains why loft design is not necessarily recommended to big families – Because the spaces and the rooms are not separated from each other, nobody gets too much privacy.

If young and single people love loft living, however, it also has to do with the open plan layout. 

This gives more flexibity in the furniture arrangement and more freedom to change the room layout whenever we feel like.

This also makes every room easy to reach and less formal.

Afterall, walls are not the only ways to separate rooms: you can think of multiple rugs, or floating furniture.

Another idea, is to separate the rooms with the use of artworks. For example, a very big statement painting can be placed in the room that you consider being "the heart of your loft design", catching the attention among the other spaces.

loft-design-by-Stile Homer_副本.jpg

This loft design was created by Stile Homer, Homestyler floorplanner user

4. A mix of different interior design styles

To visually separate the space in your loft design, you can even try out a different interior design style for every part of your open plan.


This loft design was created by miriam Franchini, Homestyler mobile app user

Are you thinking of going for an eclectic look, to add more interest to your loft design? This is your chance.

Loft living gives you the chance to unleash your creativity and can lead your imaginations to levels that would remain unreachable in a traditional design, where every room is defined and separated from the others.


This loft design was created by Puspa ., Homestyler mobile app user