Your vintage living room design in 9 simple steps

07 Jun, 2019

When it comes to interior design styles, the choices can be many.
But if you’re looking for a timeless look, that will allow your house to make everyone feel at home, we can only point you towards one direction.
Vintage style is by far the coziest one among all the different ways in which you could decorate your house.
It adds a unique touch to every home design, but it’s also quite tricky to get right.
Because vintage style gives space to a lot of creativity it terms of furniture choice, materials and colors, people often think it is a very easy style to reproduce.
Let me tell you something though: Well, it’s just not.
There’s a fine between an unforgettable vintage living room and a true disaster, where everything has just been let to case.

Fortunately, you have us, and we will teach you how to get to the first result and design the perfect living room in vintage style.

1. Wooden floors

Traditionally, vintage rooms are usually decorated with a wooden floor.
The reason is easy: no other kind of flooring has ever screamed coziness before.

Wood is also very versatile, and allows to play with different vintage rugs: whether they are statement ones or rather neutral, rugs are essential in a vintage living room design.

This vintage living room design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler floorplanner user

2. No empty walls

In a true vintage design, walls are not just the box around it, but they are an essential part of the whole concept.
Empty walls are rarely to be seen.
A vintage room is a real work of art, and a showcase of unique items.
If you have a collection of old clocks, vases or paintings, use your walls to make your design statement.

In vintage design, wall shelves and open cabinets are the must-have furnishing item.

This vintage living room design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user
3. Long, precious curtains

Forget shades and blinds for your vintage living room design.

What you need are long, timeless curtains: the kind that you don’t buy in a big furniture shop but most likely in a flee or antique market, that are able to make the atmosphere even cozier.

This vintage living room design was created by Garona Equiz, Homestyler mobile user

4. Wooden furniture

The reason of this furniture choice and be linked to the one of the flooring.
You can choose a tone that is similar to your floor, or you can play with contrast.

Just avoid to use too many of those dark wooden cabinets together with a dark wooden flooring type, to make sure your space won’t look too cluttered and your room will still breathe.

This vintage living room design was created by Mariana Basson, Homestyler mobile user

5. Play with different textures

Metal accents with wood, velvet sofas with knitted cushions or top, emerald green with a neutral brown shade.
As we stated at the beginning, vintage style living gives you the chance to explore different materials and colors in one room.
Furnishing a living room in vintage style involves a lot of researching around different niche furniture shops, and this can be both fun and also very challenging.

While a sofa or at least a loveseat is necessary in every living room design, vintage styles gives you the chance to add one or two contrasting armchairs, with an ottoman for some extra sitting space.

This vintage living room design was created by Marilyn Hertel, Homestyler mobile user

6. Add a library

To many of us, a place isn’t cozy with a proper library.
Don’t be afraid to show your reading tastes to your guests, and allow your hobby to become part of the whole room remodeling.
A library on a wall and a couple of books left casually on the coffee table: and you’re suddenly home.

Not to mention that, giving a hint of what you like can also offer a good chance to start a great conversation with the people you welcome at home.

7. Show the real you

A house isn’t a home until we have added something that it’s only ours.
Family pictures, images of the most important moments in our life: if we like history in furniture, we certainly can’t deny what has happened to us until now.

Just remember to select the frame with care, attention and love: forget cheap, plastic ones and rather opt for silver pictures frames, that are just a classic.


This vintage living room design was created by Orrie Beck, Homestyler mobile user

8. Warm lighting

One of the most fun accessories to play with, in a vintage design, are definitely the light fixtures and the lamps.
To give an overall cozy and warm feeling, please go for a warm light, and just don’t buy whatever lamp comes to your way.
Lighting really makes it all, and can make a huge difference.
A big, unique statement ceiling light can be a great way to set the mood.

Wood table lamps next to the sofa or on the cabinet give the impression that you didn’t leave anything to the case.

9. A touch of modernity

Vintage means old but this doesn’t mean that you can’t take the liberty to add a few modern accents.
As long as you carefully select each furniture piece and accessory you decide to use, your vintage living room gives you the chance to express your self at 360 degrees.
Don’t be afraid to dare but make sure the room has a overall cohesive look.
If you want to buy a piece of furniture just because you found a nice offer online, just please don’t.
Remember that everything you add in your room will become part of your life and you will see it every day, for a big part of your life at least.


This vintage living room design was created by Orrie Beck, Homestyler mobile user