5 Top kitchen improvements that will help you sell your home

06 Jul, 2019

If you’ve decided to put your house on the market, it pays to thoroughly prepare your home for sale. Investing in some key home improvements can make all the difference between achieving a sale at a price that you’re happy with. And where better than to start with the heart of the home: your kitchen.


This kitchen design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Kitchens have come a long way in recent times. Not that long ago, a domestic kitchen was seen as a purely functional space for food preparation and storage, hidden away behind closed doors. But take a look at any contemporary home and you’ll find the kitchen fully integrated into the way we live. It’s where we cook and eat, socialise and entertain – the modern kitchen truly is the hub of the home.


This kitchen design was created by Mirna Meloni, Homestyler mobile user

Estate agents know only too well that kitchens sell houses, so if this area of your home does not live up to buyers’ expectations, it may take longer to sell the property and fetch a lower sale price. We’ve got some clever tips to help you upgrade the most important elements of a tired, unloved kitchen, in an effort to wow house hunters and get your property sold.

1. Kitchen furniture makeover

The first thing property viewers will notice are your kitchen units. Check to see if these are in excellent condition and showing off your kitchen to best effect. If there are signs of age or wear and tear, don’t be complacent – get it sorted.


This kitchen design was created by Mary Johnson, Homestyler mobile user

A fresh coat of paint in an ever popular neutral shade or a trendy new colour may be all it takes to revamp kitchen doors and drawer fronts to bring them right up to date. Add new door knobs and handles to complete the transformation.

If painting is not an option, how about replacing your cupboard doors to give your kitchen a new lease of life? Cheaper than a brand new kitchen, there are many companies that specialise in this type of service.

2. Upgrade your worktops

Is your existing kitchen being let down by lacklustre worktops made from traditional laminate or past-its-prime timber? These days, style and substance go hand in hand, meaning your kitchen worktops should be made from premium materials that ooze both functional and aesthetic appeal.

Think of investing in luxury materials such as marble or limestone, natural granite stone or engineered quartz, to really elevate both the look and performance of your kitchen. This specialist supplier explains the benefits of using granite, a “naturally-occurring stone formed over millions of years in the earth’s crust. This makes it an incredibly durable and heat-proof material with a densely packed crystalline structure and very low porosity. Once sealed, granite is a waterproof and stain-resistant surface and almost impossible to scratch, thus maintaining their diamond-polished shine for years”, Chandler Stoneworks.

What’s more, granite comes in a wide range of outstanding colours and unique colours to add a stylish statement to any contemporary or traditional kitchen.


This kitchen design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Of course, this type of natural stone worktop comes at a price, but you don’t need to change all worktop surfaces. Maybe contrast premium granite around the sink area with more affordable oak or beech worktops elsewhere? In any case, the investment will have been well worth it if the resulting wow effect leads to that all important property sale.

3. Revamp your walls and ceilings

Once you’ve considered the kitchen units, it’s time to take a look at walls and ceilings to see if they need a refresh. If you do decide to repaint, choose a bright white or pale neutral shade to maximise the sense of space and light in the room and make it warm and inviting. Soft pastel colours are the perfect complement for wooden cabinetry and freestanding timber furniture, while grey has been a strong recent kitchen colour trend.

You can complement plain painted surfaces with other materials that are both decorative and practical in the kitchen. From feature brick tiled walls to splashbacks in stainless steel or colour glass sheets, or ceramic or marble tiles on upstands or wall surfaces, there’s a wealth of choice and no shortage of interiors inspiration.

Whatever you choose, do bear in mind that it’s not your personal taste the counts as much as the aesthetic preferences of your target market. After all, you’re upgrading your kitchen for a particular reason.


This kitchen design was created by 오유나, Homestyler floorplanner user

4. Look up and down

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting in the kitchen, which can make the difference between a drab, gloomy space that no-one wants to spend time in, and a warm, welcoming heart of the home. 


This kitchen design was created by Karen Berry, Homestyler mobile user

Start with maximising any natural light coming in by keeping windows sparkling clean and free of clutter. Artificial lighting should provide more than adequate levels of illumination. If that is not the case, you may need to upgrade light fittings to improve the situation or fit additional under-cabinet LEDs. Finally, invest in a feature lamp or light fitting that draws the eye.

On the floor, practicality and cleanliness are definitely next to godliness. If your kitchen floor surfaces are letting the side down, don’t hesitate to invest in an upgrade. Rather than risking the backlash against an overtly cheap and cheerful solution, go for luxury flooring such as natural stone flooring, ceramic or LVT tiles, hardwood or even bamboo flooring.

5. Those all-important finishing touches

Whether you decide to implement all, some or even none of the above recommendations for improving your kitchen, there is one thing that every proud home owner should do to maximise the chances of a successful property viewing.


This kitchen design was created by Lili Vaz, Homestyler mobile user

Declutter your cupboards and worktops, scrub every kitchen surface so that it sparkles, and position any freestanding furniture to improve the flow. Next, set the scene with a few handpicked accessories such as a bouquet of flowers on the table, fresh herbs on the window sill, or a bowl of fresh fruit on the worktop, to add a touch of nature.

Finally, entice your potential buyers with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, or even freshly baked rolls, to make the perfect first impression.

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