Augmented Images – the Revolution of Interior Decoration

14 Sep, 2018

It can be very hard to get a full idea of how our place is going to look just by studying a plain, 2D image, right?

Homestyler has now studied a new technology for you, that will allow you to reproduce your floor plan and furniture pieces in 3D starting from a simple printed image of them.

What are Augmented Images?

Augmented images allow you to transform a 2D picture into a 3D model. You just need to print the 2D model out and scan it with your phone – The Homestyler mobile application will take care of the rest!

How do Augmented Images work?

Reproducing a project in 3D has never been this easy! Check if your mobile phone is compatible to the new Augmented Images technology and be ready to see the 2D project and furniture pieces below the article taking shape on your phone.

To activate the AR view, make sure you follow these four simple steps:

Homestyler home design - Augmented Images

Step 1. Click on the “AR” icon, on the top-right of your in-app Community page.

Step 2. Allow Homestyler to take pictures and record.

Step 3. Fit the floor plan/furniture below the article in the hexagonal scanning area and wait until the scanning is completed.

Step 4. See the 3D model and walk around it to make sure everything is looking just as you had imagined during the designing stage.

Scan with Homestyler App to view the room in 3D          

Homestyler home design - Augmented Images

Want to cooperate with Homestyler and see your floor plans and furniture reproduced with the Augmented Images technology?

Augmented Images can significantly improve your interior decorating experience.

If you wish to bring your home design life to the next level, and participate to this big step for the industry of house decoration, we can help you implement the Augmented Images technology for you.

For any inquires and questions you can reach to us to

We will more than happy to chat with you and see how we can guide you through the AR journey.