Dream of a White Kitchen – 5 Reason Why

30 Aug, 2018

According to the NKBA, (the National Kitchen + Bath Association) white is the most common color scheme when it comes to decorate a kitchen.

Want to know why? Let’s find out together the five main reasons in this post and lets get some inspiration from our amazing Homestyler floor planner and mobile users!


1. White is timeless

We all know that renovating a house requires a great investment. For this reason, when deciding how to decorate each one of our room, we need to take into account that the choices we make at the time, will have to last for a long time within our walls.

At first, we might be fascinated by bold color schemes… But how do we know we won’t get tired of those after just a couple of months?

Kitchen cabinets, in particular, take up to half of the room’s budget and are the ones that set the tone of the whole space.

Choosing the white cabinets represents a wise choice, as they can fit all the different kind of styles, from traditional to modern.

White cabinets are a wonderful background for any kind of kitchen. So, if you are one of those that feel to renovate their home every now and then, you will still be able to do so by changing all the other pieces of furniture, and keeping the most expensive ones as a fixed point.


This design was created by Maisaa Al-Asad, Homestyler floor planner user


This design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floor planner user


This design was created by Teke Tin, Homestyler floor planner user

2. White makes a small space look bigger than it is

Small rooms can be a real nightmare for interior designers and decorators. The kitchen, in particular, is the place where all the family members and the closest friends reunite together, so it is important the the space looks inviting airy and welcoming to everyone.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the enough luck to be able to set the dimensions of each one of our living areas.

When it comes to this case, some visual adjustments and tricks related to color schemes can definitely come in help.

Just look at this kitchen, designer by our mobile user Andrea Fleury. Could you imagine how it would look if the cabinets were in a dark brown shade? Even smaller than it is, right?


This design was created by Andrea Fleury, Homestyler mobile user

3. White brings brightness where there is no natural light

Another factor that will make our guests feel at ease in our kitchen – as in each one of our rooms – is the amount of natural light that can stream in.

Just with the dimensions of the rooms, not always we get to choose the size of the windows that our kitchen will have.

You might need to face the problem of having a very tiny window, but you don’t need to worry about this! White kitchen, and white cabinets in particular, can solve this issue too!

In this kitchen design, for example, our mobile user lynn g managed to transform a very sad and dark room into the perfect location for a daily family gathering!


This design was created by lynn g, Homestyler mobile user

4. White is neutral and it pairs up perfectly with any kind of accent

Just as we mentioned before, a white basis allows you to constantly play around with the rest of your kitchen designs’ items, without having to worry about whether the new decorations fit the whole mood or not.

In this way, you’ll be able to not only change your mind whenever you can, but also encounter more easily other people’s taste.

Here below you can see three totally opposite kitchen decor.

Andrea Frigeni, author of the first design, with the tropical wallpaper, likes to make a call-to-nature.

On their side, Maura Bonini and Leticia Santos prefer to play one with cold and the other one with warm color accents.

Overall, the three spaces give a whole different mood and different effect, but don’t you think it would be very easy to replace that wallpaper, those pillows and those framed artworks if we wanted to change again the style of the house?


This design was created by Andrea Frigeni, Homestyler floor planner user


This design was created by Maura Bonini, Homestyler mobile user


This design was created by Leticia Santos, Homestyler floor planner user

5. Everyone likes white

Often times we find ourselves decorating the house for someone else, that has not necessarily our taste in interior design.

This is not only the case of professional designers and architects, as there can be a chance that one day, we will decide to rent or sell our current house.

Because of its versatility, white is a color solution that will make everyone happy, so it won’t represent a problem when it comes the time to make someone else fall in love with your kitchen – everyone will!


This design was created by Laura Leticia Lizarraga, Homestyler mobile user 


Do you you can now add your own wall/floor texture to your floor planner projects? All you need to do is:

1. Click on a wall
2. Select "My contents", from the toolbar on the left of your floor planner
3. Click on "Upload Image"
4. Upload your image
5. Select it and apply it on your wall


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From our Community Gallery Stream, you just need to input the Kitchen filter!



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