Homestyler’s Virtual Staging and 3D Design Service is coming!!! Get Magnificent Images with Low Cost!!

25 Aug, 2020


What we've learned from our users:

I’m just a small business owner who strives to sell my products through Instagram. I need fantastic pictures of my furniture, but I have no photographer, no camera, no photo studio; not to mention all other tools like soft light and reflective umbrella. How can I get great pictures for my Instagram posts with low costs?”  


I’m a hardworking real estate agent, but no matter how hard I tried, it’s hard to sell rooms when they’re vacant. Also, due to the pandemic, it’s hard to make a deal with my clients because they complained about not being able to imagine what the room will look like.

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Homestyler’s 3D design services can definitely help you! 

For Furniture Retailers:

If you give us a single piece of furniture model, we can help you better promote the product by creating a tailored virtual scene and bringing best visualization of it. And even if you do not have the 3D model on hands, we could also build it for you. 

For Real Estate Agents:

Simply give us the floor plan and photos of your vacant property, we can help re-build the room precisely in 3D and decorate it in various trending styles, and thereby help sell the property faster with our high-resolution renders.

For Homeowners:

A floor plan and a few photos, along with pictures of your desirable styles would be enough for our professional designers to provide customized interior design and the final real-to-life renders to show you the possibility of how your home, no matter a new or a remodeled one. You could even have a virtual tour within your dream home.

Let’s take a look at how amazing Homestyler’s 3D designs are!


副本-床-卧室-现代_影棚封面 (1)小.jpg



And the amazing thing is: All these pictures are not real!! They are Homestyler’s 3D virtual designs and people will have no doubts that some of these real-to-life pictures come from interior design magazines.

So why does virtual 3D design stand out? 

 Pysical scene set-up & Photo-shooting


Virtual 3D design & Home staging 

1 Photo-shooting Site

Real Photos: For furniture seller, renting or building the real photography site not only generates high cost, it also provides you with the cookie-cutter renderings due to the limitation of physic site. For real estate, the renting fee of furniture and home décor is usually expensive and time-consuming.

Virtual Staging: For furniture seller, there is no cost for site, no limitation for background designs and furniture combinations! For real estate, there is no need to rent furniture and décor at all!

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2 Transportation

Real Photos: There’s uncontrollable logistic cost and you can’t guarantee that there’s no damages to the furniture during the transportation. 

Virtual Staging: Zero cost on transportation, no need to mail/rent furniture and easy to make thousands of furniture combination in a limited time.

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3 Human-hour input

Real Photos: Need at least five people to conduct cross-team collaboration, operation and communication which is not cost effective.

Virtual Staging: Homestyler team will do everything for you!

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4 Efficiency

Real Photos: It would usually take 15-30 days or even longer for furniture preparation, transportation, photo shooting, photo post-process to finally get the pictures ready.

Virtual Staging: After fully communicated through your needs and requirements on design needs, it normally takes us 2-5 days to deliver high-quality renders.

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5 Sales Stimulation

Furthermore, according to Home Staging Report 2019 from Home Staging Association UK&Ireland, for both real estate agents and developers, there are significant improvement to their sales when they use virtual staging for marketing. Properties with professional photos get more viewings than vacant room. Homebuyers also spend more time viewing a home that’s staged. A staged home not only sells faster, it also increased the offer value to a noticeable amount.

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But why homestyler?

Because, we have

– professional designer team who are ready to satisfy your diverse needs

– almost a million Décor choices allows unlimited trending styles and furniture combination

– ultra photo-realistic and high-resolution renders which you can’t even tell virtual or real

With the cost of manpower, transportation and time significantly reduced, most importantly, you get the high-quality service you deserved!!! Feel free to contact us consulting about your 3D design needs through: