How to organize your garden or balcony

    Whether during construction, renovation of your house or simply by wanting to change, landscaping your garden is a long job. Knowing how to place plants, trees, a vegetable patch and furniture in a garden is no small task. Calling on a professional can quickly increase the bill depending on the area to be exploited. This is why, I give you some avenues to use to create your own garden plan.

1.       Define your desires and needs

    First, you will need to list the amenities you want to put in your garden: terrace, barbecue area, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, pond, vegetable patch, orchard, flower beds, promenade, patio, hammock, etc. Then, define the plants you would like to plant.

8.pngDesign by Belania, Noche tropical,

2.       Respect the terrain

    Identify already existing elements in your garden such as trees, slopes, hedges. if necessary, you can delete certain elements. Otherwise, you will have to compose your garden with the present nature.

    In order to choose what type of plants will make up your garden, you must determine what the nature of the soil is: clay, loamy, humus, sandy or limestone. Likewise, you should note the areas of shade and sunshine as well as the daily amount of sunshine.

    A vegetable garden will rather be located in an unshaded and well sunny area.


Design by Diana Aguilar, Terraza selvatica

3.       Find your style

    Get inspired on specialized sites and magazines to give you ideas and guide the style of your garden. Remember to stay consistent with your home, colors, architectural style, etc.

9.jpgDesign by Melike Te, exzotic🌸🌴🌿🌼🌞🍍🍌


Design by Tyronejr, Luxury 5 star tropical hotel Hawaii

4.       Prefer round and sinuous shapes

    Nature is rarely square and rectilinear, for a wild and natural garden, prefer sinuous shapes for paths and rounded flower beds, avoiding symmetry. If you opt for a more modern garden, you can put beds in geometric shapes, but do not prune the plants in a straight line, it would break the naturalness of the plants.


Design by cuca_dixie MontseTerraza🌷

5.       Compose with volumes and colors

    To choose the plants in your garden, you have to think of them as adults. To give relief to your garden, you have to play with the seasonality of the plants, their shape, height and color.

6.pngDesign by Matty, Cabane tropicale


Design by bj.dalton, Tea in the green house

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Chalet in Forest

Have you ever dreamed in living in a charlet in forest? Today we share with you one of the designs from our designer SvetlySveva using Homestyler. 

Design: Chalet 


Wood and lava stone material is applied in the whole house decoration. 

We feel like walking into a forest chalet far away from city noise.

interior design chalet living room

The living room is on the first floor  

Sunshine goes through French windows and brightens up the living room 

You can take a coffee break and enjoy the scenery outside the window. 

interior design chalet dining table.png

The open style combination of living room and dining room

makes it more spacious 

interior design chalet kitchen

interior design chalet kitchen

interior design chalet kitchen

The other side is kitchen, 

which is divided by marble fire place.

The use of wooden cabinetry

make it easier of large storage. 

interior design chalet bar

interior design chalet bar

interior design chalet bar

The other side of the kitchen is full wall of liquor cabinets

You could chat with your friend on the chairs. 

interior design chalet bedroom

It is from our designer's fantasy of using concrete, glass and wood,

which makes the space creative and special.

You can work in this bedroom if you don't feel like going to your work place.

interior design chalet bathroom

Now it comes to the bathroom.

You can take a sauna and relax yourself here.


You want to learn more about our designer SvetlySveva? Here is a little interview we made with her.

Q1: What makes you keep researching and digginig in interior design field?

A1: I think my passion for design keeps me moving forward and making new ideas happen in my design.  I taught myself and started designing from 2014. If you also have a dream in interior design, it is never too late to get started!

Q2: What is the most difficult problem for you in your design experience?

A2: Might be my lack of time. We are all very busy, it depends on you if you want to spend time on your hobby. Design is one of my hobbies and I want to invest time in it

Q3: What is your favorite function of Homestyler?

A3: The customized model library is my favourite. You can combine models from public library with that of your customized one to create any styles you want to try. Homestyler is a fantastic software !!! I recommend it to you guys!

    What do you think of this design? You also want to be the center of the blog, please get started designing at Homestyler!( If your design is creative of wild fantasy, don't hesitate to make HD quality of rendering and showcase to us! 

10 Interior Design Ideas You Can Use To Jazz Up Your Home

Bored of your plain, white condo unit? Want to spruce up its interior design? Confused about what design to use? Decorating a condo may be quite a challenge, especially to the uninitiated, like yourself. Make things easier with these 10 fashionable home decor ideas this 2019:

Mountain lodge houserustic home decoration

This style design was created by dreamDz9 ~ , Homestyler mobile app user

Looking for a peaceful and quiet getaway with a breath-taking view? One of the best living room design ideas for 2019 is the mountain lodge theme that inspires an inviting feel of coziness and warmth. Mountain lodges are houses/huts built high up in the mountains and are typically used for vacations or weekend getaways. 

To recreate this look in your condo unit, paint the walls earthy brown with a hint of black. Then add design elements seen in mountain lodges such as pine cones, acorns, colorful wildflowers, evergreen trees.

As for furniture, large fixtures that provide ultimate comfort are usually seen in mountain lodge houses. You can add a lazy boy chair/couch paired with a utilitarian ottoman in the living room. A nice home decor tip would be to add bronze and black iron or a rustic log to decorate bare areas and lend an authentic look.

Do it like the French

French home design decoration

This design was created by Rutchevelle den Ouden, Homestyler floorplanner user

When you think of a home in France, a fancy room with a scenic view of the Eiffel Tower most likely comes to mind. A great interior design idea for your living room is to decorate it a la Parisian style.

Highlight the architecture of your condo by adding fixtures that can bring attention to it. If your house has a beautiful ceiling, add a chandelier that demands people to look up. As for your walls, create a subtle palette, like white lined with gold/bronze or a soft shade of green or blue. For your furniture, you will have to purchase European antiques mixed with juxtaposed modern pieces, to spruce up your condo.


minialism home design decoration

This design was created by Giulia Leone, Homestyler floorplanner user

Recently, the minimalist movement has been making waves–thanks to organizing consultant Marie Kondo. Her methods inspire a minimalist approach to tackling the stuff in your house category-by-category, which helps with decluttering.

So how do you create a minimalist theme for your condo interior design? It’s actually simple. Start by decluttering tabletops and counters. Use utilitarian furniture, such as an ottoman, to store items out of sight.

As for the overall color scheme of your condo, subdued hues are key because they are clean, fresh-looking, and inspire a sense of calmness. You might get bored with plain white, in no time; so why not add a little hint of a yellow undertone to provide a warm and creamier neutral look?


maximalism style home design decoration

This design was created by SvetlySveva, Homestyler floorplanner user

Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should clutter your condo unit. It just simply means bringing your small condo design ideas to life without restricting yourself to the “rules” of other themes.

There are, however, a few basic things to remember when decorating your condo unit in this style, according to Freshome. You need to make it personalized. First, you need to be generous with color. Start with a basic color palette and build from there. The more artwork, the better it is for maximalism. Make sure that furniture and fixtures are geared towards giving you the best comfort possible.

A touch of Japanese

Asian style home design decoration

This design was created by Alejandra Dumerauf, Homestyler mobile app user

The traditional architecture of the Japanese is one to marvel at. It’s clean, simple, and so peaceful to stay in. Close to being minimalist, the Japanese interior design language revolves around an uncluttered and clean space, providing balance and order to things.

Wood and bamboo are prevalent in a Japanese decor style. Bonzai plants can be seen on tabletops and counters. Low furniture such as a plank table and floor cushions are also a dominant feature. To pull off the Japanese small condo living room design, you need as much natural light and open space as you can get, which is why it’s close to a minimalist style.


mediterranean style home design decoration

This design was created by Juliana Monger Luz, Homestyler mobile app user

When you think of the Mediterranean, what country comes to mind? Perhaps Greece, Spain, or Italy, even? In terms of small condo interior design, it means having to allow lots of natural light in, to highlight fresh natural colors, textures, and patterns.

For color, white should be the base highlighted by hues inspired by nature, like blue, yellow, orange, and brown. Your house should have solid furniture made of wood or wrought iron. In contrast, pillows should have light colors to provide a fresh, lively look. Window curtains are also an important aspect of a Mediterranean theme. Choose light curtains that would let in a lot of light and fresh air.

The beach house

beach house home design decoration

This design was created by glaci mussi, Homestyler mobile app user

How does it feel to stay at a beach house? Why not design your condo to look like one; so you would find out? Transform your unit into a “beach house” by using a beach color palette that consists mostly of tan or sandy brown with blue and white accents. This would remind you of the sand, seawater, and the bright blue sky at the beach.

Furniture should be made of wood, ideally abaca. Cushion covers need to be blue, white, or a mix of both. You can also add nautical decorations such as an anchor, seashells, or a surfboard.

Minimalism and openness will play a key role here, as most beach houses are used for rest and relaxation. Keep things neat and organized, and use light curtains to allow them to come in.

The Library

library home design decoration

This design was created by Bonnie 101, Homestyler mobile app user

Do you love to read? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own library at home? You don’t have to convert your entire unit into a library. One room, like your bedroom, would suffice–where you can just lie down and read away.

Some of the important condo bedroom designs for libraries are bookshelves, proper lighting, and good seats. You can install bookshelves under your bed, overhead, or build a wall case, like in regular libraries. Other optional bits and pieces include having a desk to read at or a ladder to climb and help you reach books on your overhead shelves.


monochromatic grey hue home design decoration

This design was created by io 3, Homestyler floorplanner user

If you need home decorating ideas on a budget, a monochromatic theme would be a great option. A monochromatic color palette uses different variations of a single color, which makes it sound easy to pull off. Using different shades of a single color can be challenging, especially when searching for fixtures and furniture that will match the color you’ve chosen. If you do it right, it can potentially become a visual masterpiece.


cross culture home design decoration

This design was created by Kym Puga, Homestyler mobile app user

Ever dreamt of traveling to other countries? Or, if you already have, are you having a hard time deciding what cultural design style to use for your condo? If so, you might want to try different condo interior design ideas for your living room and other parts of your house. That’s what a cross-culture design theme can do for you.

Don’t get this wrong. It isn’t just a hodge-podge theme. It should be connected by a central element such as color, fabric, or ambiance. Try using decorative items such as art, antiques, and souvenirs to spruce up each room. You can weave different elements into each room, to create a theme that will take you around the world in a few steps.

Decorating your home should be fun. Hopefully, these themes will help you know how to choose a decor style correctly. The great thing about this is that when you feel that things are getting out of fashion or dull, you have nine more ideas to use on this list to jazz up your home.

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3 top tips to sympathetically restore your period home

Have you recently bought a period home that is in need of renovation? You may have been seduced by the potential of a ‘fixer upper’, undaunted by the work required to restore the house to its former glory and adding real value to the property in the process. Or perhaps you simply love the splendour and grandeur of Victorian or Edwardian architecture and are motivated to preserve a little bit of our national heritage.


This victorian style design was created by Lune Noire, Homestyler mobile app user

Either way, historic home renovations require a lot more thought than doing up a modern property. In order to enhance its value, it is essential that any home improvements are in keeping with the architectural period of the original build. Sympathetically restored period homes are hugely sought after in the property market, so it’s worth putting in the effort to tastefully upgrade your historic home.


This victorian style design was created by Isa Martinez, Homestyler mobile app user

1. Preserve original features

Retaining as much as possible of the original character of the building must be your guiding principle in everything you do. Period features are what define your heritage home; whether large or small you should make every effort to protect them. In addition to obvious architectural elements such as original fireplaces, ornate ceiling cornicing, historic flooring, sash windows and panelled or stained glass timber doors, there are little things including picture rails and light fittings that all add character to your home.

Many period features can be repaired and fully restored – and this should always be the preferred option. Take sash windows, for instance. Did you know that it is rarely necessary to replace original windows? Here’s one expert craftsman who makes a strong case in favour of restoring traditional sash windows.


This victorian style design was created by glaci mussi, Homestyler mobile app user

Original fireplaces that have become stained, corroded or fire damaged over the years can also be restored. Cast iron can be sandblasted, polished and finished with a black heat resistant paint, while damaged tiles or slate surrounds are easy to replace.

When you lift up old carpets and discover parquet or tongue and groove flooring underneath, this can be a real find. Wooden floors have a charm all of their own and restoring them is well worth the effort. Once any missing or damaged sections have been repaired or replaced, the entire surface should be sanded, then oiled or varnished to bring out the beauty of the wood’s natural grain.

2. Choose replacements carefully

If restoring your home’s period features is not feasible or possible, replacements need to be chosen sympathetically, so that they don’t end up stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. Take your time to scour architectural antique dealers and salvage yards to look for pre-owned fireplaces, reclaimed window shutters or authentic doors that match your building’s architecture. Depending on the architectural era in question and the availability of suitable products, you should not expect this to be a quick process.

As an alternative to sourcing reclaimed furnishings, and possibly yielding a quicker solution, you could also check out suppliers of reproduction items. However, be extra vigilant that these are made to exact specifications and accurately recreate the period style. A bad copy of, say, a Victorian fireplace, will not only be immediately obvious, it will let the rest of your home down.

Take particular care when replacing an original timber front door. Its design, condition and colour are an integral part of the kerb appeal of your home. Your door is the ‘face’ of the house and its mouthpiece too. In Feng Shui, the door is seen as the main inlet for positive energies. Whichever way you look at it, it’s critical to get the visual appeal just right.

Whether you go for a solid wood front door, one with wood panelling or inset stained glass, the important thing is to work with a specialist supplier to ensure you get the perfect result. Here’s a selection of external door styles from Period Projects where reclaimed front doors are offered alongside carefully crafted new timber doors so you can choose the best possible door for your home. Finish off with vintage or reclaimed ironmongery such as a bronze letter plate or brass lion’s head door knocker to complete your historic home renovation.

3. Sympathetic painting and decorating

When all architectural features, fittings and furnishings have been restored or replaced to your satisfaction, it’s time to turn your attention to the interior décor of your period home. You may want the colours to reflect the fashions of the time. Deep greens and rich reds were popular during Georgian times, for instance, while the Victorians and Edwardians tended towards paler pastel shades of blue, pink and cream.


This victorian style design was created by Kym Puga, Homestyler mobile app user

Choose paint colours with care – paint technology has evolved dramatically in modern times and modern colour ranges may look out of place in an older property. Luckily, it’s not hard to find ‘heritage’ ranges by most of the major brands. These have been accurately recreated from paint analysis in historic properties through the key ages of interior design such as Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco to ensure that they are as faithful to their period as possible.


This victorian style design was created by Lune Noire, Homestyler mobile app user

Wallpaper was hugely popular in the 1800s (and beyond). Hand printing, continuous paper reels and subsequent roller printing made wallpaper an important interiors trend. Take a look at this glorious selection of 19th century wallpaper including designs from the English Heritage archive. From restrained stripes to relief Anaglypta, dainty florals, botanicals and bold patterns in a wide range of colours, vintage wallpaper will enhance the period charm of your home, whether used for an entire room or a feature wall.


This victorian style design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile app user

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15 designs and ideas to make your home office more eco-conscious

Do you work from home? Would you like to have a special place for working in your condo unit? Would you like your workplace to be in touch with the environment? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then it’s definitely time to do some redecorating in your home and change a few things along the way. Take a good look at these very creative living room design ideas for an eco-conscious home office. 

Bring in the natural light

Did you know that 47 percent of employees admitted that the lack of natural light makes them feel tired? According to Harvard Business Review, 78 percent of employees say that natural light improves their well-being. Moreover, 70 percent say that it improves their work performance.

So set your home office by the window and let the natural light in to boost your performance. It’s the easiest living room interior design that you can do by simply pulling back the curtains. It’s also a good foundation for your work environment at home.


This office design was created by Luis Gonzalez, Homestyler floorplanner user

Go green

Bring in plants if you want to connect your home office to the environment. And because you can simply plant it in a pot, it’s also a great way to make a beautiful home décor without having to spend so much. Forbes says that a “green” office provided a boost in employee engagement, concentration levels, and perceived air quality.


This office design was created by Lune Noire, Homestyler mobile user

Drink from insulated canteens

Opening and closing your refrigerator to get cold or hot water, as well as make or get ice, will definitely cost you money in the long term. So does using the water dispenser to get cold or hot water. You can save on electricity by using insulated canteens to store water and keep its temperature cool or hot longer.

Ditch plastic or paper food containers

Do you want to save money and help the environment at the same time? You could start an eco-conscious home office by ditching plastic or paper food containers such as plastic/paper cups, disposable spoons and forks, paper plates or plastic containers. Not only do these items add to the mountains of trash, plastic takes a long time to decompose, according to the Telegraph—450 years to be exact! Plus, you don’t have to store supplies that can take up crucial space in your interior design ideas for living room or home workspace.

Use solar power

Having a home office means you could be using a lot of electrical devices such as laptops/PC, printer, lights, fan or air conditioner, etc. As such, you could expect your electric bill to increase depending on how long or often you use your office devices. Sadly, using more electricity from power plants could mean added pollution.

That’s unless your power company uses renewable energy. Luckily, you can also have your very own renewable energy supply by purchasing a solar panel set. That way, you can save on energy and money and save the planet, too. While most modern eco-friendly house plans can easily adapt to such technologies, it would be best to check with the admin of your condo to make sure they allow it.


This office design was created by Andrea Frigeni, Homestyler floorplanner user

Brighten up the night with LED lights

Another eco-friendly house design idea is to use LED lights. These light bulbs require less wattage compared to incandescent lights, which means LED lights are more energy-efficient and can last longer. For home offices, this means less energy costs and bulb changing on your end.

Learn to power down

To save more money on energy expenses, you need to learn to power down. Putting it in sleep mode still means that it consumes energy. Turn off gadgets, devices, and other appliances when you’re not using it. It’s an eco-friendly idea to save power and money. Some eco-friendly home designs even have motion sensors installed so that you don’t have to deal with turning the lights off or powering down every time.


This office design was created by Rutchevelle Den Ouden, Homestyler mobile user

Go paperless and into the cloud

How is paper made? Well, essentially, it’s made out of raw wood. So yes, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the more paper you use, the more trees are cut. Trees that are needed to clean the air and cool the planet. If you want an eco-conscious home office, stop using paper and save your data on the cloud. Besides, the mounds of paper in the room can hamper your living room design.


This office design was created by Kylie Smiley, Homestyler floorplanner user

Segregate your trash

Speaking of throwing it in the bin, every eco-friendly house design should include or promote easy trash segregation. You could purchase color-coded trash cans and label it for paper, biodegradable, and non-biodegradable items. That will make it easy for the trash collector and recycling plant to fix the trash problem in the country.

This article was written by Jona Jone. Jona Jone has been a mortgage originator in Philadeplhia, PA. She is also a Business and Property Specialist. She has been writing articles about real estate investment, business, parenting and living.

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Prepare your Staycation & Get Tropical Style right

Do you also often think of escaping to a tropical island, far far away and forget all your problem?

Very few of us can really achieve this dream but, luckily for everyone else, there is no need of packing our bags anymore. Thanks to this post, you will now learn how to decorate your house in tropical style, and give your home design a true holiday vibe.


This tropical style design was created by Kylie Smiley, Homestyler floorplanner user

1. Give space to oversized plants

There are a few things more tropical than banana leafs and big plants. As we wrote in our previous blog post on indoor plants, they cal really be used in every room of your house, so unleash your creativity and your love for nature and don't be afraid to choose the most extravagant and the biggest tropical plants you see for your new tropical style decor.


This tropical style design was created by Mirna Meloni, Homestyler mobile user

2. Not only real plants, but also printed ones

If you can't go too crazy with real plants, make sure you have a look at the latest trend: printed and patterned wallpapers and decorations. A tropical design isn't complete without banana leaf themed accessories to accompany it.

The most classic choice is to use this kind of wallpaper only in one of your bedroom's wall (normally the one where your headboard is). 

An alternative to this can be hanging some tropical themed curtains on your windows – If you get tired of them, you can simply remove them and replace them very easily.


This tropical style design was created by Luis Gonzalez, Homestyler floorplanner user

3. Use wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is the coziest and the one that most reminds us of our mother nature. To blend perfectly with our plants and our natural decoration, wood is the number 1 choice, that can complement the entire look and transport us from our stressful city life to a tropical paradise.

Dark tones of wood are rarely considered for the entire decoration of the house, as they tend to make the space too cluttered.

In tropical style, however, darker kinds of wood are the recommended ones, because they are the ones that get more commonly used in those tropical Countries we want to be in so much.


This tropical style design was created by Puspa ., Homestyler mobile user

4. Go crazy with the color

Bright yellow, orange, avocado green and ocean blue. Let you be inspired by the colors of what represents tropical islands the most, be bold and choose the shades that give you optimism and confidence in your daily life.


This tropical style design was created by Bidyut Alam, Homestyler mobile user

5. Embrace maximism

While we often recommend not to overdo and mix too many styles, colors and patterns in a single room design, this rule is not applicable when it comes to tropical style.

Tropical design is all about maximalism. Big plants, big patterns, bright colors, comfort and coziness are the key factors that most guide this interior design style. Decorate your tropical house in the way that makes you happy.


This tropical style design was created by Kate Charman, Homestyler mobile user

Barn doors for your home

It's a fact: barn doors are more that simply a trend nowadays, and they are definitely not only used for barns anymore.

Barn doors are among the most versatile ones, and the feeling of warm coziness they express is something each of us aims to achieve in their home.

There are, however, many other reasons why you should consider having one (or more!) barn doors in your home, and we are going to explain them all to you.


This design was created by Sweetdesign18, Homestyler floorplanner user

1. No rustic style is complete without a barn door

Rustic style is one of the most popular recently: it looks great in kitchen decor, living room remodeling and even for your new bathroom design.

When working on a home design, we often focus all our energies on the choice of the furniture, but the truth is that no rustic design can be right without a barn door.

If you love this extremely welcoming, relaxing and easy going style, you really can't opt for any different kind of doors.

Patrycja Walaszek_副本.jpg

This design was created by Patrycja Walaszek, Homestyler floorplanner user

2. Barn doors are very easy to install

Unlikely other door types, installing barn doors is a real breeze. Not only home design experts but also home owners often decide to simply watch some DYI video on the topic for their barn door installation: it doesn't take a long time and you can't get it wrong.


This design was created by Kate Charman, Homestyler mobile user

3. Barn doors are incredibly light to handle

Another reason why barn doors are among most people's favorite doors is because of their light weight (once installed), that allows even people with disability to open them without encountering major issues.

Barn doors can be easily open and closed by just about anyone, and this can't be said for all the doors available in the market.


This design was created by Morgan Ann, Homestyler mobile user

4. Barn doors help you save space

If you are living the big city life in a very tiny apartment, here you have one more reason why you should get yourself a barn door.

Sliding doors are people's favorite when it comes to face the need of saving space. In fact, barn doors are not only used to separate one room from the other, but they can also be easily found inside a room itself – For example, to cover a closet.


This design was created by Sweetdesign18, Homestyler floorplanner user

Some things to consider…

1. Select your hardwood carefully

If you are planning to install a barn door in your house, it is very much likely that you will want it to be come one of the main (if not the only one) focal points in your home design.

Consequently, it is very important that you take your tipe to consider the wide variety of hardwood floors that you could choose, and you opt for a good quality kind of hardwood, that can represent a durable addition by beautifying your house.


This design was created by chrissy w, Homestyler mobile user

2. See if your wall is suitable for a barn door

Sliding doors might not be the right fit for just any kind of walls, and before you install one you should make sure of two main things:

– When open, the door should better not cover and switchers or sockets (it could be a true pain otherwise to have to remember to close the door every time we need to turn on the light!)

– Your door needs enough space on the side to slide: to open completely, one of the walls on the side should have at least the same width of the door


This design was created by Leila Ruiz-Antonetti, Homestyler mobile user

3. Measure the doorway too

Doors are tipically wider than the doorway itself. Before buying your new barn door, just make sure you take the measurements accurately and choose a barn door that is at least a couple of centimeters wider than the actual wall opening.


This design was created by Patrycja Walaszek, Homestyler floorplanner user

4. Remember to add a handle

Handles can easily be forgotten when thinking of sliding doors, but it is true that even if we might not use them everytime we need to close and open the doors, it is good to always install one- Just in case.'


This design was created by Sweetdesign18, Homestyler floorplanner user

And you? have you already created a design with our new barn doors in catalog?

If you have, we would love to see what have you come up with. Feel free to write us an email at, telling us your pains, your strategies and your inspirations to create the perfect home design with a barn door.

Zen Home Ideas: Minimalistic Living The Japanese Way

Living in the metro is certainly stressful. From the moment we step out of our homes in the morning, we face challenges before we can even get to our workplace. The horrendous traffic and chaotic crowds during the morning rush alone can bring even the toughest people to their knees. 


This Asian style design was created by Isa Martinez, Homestyler mobile user

With the daily stress outside our homes, we all want our homes to be a stress-free environment: a place where we can relax and be at peace. This is where the Japanese interior design principle of zen comes handy in making your humble abode into a true place of tranquility.


What is zen?

The Japanese style zen interior design has been around for a long time but, it’s only in the mid-19th century that the East and the West began trading and Japanese home design began influencing the western world. Since then, it has become a popular choice of design for many homeowners.


This Asian style design was created by Isa Martinez, Homestyler mobile user

Zen is a way of life or philosophy that focuses on simplicity and peacefulness through the power of meditation. That’s why when it comes to interior design, zen is about finding the right balance of all the elements to create a peaceful living space. The minimalistic approach to maximize condo space arrangement is also an essential aspect of zen. In this regard, the Japanese have become experts in creating a blueprint for tranquil designs in the simplest way possible.


Finding the Perfect Balance Through “Ma”

“Ma” is a design concept the Japanese have developed in which they use different elements to balance out the spaces available. One such important element that uses this design concept is Negative Space. If you haven’t heard of this term, no, it isn’t about adding bad vibes into a room’s design. Negative Space means leaving a particular spot in a room “empty” or unadorned on purpose to provide visual balance. This concept will not only make a room look cleaner and uncluttered, but it will also help highlight specific design or pieces of furniture in a room.   


This Asian style design was created by nullen 9, Homestyler mobile user

Other Important Design Elements of Zen

Aside from incorporating negative space into a room, there are other vital elements of zen interior design. If you’re thinking about going applying zen inspired pieces to on your condo arrangement, here are some of the important  zen design elements you should look into:

Sliding doors and screen

As you might have noticed in traditional Japanese houses, most of their entryways are sliding doors or screens. The authentic Japanese screens called “shoji” that made of wooden frames and translucent paper. This will not only allow natural light into a room, but it will also be an ideal door for condo owners with limited floor space because sliding doors/screens don’t take up that much Space as compared to traditional swinging doors.


This Asian style design was created by chrissy w, Homestyler mobile user

Elements of nature

Because the beauty of nature has a calming effect on us, the Japanese took advantage of this by incorporating nature into their home’s zen interior design. Bonsai trees and hanging terrariums, for instance, are staples in Japanese homes. The best thing about interior plants is that they are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye; they also help purify the air inside your home.


This Asian style design was created by Levette Tripp, Homestyler mobile user

Wood and bamboo

To go with all those greens you’re going to be bringing into your home, wooden elements and textures will significantly enhance the overall ambience of your home. This will help make the rooms in your home look more natural and fresh.


This Asian style design was created by Mariana Basson, Homestyler mobile user

Natural light

Most of the essential elements of zen design come from nature. Same goes with the lighting. Not only will it look more calming and fresh, taking advantage of the sunlight will help you conserve energy, it will also have a warm and calming effect in your home.


This Asian style design was created by Ericache1987, Homestyler mobile user

Earthy colors

To complete that natural feel in your home, consider repainting your walls with earth tones. They don’t only make rooms look more balanced with the other elements of your zen-inspired room, earth tone colors can make your home look more calming and inviting.


This Asian style design was created by Morgan Ann, Homestyler mobile user

Minimalist furniture

Rather than go with overly-designed pieces, a zen interior design opts for simple, minimalist furniture. Keep in mind that zen home designs are all about simplicity, that’s why even when choosing a piece of furniture, you should pick something that has no excessive design or ornamentations. 


This Asian style design was created by Milica Korica, Homestyler mobile user

Minimalistic decors

Much like furniture, the decortions can greatly affect the overall feel and ambience of a room. Remember that it’s all about keeping things simple and functional.


This Asian style design was created by Mariana Basson, Homestyler mobile user


One sure way of creating a sense of peace and tranquility in any home is to get rid of all the eyesore. You can go full on KonMari and throw away all the unnecessary items in your home and leave only the things that you need.


This Asian style design was created by Garona Equis, Homestyler mobile user

Japanese entryway

If your condo unit has a sort of a hallway before you can get into the main living room, you should also try this out. This is a great condo layout idea as you can turn it into a “genkan” or a Japanese entryway where you can greet your visitors and politely ask them to take off their shoes to keep your condo unit clean.


Yes, the city and your work can be exhausting; but when you get home, you should be able to relax and feel free from all the toxicity of everyday life. With these zen condo layout ideas, you can do just that. Try these out for yourself and see the positive changes it can make in your life.

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5 Top kitchen improvements that will help you sell your home

If you’ve decided to put your house on the market, it pays to thoroughly prepare your home for sale. Investing in some key home improvements can make all the difference between achieving a sale at a price that you’re happy with. And where better than to start with the heart of the home: your kitchen.


This kitchen design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Kitchens have come a long way in recent times. Not that long ago, a domestic kitchen was seen as a purely functional space for food preparation and storage, hidden away behind closed doors. But take a look at any contemporary home and you’ll find the kitchen fully integrated into the way we live. It’s where we cook and eat, socialise and entertain – the modern kitchen truly is the hub of the home.


This kitchen design was created by Mirna Meloni, Homestyler mobile user

Estate agents know only too well that kitchens sell houses, so if this area of your home does not live up to buyers’ expectations, it may take longer to sell the property and fetch a lower sale price. We’ve got some clever tips to help you upgrade the most important elements of a tired, unloved kitchen, in an effort to wow house hunters and get your property sold.

1. Kitchen furniture makeover

The first thing property viewers will notice are your kitchen units. Check to see if these are in excellent condition and showing off your kitchen to best effect. If there are signs of age or wear and tear, don’t be complacent – get it sorted.


This kitchen design was created by Mary Johnson, Homestyler mobile user

A fresh coat of paint in an ever popular neutral shade or a trendy new colour may be all it takes to revamp kitchen doors and drawer fronts to bring them right up to date. Add new door knobs and handles to complete the transformation.

If painting is not an option, how about replacing your cupboard doors to give your kitchen a new lease of life? Cheaper than a brand new kitchen, there are many companies that specialise in this type of service.

2. Upgrade your worktops

Is your existing kitchen being let down by lacklustre worktops made from traditional laminate or past-its-prime timber? These days, style and substance go hand in hand, meaning your kitchen worktops should be made from premium materials that ooze both functional and aesthetic appeal.

Think of investing in luxury materials such as marble or limestone, natural granite stone or engineered quartz, to really elevate both the look and performance of your kitchen. This specialist supplier explains the benefits of using granite, a “naturally-occurring stone formed over millions of years in the earth’s crust. This makes it an incredibly durable and heat-proof material with a densely packed crystalline structure and very low porosity. Once sealed, granite is a waterproof and stain-resistant surface and almost impossible to scratch, thus maintaining their diamond-polished shine for years”, Chandler Stoneworks.

What’s more, granite comes in a wide range of outstanding colours and unique colours to add a stylish statement to any contemporary or traditional kitchen.


This kitchen design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user

Of course, this type of natural stone worktop comes at a price, but you don’t need to change all worktop surfaces. Maybe contrast premium granite around the sink area with more affordable oak or beech worktops elsewhere? In any case, the investment will have been well worth it if the resulting wow effect leads to that all important property sale.

3. Revamp your walls and ceilings

Once you’ve considered the kitchen units, it’s time to take a look at walls and ceilings to see if they need a refresh. If you do decide to repaint, choose a bright white or pale neutral shade to maximise the sense of space and light in the room and make it warm and inviting. Soft pastel colours are the perfect complement for wooden cabinetry and freestanding timber furniture, while grey has been a strong recent kitchen colour trend.

You can complement plain painted surfaces with other materials that are both decorative and practical in the kitchen. From feature brick tiled walls to splashbacks in stainless steel or colour glass sheets, or ceramic or marble tiles on upstands or wall surfaces, there’s a wealth of choice and no shortage of interiors inspiration.

Whatever you choose, do bear in mind that it’s not your personal taste the counts as much as the aesthetic preferences of your target market. After all, you’re upgrading your kitchen for a particular reason.


This kitchen design was created by 오유나, Homestyler floorplanner user

4. Look up and down

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting in the kitchen, which can make the difference between a drab, gloomy space that no-one wants to spend time in, and a warm, welcoming heart of the home. 


This kitchen design was created by Karen Berry, Homestyler mobile user

Start with maximising any natural light coming in by keeping windows sparkling clean and free of clutter. Artificial lighting should provide more than adequate levels of illumination. If that is not the case, you may need to upgrade light fittings to improve the situation or fit additional under-cabinet LEDs. Finally, invest in a feature lamp or light fitting that draws the eye.

On the floor, practicality and cleanliness are definitely next to godliness. If your kitchen floor surfaces are letting the side down, don’t hesitate to invest in an upgrade. Rather than risking the backlash against an overtly cheap and cheerful solution, go for luxury flooring such as natural stone flooring, ceramic or LVT tiles, hardwood or even bamboo flooring.

5. Those all-important finishing touches

Whether you decide to implement all, some or even none of the above recommendations for improving your kitchen, there is one thing that every proud home owner should do to maximise the chances of a successful property viewing.


This kitchen design was created by Lili Vaz, Homestyler mobile user

Declutter your cupboards and worktops, scrub every kitchen surface so that it sparkles, and position any freestanding furniture to improve the flow. Next, set the scene with a few handpicked accessories such as a bouquet of flowers on the table, fresh herbs on the window sill, or a bowl of fresh fruit on the worktop, to add a touch of nature.

Finally, entice your potential buyers with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, or even freshly baked rolls, to make the perfect first impression.

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How to decorate a studio apartment

If you think it can be difficult to design one room, how about setting up different rooms in the same four walls?

Living the big city life can be great but it often means you need to compromise into living in a really, really small house. Sometimes, as small as one single room.

A popular design layout in big cities is studio apartment design: practical, modern and mostly small.

A studio apartment typically combines living room, bedroom and kitchen in one single room.

Studio apartment design is all about making the best use of the space you have – Not much! And using the right visual tricks to make the room lol bigger than it really is.


1. White walls


Light walls are generally the most preferred choice and the reason is simple.

Light shades, and white in particular, have the ability to visually enlarge the space and making it look brighter and airier than it actually is.

This is a simple and easy trick that can give you so much, but visually enlarging your small studio apartment.


This studio apartment design was created by Susan Yanelys, Homestyler floorplanner user


2. Two levels


If you can’t expand horizontally, it might be a good idea to extend your apartment vertically!

Create a mezzanine: a low story that divides the house in two floors.

Place your living area and kitchen at the ground floor and leave your bedroom and personal bathroom at the top one, to reserve you some privacy when you have guests.


This studio apartment design was created by Kate Charman, Homestyler mobile app user


3. Separate the bedroom


Give yourself a little bit of privacy by separating the bedroom from the rest of the house.

You can use a piece of furniture, such as a  wardrobe, a practical room divider or even install a sliding door. Barn doors are really hot recently!


 This studio apartment design was created by Cristina Jimenez, Homestyler mobile app user

4. Bright colors


 Okay, the space you have is not much. But you can give the right illusion of it by playing with some bright accent color!



This studio apartment design was created by Salvatore Di Bono, Homestyler floorplanner user

5. Storage solutions

Get smart with the storage solution. You have a very limited space, we are sure you don't want to waste it! To get some ideas on how you can optimize your space to store as many things as possible in a very limited space, make sure you read our previous blog post.

6. Big windows

Let as much natural light as possible stream into your studio apartment. The sunlight will make your studio apartment look bigger and it will also have a very positive effect on your mood.

Windows give a more welcoming feeling to any room design. The bigger they are, the better it is! Especially for studio apartments.


This studio apartment design was created by Isa Martinez, Homestyler mobile app user