Zen Home Ideas: Minimalistic Living The Japanese Way

07 Jul, 2019

Living in the metro is certainly stressful. From the moment we step out of our homes in the morning, we face challenges before we can even get to our workplace. The horrendous traffic and chaotic crowds during the morning rush alone can bring even the toughest people to their knees. 


This Asian style design was created by Isa Martinez, Homestyler mobile user

With the daily stress outside our homes, we all want our homes to be a stress-free environment: a place where we can relax and be at peace. This is where the Japanese interior design principle of zen comes handy in making your humble abode into a true place of tranquility.


What is zen?

The Japanese style zen interior design has been around for a long time but, it’s only in the mid-19th century that the East and the West began trading and Japanese home design began influencing the western world. Since then, it has become a popular choice of design for many homeowners.


This Asian style design was created by Isa Martinez, Homestyler mobile user

Zen is a way of life or philosophy that focuses on simplicity and peacefulness through the power of meditation. That’s why when it comes to interior design, zen is about finding the right balance of all the elements to create a peaceful living space. The minimalistic approach to maximize condo space arrangement is also an essential aspect of zen. In this regard, the Japanese have become experts in creating a blueprint for tranquil designs in the simplest way possible.


Finding the Perfect Balance Through “Ma”

“Ma” is a design concept the Japanese have developed in which they use different elements to balance out the spaces available. One such important element that uses this design concept is Negative Space. If you haven’t heard of this term, no, it isn’t about adding bad vibes into a room’s design. Negative Space means leaving a particular spot in a room “empty” or unadorned on purpose to provide visual balance. This concept will not only make a room look cleaner and uncluttered, but it will also help highlight specific design or pieces of furniture in a room.   


This Asian style design was created by nullen 9, Homestyler mobile user

Other Important Design Elements of Zen

Aside from incorporating negative space into a room, there are other vital elements of zen interior design. If you’re thinking about going applying zen inspired pieces to on your condo arrangement, here are some of the important  zen design elements you should look into:

Sliding doors and screen

As you might have noticed in traditional Japanese houses, most of their entryways are sliding doors or screens. The authentic Japanese screens called “shoji” that made of wooden frames and translucent paper. This will not only allow natural light into a room, but it will also be an ideal door for condo owners with limited floor space because sliding doors/screens don’t take up that much Space as compared to traditional swinging doors.


This Asian style design was created by chrissy w, Homestyler mobile user

Elements of nature

Because the beauty of nature has a calming effect on us, the Japanese took advantage of this by incorporating nature into their home’s zen interior design. Bonsai trees and hanging terrariums, for instance, are staples in Japanese homes. The best thing about interior plants is that they are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye; they also help purify the air inside your home.


This Asian style design was created by Levette Tripp, Homestyler mobile user

Wood and bamboo

To go with all those greens you’re going to be bringing into your home, wooden elements and textures will significantly enhance the overall ambience of your home. This will help make the rooms in your home look more natural and fresh.


This Asian style design was created by Mariana Basson, Homestyler mobile user

Natural light

Most of the essential elements of zen design come from nature. Same goes with the lighting. Not only will it look more calming and fresh, taking advantage of the sunlight will help you conserve energy, it will also have a warm and calming effect in your home.


This Asian style design was created by Ericache1987, Homestyler mobile user

Earthy colors

To complete that natural feel in your home, consider repainting your walls with earth tones. They don’t only make rooms look more balanced with the other elements of your zen-inspired room, earth tone colors can make your home look more calming and inviting.


This Asian style design was created by Morgan Ann, Homestyler mobile user

Minimalist furniture

Rather than go with overly-designed pieces, a zen interior design opts for simple, minimalist furniture. Keep in mind that zen home designs are all about simplicity, that’s why even when choosing a piece of furniture, you should pick something that has no excessive design or ornamentations. 


This Asian style design was created by Milica Korica, Homestyler mobile user

Minimalistic decors

Much like furniture, the decortions can greatly affect the overall feel and ambience of a room. Remember that it’s all about keeping things simple and functional.


This Asian style design was created by Mariana Basson, Homestyler mobile user


One sure way of creating a sense of peace and tranquility in any home is to get rid of all the eyesore. You can go full on KonMari and throw away all the unnecessary items in your home and leave only the things that you need.


This Asian style design was created by Garona Equis, Homestyler mobile user

Japanese entryway

If your condo unit has a sort of a hallway before you can get into the main living room, you should also try this out. This is a great condo layout idea as you can turn it into a “genkan” or a Japanese entryway where you can greet your visitors and politely ask them to take off their shoes to keep your condo unit clean.


Yes, the city and your work can be exhausting; but when you get home, you should be able to relax and feel free from all the toxicity of everyday life. With these zen condo layout ideas, you can do just that. Try these out for yourself and see the positive changes it can make in your life.

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